Main Types Of Smartphone Replaceable Parts

Smartphone parts and tools for DIY repair. Screens, batteries, and adhesive all tested and guaranteed with fast shipping and easy returns.

It can vary by brand but the main types of replacement components most often changed on a mobile phone are.
Glass-Touch Display Screens

These replacement LCD display screen parts are critical to any brand of Smartphone but are also easily damaged by everyday use. These are generally NOT the LCD screens themselves but the wholesale phone parts glass cover of your LCD. Digitizers translate your manual actions (such as swipe, tap etc) into signals that the mobile device can interpret and act on. Digitizers generally come with a Flex cable for connection to the phone's electronic heart.

Charging Ports

If your phone won't charge then there is often a fault with the charge port. These components allow mobiles to be recharged via USB connector (but they can also suffer damage from day to day use). Charging parts are among the commonly replaced items in mobile phones.
Mobile Phone Batteries

This is one of the most common mobile fixes that consumers are looking to do themselves. Replacing your dead or dying mobile phone battery is one of the easiest repairs you can complete on a lot of cheap phone parts models. While some make it much more difficult than it should be, any phone that has a fixed battery can be replaced with the right parts and tools (we have them in stock). This is a great repair that you can do on a mobile that simply isn't holding a charge as well as it should anymore - it can truly make your mobile feel new again.
Are Smartphone Fixes With These Parts Cheaper Than Dealer Repairs?

As a customer, the fact is that if you are going to send in your cell phone for professional repair to a dealer, manufacturer, or brand, you can expect high costs. Whereas, if you are willing to handle the parts and repair the phone yourself, you will be able to cut the total cost down to the actual price of the parts.

We take pride in saving our customers as much money as possible on their mobile phone parts. We offer the best quality parts and components at the best prices. We even offer a price match guarantee on all of our parts to provide peace of mind to our customers that they are getting the absolute best possible deal. If you are looking to huawei replacement parts repair your own mobile smartphone, order what you need from us today and we will have your parts shipped on the same or next working day. Note also that we serve both retail shoppers and wholesale account, customers.

Note that not all these parts will be replaceable for every make of phone within a particular brand. Ensure you do due diligence on your mobile phone before considering a repair project. With fast shipping, no-hassle returns process, trade accounts and great after-sales service we provide our customer base with a top, friendly service. Contact Us if you need further information.

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