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Briquette Machine manufacturers Product Description of Hydraulic Briquette Maker 聽 Hydraulic briquette Maker has two rollers which is pressed by the hydraulic station. When fine powder passes the space between the two rollers, it will be pressed in to the briquettes. With the rotation of the rollers, the briquettes fall down to the belt conveyor. The Hydraulic Briquette Maker is widely used in metallurgy and chemical industry. 聽聽 Application 聽 Hydraulic briquette maker is the equipment which compress powder material into briquette. It is widely used. It can pelletize the following materials into briquette, grain or ball such as aluminum powder, activated carbon, alumina, bauxite, caustic soda, charcoal, clay, coke, iron scurf, coal, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone, pigment, urea, potassium salt鈥?and so on. The purpose of compression is to reduce powder dust, control volume, being easy for next use and transport. It is designed to compress dry powder into briquette used in process of Pidgeon's magnesium reduction. 聽聽 Working Principle 聽 (1) Fine powder fed into the pre-press device (2) The powder will be press into the space of the double rollers by screw. (3) Double rollers are pressed by the hydraulic cylinder. 聽 (4)Powder is press with high force and drop down to the vibrating screen. 聽 Technical Parameters 聽 ModelLYQ0.5LYQ1.0LYQ1.5LYQ2.0LYQ3.0 Diameter of roller桅299桅367桅367桅399.5桅522 No. of slots in roller surface108200200240300/360 Width of roller surface180183183252196 Type quantity of bearing7522 4sets2097730 4sets2097730 4sets2097736 4sets2097744 4sets Capacity (kg/h)5001000150020003000 Main motorModelYCT250-4AYCT315-4ABYCT315-4ABY67315-413Y250M-4 Power18.5KW37KW45KW45KW55KW Pre-press motorModelYCT200-4BYCT225-4AYCT225-4AYCT225-4AYCT225-4A Powder7.5KW11KW15KW15KW15KW Screen's motorPower0.6KW Oil pump motorModelDZB0.8DZB2.2 Power1.8KW Main reducerZA650-48.57ZQ850-48.57ZQ850-48.57ZQ1000ZS1250 Pre-press reducerWHC15-31.5WHC18-31.5WHC18-31.5WHC21-31.5WHC-160 ModelDBD0.8DBD0.8DBD0.8DBD0.8DZB2.2 Rated flow0.8L/min0.8L/min0.8L/min0.8L/min2.2L/min Rated pressure800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p Recommend working pressure85-120 kgf/c銕?/p 120-150 kgf/c銕?/p 120-150 kgf/c銕?/p 140-160 kgf/c銕?/p 140-160 kgf/c銕?/p Diameter桅150桅200桅200桅200桅160 Max pushing pressure42 T94T94T120T128T 聽 ModelLYQ5.0LYQ6.0LYQ8.0LYQ10 Diameter of roller桅738/700桅738桅758桅858 No. of slots in roller surface504/5605886161000 Width of roller surface210/225225225300 Type quantity of bearing2097752 4sets2097752 4sets2097752 4sets351168 4sets Capacity (kg/h)50006000800010000 Main motorModelY280S-4Y280S-4Y315S-4Y315S-4 聽Power75KW90KW110KW110KW Pre-press motorModelYCT250-4AYCT250-4AYCT250-4AYCT250-4A Powder18.5KW18.5KW18.5KW18.5KW Screen's motorPower0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW0.75KW Oil pump motorPower1.8KW Main reducerZS1450ZS1450ZS1650ZS1650 Prepress reducerWHC-180WHC-210WHC-210WHC-280 ModelDZB2.2DZB2.2DZB2.2DZB2.2 Rated flow2.2L/min2.2L/min2.2L/min2.2L/min Rated pressure800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p 800kgf/c銕?/p Recommend working pressure140-180 kgf/c銕?/p 140-180 kgf/c銕?/p 140-180 kgf/c銕?/p 140-180 kgf/c銕?/p Diameter桅200桅200桅240桅260 Max pushing pressure180T250T300T360T 聽 Customer Site 聽聽 Product Description of Hydraulic Briquette Maker 聽 Q1: What is the material of the rollers: A1: The raw material is 9Cr2Mo, one of the hard material with high tolerance. 聽 Q2: What is the capacity of the briquette machine? A2: The Capacity of the briquette machine varies from 200kg to 25 tons per hour. 聽 Q3: How long can the roller be working? A3: The roller is made of hard material, the service life of the rollers depens on the type of raw material for briquette. Normally one pair of roller can last for 12 months. 聽 Q4: What is the pressure between the two rollers? A4: Normally the pressure between the two rollers is 6-10 tons. 聽Briquette Machine manufacturers website:


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