Genshin Impact 4.6 Guide: Defeating New Elite Cineas

Genshin Impact's 4.6 update introduces Fontaine's local legends, elite enemies with unique abilities in the new region. Players can find and defeat these formidable foes for challenging battles and rewards. Version 4.6 also brings additions to the game's roster of local l

In the latest update of Genshin Impact, the Fontaine region introduces a new type of elite enemy known as the local legends. These formidable foes are scattered throughout Fontaine and its sub-regions, offering unique abilities and challenging battles for players to conquer.

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact unveils a new addition to the roster of local legends - Cineas, who is located in the Remuria region. This guide aims to assist players in locating Cineas and provides valuable tips on how to emerge victorious against this powerful adversary.

Locating Cineas and Respawn Time:- Cineas can be found within a vast cavern beneath the Clivus Capitolinus in the Sea of Bygone Eras in Fontaine.- Access to this area is granted upon progression through the Canticles of Harmony world quest.- Cineas respawns at the server reset, allowing players to engage in combat with it once again on a daily basis.

Defeating Cineas:- Cineas commences the battle with a hydro armor that diminishes the damage it receives and applies hydro to itself.- To vanquish Cineas, it is essential to dismantle its hydro armor by triggering hydro reactions such as bloom or vaporize.- Beware of Cineas' attacks, as they have the ability to drain your active character's elemental burst energy, potentially leading to HP reduction. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your character has sufficient energy to prevent this outcome.- When facing Cineas, consider the following strategies to enhance your chances of success.To defeat the new local legend Cineas in Genshin Impact 4.6, players can follow these strategies:

  • Use characters with the ability to trigger the freeze reaction to control Cineas and reduce its attacks. Cryo characters like Ayaka or Rosaria, paired with hydro supports, can be effective.
  • Include a character with a strong shield, such as Zhongli, to protect your team from Cineas's attacks, especially if you prefer a defensive approach.
  • Utilize characters with long-distance attacks, such as bow users Ganyu or Tighnari, to deal damage to Cineas while avoiding direct contact, especially when Cineas activates its hydro shield.
  • Bring powerful healers like Qiqi or Barbara to maintain your team's health during the battle, which is crucial for surviving Cineas's attacks.
  • Avoid using hydro characters since Cineas gains a hydro shield halfway through the battle, making hydro characters ineffective against this shielded state.

Additionally, a recommended team composition for dealing with Cineas is the Shielded Quickbloom Team, consisting of a main DPS (Alhaitham), support (Xingqiu), support (Raiden), and support (Layla). This team is effective with a dendro or electro character as the main DPS to quickly eliminate Cineas' armor and trigger elemental reactions.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

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