Ultimate Colette Build Guide for Brawl Stars Dominance

The article provides a guide for building the ultimate Colette in Brawl Stars, emphasizing her strength in countering high-health targets. It offers insights on the best gadgets and gears for maximizing Colette's dominating potential on the battlefield.


Colette, a powerful brawler in Brawl Stars, excels at taking down tanky opponents due to the unique nature of her attacks. Here's a comprehensive guide to creating the ultimate Colette build for dominating the battlefield:

  • Colette's Strengths:
  • Effectively counters high-health targets with her attack mechanics, making her a formidable opponent against tanks.
  • Her damage output increases as the enemy's health pool grows, giving her an advantage in battles against beefier adversaries.

To maximize Colette's potential, here's a breakdown of the essential components for the best Colette build:

  1. Gadget:
  2. "Na-ah": Colette's next shot inflicts an additional 1500 damage to all enemies, providing a significant burst of damage.

  3. Gears:

  4. Gadget Charges: Gain an extra gadget charge, enhancing Colette's tactical options during combat.
  5. Damage Boost: Deal 15% extra damage when Colette's health drops to 50% or below, enabling her to turn the tide of battle when under pressure.

  6. Star Power:

  7. "Push It": Enemies struck by Colette's super ability are forcefully pushed back to the farthest point of the attack, disrupting their positioning and creating strategic opportunities.

  8. Hypercharge:

  9. "Teen Spirit": Colette's spirit accompanies her, damaging enemies along the way, providing additional offensive capabilities.

By leveraging these components, players can unlock Colette's full potential and establish dominance on the battlefield in Brawl Stars.When it comes to maximizing Colette's potential in Brawl Stars, it's essential to choose the right gadgets, gears, and star power for her. Here's a breakdown of the best options to elevate Colette's performance on the battlefield:

Colette's Gadget:The ideal gadget for Colette is "Na-ah." This powerful gadget adds an extra 1500 damage to her primary attack, making it a formidable choice when facing opponents with substantial health pools. By using "Na-ah," Colette can efficiently chip away at her enemies, potentially setting up kills for her teammates or securing them herself.

Colette's Gears:When it comes to gears, "Gadget Charges" and "Damage" are the top choices for a Colette build. "Gadget Charges" provides an additional gadget charge, amplifying Colette's ability to control the battlefield. Meanwhile, the "Damage" gear empowers Colette to deal an extra 15% damage when her health is at 50% or lower, further increasing her impact in combat.

Colette's Star Power:For Colette's star power, "Push It" stands out as the optimal choice. With "Push It," Colette's super ability gains the ability to push struck enemies to the farthest end of the attack, giving her added control and disrupting enemy positions.

By equipping Colette with the "Na-ah" gadget, "Gadget Charges," "Damage" gear, and "Push It" star power, she becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, capable of dismantling opponents and creating strategic advantages for her team.

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