Ultimate Guide to FC 24 Radioactive Dynamo Evolution

EA has recently introduced a new player, Brighton forward Evan Ferguson, into FC 24 Ultimate Team through Squad Building Challenges. Additionally, a pair of new Evolutions has been introduced in FC 24 Ultimate Team, providing players with the opportunity to significantly enhance their silv




EA continues to spice up FC 24 Ultimate Team with its Ultimate Birthday celebration by introducing a new player, Brighton forward Evan Ferguson, through Squad Building Challenges.



Additionally, EA has introduced a pair of fresh Evolutions in FC 24 Ultimate Team, presenting an opportunity for players to significantly enhance their silver-tier players.



To assist with these upgrades, we've put together a comprehensive guide on the Radioactive Dynamo Evolution. This guide is designed to help you elevate your silver players, so dive in and explore the possibilities!



Understanding Evolutions in FC 24


Electronic Arts has recently introduced a fresh Evolution feature in FC 24, presenting gamers with an opportunity to enhance a card at no cost!


Since their introduction at the game's launch, Evolutions have become immensely popular among FC 24 enthusiasts. This feature has contributed to the distinctive flair of each Ultimate Team, as players personalize their squads by evolving various players.



Guide to Radioactive Dynamo Evolution


Embarking on the journey of evolving your Radioactive Dynamo player, we'll first delve into the necessary qualifications required for the evolution. Following that, we'll highlight a trio of top-tier players that are prime candidates for this transformation. To cap it off, we'll outline the series of tasks you'll need to undertake and the enticing rewards that await upon completion.


Diving right in, let's explore the prerequisites for transforming your player through the Radioactive Dynamo Evolution.



Player Selection Criteria


To successfully navigate the Radioactive Dynamo Evolution in FC 24, players must adhere to a set of criteria laid out by EA for the evolution of a chosen player.


  • Firstly, the player's overall rating should not exceed 74.
  • Their pace attribute is capped at a maximum of 80.
  • They should possess a minimum shooting ability of 64.
  • Dribbling stats are limited to a maximum of 78.
  • The physicality of the player should not surpass 79.
  • It's important to note that players in the central midfield position (CM) are excluded from this evolution.
  • Additionally, the player must not have any PlayStyles+ attributes.


Choosing the right player is crucial as the decision is irreversible; once a player is selected for evolution, it cannot be altered. Players often select a favorite from their club or opt to enhance a player with the potential to become exceptionally strong.


Top Player Recommendations


Embarking on the Radioactive Dynamo Evolution journey can significantly enhance your squad, and we've identified two stellar players who will make a remarkable impact once evolved.


Firstly, consider adding Brenner, the formidable Brazilian forward from Udinese. With his evolution, Brenner soars to a remarkable 90 rating, boasting attributes that can intimidate any defense. His 91 pace, 87 shooting, and 93 dribbling are particularly noteworthy, making him an asset for both his nationality and Serie A connections.



Alternatively, turn your attention to Cindy Caputo, the versatile French winger. Whether deployed on the right flank or leading the line, Caputo's evolution to a 90 OVR is nothing short of impressive. Her balanced stats, featuring 88 pace, 88 shooting, 83 passing, and a dazzling 92 dribbling, make her an ideal choice, with right wing arguably being her prime position.



Challenge Overview


Having selected the player you wish to enhance, it's time to delve into the specific tasks required to boost their overall rating by an impressive 26 points!


Challenge Details and Rewards


To successfully evolve your Radioactive Dynamo player in the game, follow this step-by-step guide:


Initial Stage Challenges:



  • Participate in 3 matches of Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, ensuring your evolving (EVO) player is actively playing.

  • Achieve a goal tally of 2 with your EVO player in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, again on a minimum Semi-Pro level.


Initial Stage Upgrades:


  • Speed attributes receive a boost of +5
  • Passing skills are enhanced by +5
  • Dribbling abilities improve by +4
  • Defensive capabilities are increased by +4
  • Physicality stats are augmented by +4


Intermediate Stage Challenges:


  • Secure victories in 2 matches of Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on Semi-Pro or higher, featuring your EVO player.

  • Take part in 2 matches within the Rivals or Champions modes with your EVO player.

  • Net 3 goals with your EVO player in the aforementioned modes, ensuring Semi-Pro difficulty as the baseline.


Intermediate Stage Bonuses:


  • Shooting prowess is heightened by +6
  • Passing accuracy sees an additional +8
  • Dribbling skills are boosted by +6
  • Defensive stats are upped by +4
  • A 'First Touch' PlayStyle enhancement is unlocked


Advanced Stage Challenges:


  • Claim victory in 2 Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches with a margin of at least 2 goals on Semi-Pro or above, using your EVO player.

  • Engage in 4 matches in either the Rivals or Champions leagues with your EVO player.

  • Score a total of 5 goals with your EVO player across the mentioned game modes on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher.


Advanced Stage Rewards:


  • Pace is significantly improved by +7
  • Shooting abilities receive a massive boost of +9
  • Dribbling is enhanced by +6
  • Physical attributes are increased by +6
  • A 'Technical' PlayStyle upgrade is granted
  • Skill Moves are elevated by +4*


By completing all the listed challenges, your EVO player will have undergone a remarkable transformation, enhancing their Overall Rating by an impressive 26 points!


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