Get to Know the Unique Features of Canvas FISD

Canvas FISD is a secure online platform that serves as a central hub for teaching, learning, and communication.

Canvas FISD is a secure online platform that serves as a central hub for teaching, learning, and communication. It enables teachers to create engaging and interactive learning experiences, manage tasks, keep track of students' progress, and facilitate communication with parents. 

In FISD Canvas, parents can keep up-to-date with their child's progress, access important school information, and communicate with class teachers. As with students, they gain access to the course materials, submit assignments, and collaborate online with their friends and teachers. 

Exploring the Features of Canvas FISD

  • Management of courses: set up and organise modules, assignments, and discussions with others (classmate or teacher). 
  • Collaboration features: Use online tools to facilitate group projects, discussions, and feedback. 
  • Communication tools: Use the announcement and private messages to communicate effectively with teachers, students, and parents.
  • Accessibility options: ensure equitable access for all learners with built-in accessibility tools. 
  • Mobile App:Students, teachers, and parents can use the Canvas FISD app on their phones. 

Unlock the Benefits of Canvas FISD 

  • Improved learning results: The aim of improved student engagement and achievement can be achieved through interactive learning and easy access to resources.
  • Enhanced communication: understand the ease with which teachers, students, and parents communicate.
  • Organisation and efficiency: FISD Canvas simplifies course management, assignment tracking, and communication, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Accessibility and flexibility: Canvas FISD is available on all kinds of devices, allowing learning and communication to take place wherever you are.

A Parent's Perspective on Canvas: What Parents Can See

  • Announcements: See important messages from the teachers. 
  • Calendar: Because of Canvas FISD, parents can see the next assignment and deadline. 
  • Grades: Keep an eye on their child's progress in academics.
  • Assignments: Through FISD Canvas, parents view the assigned tasks and work that has been submitted. 
  • Discussions: Look at the classroom discussions and their children's involvement. 
  • Courses: With the help of Canvas FISD, parents can access the materials and resources for the courses.

In order to provide users with more functionality, Canvas FISD provides a wide range of software and tools, such as Turnitin (detecting plagiarism).

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