Levenue: Redefining Revenue-Based Financing in Europe

Levenue: Redefining Revenue-Based Financing in Europe

Series A Funding and Strategic Acquisition of Cake

Series A Funding: A Stepping Stone for European Expansion

Levenue, a Dutch revenue-based financing marketplace, has raised €8 million in Series A funding. This funding round, led by French venture capital firm Truffle Capital and supported by Belgian investment firm Freshmen Fund, marks a crucial step towards Levenue’s expansion across Europe. The firm plans to launch in France in early 2024, emphasizing the importance of this funding in strengthening product development and fueling its European growth​​​​​​


Innovative Business Model and Rapid Financing

Established in 2021, Levenue offers a unique financing solution for subscription-based businesses. It allows these companies to use forecasted cash flows from existing subscriptions as collateral for non-dilutive revenue-based financing. This model not only preserves founders’ control over their businesses but also provides rapid, unbiased financing decisions based on qualitative data like revenue growth and accounting data, often within just 48 hours​​​​.


Acquisition of Cake: Enhancing Underwriting and Data Enrichment

In a strategic move, Levenue has acquired Cake, a Belgium-based tech startup specializing in open banking and data enrichment technology. This acquisition aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of Levenue's underwriting process. Cake’s technology will allow Levenue to create more accurate risk profiles and offer faster financing decisions, a testament to Levenue’s commitment to improving transparency and service quality for its users​​​​.


Impact and Vision: Scaling Across Europe

Levenue operates profitably in 12 European countries and has seen significant growth, increasing its team size by over 200% in just 12 months. The company is integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale operations efficiently. With over €300 million facilitated in financing since its inception, Levenue has established itself as a major player in the European market​​​​.

Levenue’s Series A funding and Cake acquisition represent a pivotal moment in its journey to become a leader in revenue-based financing in Europe. This development not only strengthens Levenue’s market position but also highlights the growing demand for innovative and founder-friendly financing solutions in the subscription-based business sector. The company's CEO, Benjamin Rieder, emphasizes Levenue's role as a platform connecting entrepreneurs and investors, fostering the growth of innovative subscription-based businesses​​.


Conclusion: A Visionary Path Forward

The strategic steps taken by Levenue - the Series A funding and the acquisition of Cake - signify a new era in revenue-based financing. This evolution reflects a broader shift in the European fintech landscape, where companies like Levenue are leading the charge in offering innovative, efficient, and transparent financial solutions. With its eye on further expansion and technological advancements, Levenue is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation, redefining the fintech sector in Europe.


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