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It's essentially launched in early access, without actually being OSRS gold early access, giving the team the room to shift gears ahead of Season 1 if need be.

"We're like 50% set in stone of where we want to go--the other 50% allows us to react, to be able to fix bugs on the fly," Roller Champions live ops manager Naomi Barnes told . "Currently anything that we need to fix on the client side we'll throw into Season 1. If there's anything we can fix that's just a quick server update, we'll do that, though."

The Roller Champions team arrived at this plan of action after seeing how Ubisoft's other live service games have faired over the years--both those that have gone on to be successful and ones that have quickly failed.

"So like Rainbow 6 Siege, For Honor--even Hyper Scape," Barnes said. "We've taken learnings from all of them, including how to work as a dev team. We like to buy OSRS GP see what's out there, take some learnings, see how we can work it into our team, and truly make it a roller experience."

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