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Since the Jad himself wasn't enough of a danger, Jagex created even more RS Gold challenging version of the cave, called Inferno. There players can meet Tz-Kal Zuk, who has Combat Level of 1400. This boss can be assigned as the Slayer task upon the first success of the Inferno. If he's killed in an event, he will reward a player with over 100k experience in the Slayer skill. Additionally those who manage to beat this monster are awarded with the Infernal Cape which is the best melee cape you can get in the game. Since the cape cannot be traded, there is no reason to take on this beast more than once , unless you are playing for the Slayer mission.


We're pleased to present the OSRS Minigames guide where you will learn more about the small-scale activities found within Old School RuneScape. Below , we'll go over each and every one of them and give you an outline of how they work and what you can accomplish by playing those minigames. So, without further delay, let's jump right into the guide.

MINIGAMES GENERAL OVERVIEW. A lot of Old School RuneScape players are not familiar with concept of minigames that were created by Jagex. They were invented a long time ago to give adventurers of Gielinor small tasks that they can participate in to earn different rewards.

Minigames are designed around the idea of being quick and not demanding. The majority of them have implemented puzzles and require completion of a specific goal. Rewards usually consist of experience lamp and other small items. If you find a red star on the map that looks like quest icon with the color of a different one, it's a sign that Minigame is available in that place. The major distinction between Minigame and Quest is that Quest is that the former can be completed in as many times as the player wants.

A character that has good range and high levels of defence. Getting additional points in Defence allows players to use Barrows equipment. They usually also try to get at least 94 Magic to unleash Vengeance during an engagement. To offset the excessive levels of Ranged, Defense, and magic, these characters tend to minimize their Attack, Strength and Prayer ability.

It's a member's edition to Rune Pure. As dragon tier items require 60 Defence and 60 Attack these stats are required for Dragon Pure. The most common speed in the build includes Dragon Scimitar and a Dragon Dagger (p+) to add an extra surprise element that comes from Dragon Dagger's special attack. If you want to add some Buy RuneScape Gold spice to the build could choose Dragon Claws special attack.


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