Be a part of an exclusive International married women pageant

Get ready to turn your dreams into a reality and participate in the International married women pageant specially organised for you. No matter your age,

Get ready to turn your dreams into a reality and participate in the International married women pageant specially organised for you. No matter your age, profession or your place of residence, this pageant is open for you and will certainly change your life. Mrs India 2025 is specially organised for married women and it aims to bring self-worth, poise and confidence in women of all ages. Even if you have no experience of participating in a beauty pageant, you can be a part of this contest and watch how your life changes.


The pageant has transformed the lives of many women in the past and it could be you next. To participate, all you need to do is fill the registration form and submit your photographs. Based on the same, you will be invited for an audition. Once you clear the audition, you will undergo a 3-day training and learn from some of the biggest names in the industry. The training will prepare you for the big day and you will have the confidence to walk on the stage and speak your mind in front of the judges. Mrs India prize money is Rs. 1 lac and the first runner up will take home Rs. 50,000. More than that, it will help change your life and you will be able to start a career in the field of Bollywood or modelling. No matter what your dreams were as a child, now is the right time to turn them into a reality.


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