Biggest Challenges Faced By iOS Developers After Hiring Them!

Want to know what are the challenges that organizations face after they hire iOS developer in India? Here is the list of challenges that everyone should know.

Apple keeps getting better. The iOS operating system has been extensively adopted throughout the years on various gadgets, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Apple nonetheless presents new opportunities and challenges for developers throughout the world with each major version. Because of this, many businesses hire iOS developers in India who are talented and experienced. The following bullet points discuss the difficulties faced by iOS developers while creating an iOS app: However, there are several difficulties faced by iOS developers while building an iOS app. Below are a few difficulties faced by iOS developers:

Challenges Faced by iOS Developers

Using the iOS developer kit, which Apple continuously updates, anybody may create an iOS application. However, there are several difficulties faced by iOS developers while developing an iOS app.

  • Eligibility

You must be 18 or older and pay a membership fee of $99 USD per year to distribute your software on the Software Store. This can be a significant obstacle for novice developers who are just getting started with iOS programming or for someone who is only testing a concept. The age restriction may also be a barrier for young developers who possess potential but must meet the required age.

  • Rejection from the App Store

Apple has established specific requirements that an app must adhere to and is particularly stringent on the quality standards for apps in the App Store. The following causes might lead to the rejection of your application:

  • Poor Performance: If an application has noticeable delays or runs poorly, it may be rejected. Apple places a high focus on customer pleasure. Therefore, there is a substantial probability that the program will be removed from the program Store if it loads slowly, is sluggish, or contains significant flaws.
  • Lack of app information: Every app must provide metadata, such as images, videos, and descriptions, that describes what the program does.
  • Safety Concerns: The app shouldn't include inappropriate material, such as anything that encourages violence, pornography, drug use, etc. Third-party analytics and third-party advertising are prohibited in kid-friendly apps.
  • Poor UI and UX: The software must have a simple user interface for users. The layout must have the correct padding and margins and be visually appealing. The app's too-convoluted interface should not negatively impact the user experience.

An app that is merely a clone of another app that is currently available in the App Store will be banned since it lacks any unique content.

  • Device Compatibility

There are now 11 different iPhone models available from Apple, and each one has significant hardware and software improvements. In order for an app to function on the most recent iPhone, developers must continuously learn about the new features in the latest versions and update the program accordingly. When compared to Android, the introduction of a new iPhone takes longer. However, developers must still be aware of the significant changes in the most recent iOS upgrades and iOS challenges.

  • Resource Consumption

A program only has a finite amount of resources at its disposal. Thus, it must use those resources as sparingly as possible. Examples of these resources include memory, CPU, and battery. This can cause the user to delete the app from their smartphone or give it negative reviews, which might have an impact on how well-liked the app is in the App Store. The program shouldn't have any significant problems, and it shouldn't have any extraneous code in order to make the most use of resources. The emphasis should be placed on testing the app and swiftly fixing errors. Sometimes, to make an app compatible with low-end and high-end smartphones, developers must produce two versions of the same software. This might extend the time and expense of development.

  • Hardware and Software Requirements

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create iOS applications can only be used on Macs, which presents the most significant challenge when building apps. To create an iOS application, a developer needs a Mac computer. This hardware restriction forces the developer to develop on a particular platform, which increases the challenge.

  • Storage Issues

iOS devices don't have a garbage collection feature. In the unlikely event that the application becomes source-controlled, it can be terminated. Thus, managing memory within the programme is a complex problem for iOS developers. We must keep in mind that while developing an application for a specific version of iOS, the corresponding version also runs on several iPhone devices, each of which has a varied amount of storage and memory. Some programmes and video games take up a lot of space. Even though their smartphone is compatible with them, users cannot utilize specific applications or games. 

  • Battery and Performance Optimization

Battery Drainage is a severe issue that affects a lot of Apple consumers. If customers notice that an iOS program consumes too much battery life, they tend to remove it. Therefore, iOS developers are responsible for ensuring that the program carries out no unnecessary processes that drain the battery. Being a challenging task, battery and performance optimization should be carefully considered, especially when a new iOS adaptation is released.

  • High Expectations of UX/UI

Because of its excellent UX and clean structure, iOS has become the platform of choice for most consumers. Engineers must consider the end customers' needs and viability while developing an iOS application. To simplify the functionality, they must ensure the user interface (UI) only provides the essential features. Developers should consider modern designs while creating the Ui/UX for an application to create a logical and intuitive interface. The developers must maintain the quality of the applications because Apple has always given its consumers products of the highest caliber, or else people won't like them.


Apple routinely releases new hardware and software while adhering to strict security and control standards. IOS Development firms and developers must follow these developments to reduce the challenges that arise during the creation of applications. The iOS, as mentioned above, developer problems provide developers with a better understanding of their difficulties and give them an advantage over such challenges. However, in order to minimize efforts and offer top-notch solutions to users, developers must be OK with sporadic updates. You will be able to overcome any upcoming problems if you keep experimenting and improving.


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