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Everyone in the audience collapsed on the ground, without even the strength to stand,

Everyone in the audience collapsed on the ground, without even the strength to stand, lying on the ground gasping for breath. It's very good that these people can persist to such an extent for the first time. However, there is no mercy in the army, discipline is discipline, and military orders are military orders. People who don't stand up for ten seconds should be dealt with according to law! Fang Bai's cold voice made everyone tremble. The foot soldiers were startled and glanced at Fang Bai's indifferent face. Grind one's teeth to insist, insert the wood on the ground, the whole person slowly struggled to support the iron wood to stand up. Li Zhantian looked at this like a soldier trained to death, and did not know what to say. Is it difficult for him to practice the same for his students? Suddenly, several trucks came in again from the gate of the camp. With strong meat fragrance, rice fragrance, vegetable fragrance.. "This is the big pot rice I specially asked Jinyu Restaurant to cook. Can you smell it?" "In the last lap, eat first after running!" "Gold and Jade Restaurant!"! Have you heard of it? The voice of the big devil seduced all the soldiers from the spirit of a shock, with their status, that may go to the gold and jade restaurant. Heard that the food and wine of Jinyu Restaurant is the best in the world, not only tastes the best,65 inch touch screen, but also is of great help to practice. Hearing that the drillmaster had brought food from the Golden Jade Restaurant, all the soldiers'resentment towards the drillmaster had disappeared a lot. Fang Bai is very proficient in the policy of radish and stick. ***! The first one to arrive was Li's overbearing classmate, but it was natural to think that Li's overbearing classmate's strength was there. Li overbearing directly put the stick on the ground, and then the soldiers on the truck directly handed over a bowl of water, should be said to be soup. Li took it directly and finished it in one mouthful. This soup? Li overbearing licked his lips, not surprised to look at the big devil,interactive flat panel display, the big devil did not say wrong, is indeed the taste of the gold and jade restaurant. "I didn't expect Daniel to be able to eat the food of Jinyu Restaurant in his life. It's really delicious!" "Daniel, I think my life is worth it!" "I think so, too!" A group of soldiers who had never eaten delicious food gathered around and discussed with tears in their eyes. What is this? Li Zicheng carried his bowl, which was full of meat. "I tell you, the things made by the big devil are countless times better than this!" "The big devil?" The dog was stunned. That's the damn drillmaster! Li overbearing can not help spitting, think of himself to help him out, even be punished, Li overbearing has a kind of impulse to beat people, but think about each other's force value, Li overbearing or this impulse buried in the heart. After being beaten countless times, Li's overbearing classmates have understood what it means to endure humiliation. The big devil.. That's a good name! "Daniel agreed." I tell you that all the delicacies in Jinyu Restaurant are basically made by the big devil, smartboard for business ,touch screen whiteboard, and the chefs in Jinyu Restaurant are all disciples of the big devil! Here, even Li Zicheng has to praise the craftsmanship of the big devil. Is it so good? Said the dog, staring into his eyes. Make sure you eat it once and never forget it in your life! Li Zicheng ate the meat in the bowl and said. And the side of the big bull is silently wrote down the news. The training in the afternoon is very simple, that is, waving the iron stick in your hand. Twenty thousand soldiers held their iron sticks in both hands and looked menacingly at the open space in front of them. One Fang Bai said heavily! All the soldiers stabbed the air in front of them. Two He took the iron stick back. If you give the order, you must stab a thousand times and then change to the next action! Fang Bai casually ordered a small soldier beside him, who was actually a transport soldier disguised as a shadow guard. It sounds very simple, but in fact, if you hold a heavy stick and stab it a hundred times, your hands will be very sore. After the meat stimulation at noon, no one would question the instructor's orders. Mr. Fang, why don't we take part in this? Luo Xue, with some blistering hands, stood carefully beside Fang Bai and asked. "Does it hurt?" Fang Bai looked at the blister in the palm of Luo Xue's hand, slowly gathered up the spiritual power of the water system and slowly eroded it, restoring Luo Xue's skin. It's all right! Luo Xue wrinkled her nose mischievously, "Teacher, you haven't answered my question yet!" "Do you think the content of their training is simple?" Fang Bai pointed to the soldiers below and said that the reason why the little turnip heads in his class did not have to take part in this training was that they did not need it at all. But for these foot soldiers, it is a life-saving skill. Simple ah, is the simplest pick, stab, chop, chop! Luo Xue nodded as a matter of course. Fang Bai doted and patted Luo Xue on the head. Oh, Teacher Fang, they are all adults, and you still pat me on the head! Luo Xue pouted with some dissatisfaction. Hum! Looking at the dissatisfied Luo Xue, Fang Bai stretched out his hand and scraped Luo Xue's little nose, "because on the battlefield, you don't have any time to use other time-wasting skills and moves!" "The battle on the battlefield is changing rapidly, and what we have to do is to preserve our physical strength as much as possible and achieve the greatest effect with the least effort!" "Why don't teachers train them in advanced combat skills? Because on the battlefield, they don't need it at all. The enemy won't give you time to gather spiritual power and use spiritual skills!" "Although these four tricks seem to be the simplest, they are the most practical, do you understand?" Fang Bai's words did not evade the foot soldiers below, but clearly stated his purpose. Luo Xue seemed to understand the nod, in her understanding, is not very understand the cruelty of the battlefield. But there are veterans below who are looking at the instructors on the rostrum with red eyes. It is because they have experienced, so they know that what the drillmaster said is true,digital interactive whiteboard, some soldiers who want to be lazy after listening to the drillmaster's words, hurriedly mention their relaxed spirit, serious training up.


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