This title should be clear What type of combat

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This title should be clear What type of combat do you believe is the most effective (both Old School or RS3)? And which combat style would you rather use? Old School- In general, I found melee most useful. The RS gold reason why melee was preferred to the other two options was because it had superior weapons and armour as well as being cheaper.

The F2P range used be dominated by the shizzle. But, that Maple Longbow was super OP (sighted) and was the perfect weapon to snipe at looters and fight wars. It was probably the most powerful F2P weapon because you could shoot from a distance with it and it came with a Rune armor set, and be extremely precise in your shots.

Although magic was a skill, it was mostly an elite skill. Magic has almost no uses outside of hybrid PKing. This is similar to saying that it is useless. Hybrid PKing is much more advanced than the old days. I think melee is the most effective combat style. Ranged is my favorite. RS3- Long range combat techniques are more efficient than melee. Personally, I think that magic is the most effective. It is great for all kinds of things, such as Bossing and Slayering or PvPing.

But, ranged is better in playing PKing. Longrange designs have an obvious advantage since the majority of PvP actions nowadays are done in multi PvP zones. Ranged also beats magic, which makes it the better of both. It's that simple. Magic is my favorite form of combat, but ranged isn't too far behind. I'm not sure if I enjoy ranged than magic.

That's the game that almost everyone in their teens has played in their lifetime. The enormous fantasies of Runescape with millions of players playing daily from every ends of the Earth brought many memories to the players who participated.

Each player, both past and present is able to tell a story about the game they played that shaped their childhood. The most popular chat room online with a 3D interface. It was a place an area of buy OSRS gold endless possibilities for players who wanted to take on Runescape.


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