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Will you sort out my clothes and put them down at the porter's? I'll pick it up tomorrow. He gave a wry smile. Goodbye, my dear. You have given me so much happiness in the past, and I thank you.

For the snake king, their psychological changes. Zhou Tian actually saw it in his eyes. Generally speaking, Zhou Tian did not know that they would have such an idea. Therefore, under the circumstances, Zhou Tian should not have disclosed those information, and now Zhou Tian has done so, it is naturally impossible that there is no other plan. Zhou Tian's idea is quite simple, according to the general situation, even if Zhou Tian used to be the king of the Warcraft Forest, but now the Warcraft Forest is indeed in danger. However, according to the attitude of those Warcraft to him, Zhou Tian has no doubt. Nowadays, it is very difficult to make those Warcraft obey his orders. And in such a situation, Zhou Tian can only frighten those Warcraft first, let those Warcraft in the Warcraft Forest know what kind of opponents they are facing now. Only then can we know how powerful their opponents are. Those Warcraft will know to be afraid,stainless steel tile edge trim, and in such a situation. When Zhou Tian mentioned the words to let them cooperate again, the Warcraft could consider his proposal calmly. The snake king knew Zhou Tian very well, so after listening to Zhou Tian's words, he basically knew what kind of idea Zhou Tian was playing. However, the relationship between the snake king and Zhou Tian is extraordinary, even if at this time he knows what kind of idea Zhou Tian is playing,stainless tile trim, but also did not say much. But quite cooperative, he asked Zhou Tian: "If the opponent is those enemies, we are afraid that we can not be their opponents, I wonder if you have any good solution?"? How to say that you are also the beast king of the Warcraft Forest, you can't just watch our Warcraft Forest die in the hands of those enemies! "Am I still the king of the Warcraft Forest now?" Looking at the discontented eyes of the Warcraft around, Zhou Tian sighed helplessly, but directly affirmed to the Snake King: "Now I am no longer qualified to be the King of Beasts. On the contrary, according to the efforts you have made before, they are more convinced of you now.". Therefore, it is more appropriate for you to be the king of beasts in the future. "But" "There is no but, aluminium tile trim profiles ,metal trim manufacturers, so it is decided." Do not give the snake king the opportunity to oppose, but Zhou Tian is directly in the eyes of other Warcraft satisfaction, directly made the final decision. Under Zhou Tian's compulsory decision, although the snake king had the intention to oppose, but after seeing the eyes of other Warcraft, the snake king finally had no choice but to accept Zhou Tian's decision. OK! Then I will temporarily serve as the king of beasts for a period of time, if there is a more suitable Warcraft in the future, then I will abdicate. After reluctantly accepting Zhou Tian's arrangement, the Snake King immediately opened his mouth and asked Zhou Tian at that time: "What should we do now? Don't say that we are strong like the Demon Ancestor now. The two races of the alien continent are not what we can deal with. If their situation is really as you said, Then I am afraid that their strength will soon grow hundreds of times. But really arrived at that time, only was afraid is we may "said here, the snake king's face immediately then revealed a touch of expression.". Not only the snake king, the other Warcraft expressions are not much different, now do not know the situation of the enemy, although they said that they were maimed, but also did not give up the idea of revenge. But now, unexpectedly has already known the strength of those opponents, those Warcraft to their future is really up. After seeing the performance of those Warcraft, Zhou Tian could not help showing a satisfied look at that time. Everything was not exactly what Zhou Tian had seen, but things had already developed to this point, and Zhou Tian was naturally ready to mention his plans. As a result, Zhou Tian at that time was immediately in front of the Warcraft, and directly affirmed to them: "Although the ability of the two races is somewhat troublesome, it does not mean that we really have no chance to win.". ” "What do you say?" After listening to Zhou Tian's words, the snake king did not hesitate, but directly at that time hurriedly followed his words and asked questions. The reason why the two alien races will be so strong, in addition to their strength is not weak, the most important thing is that their breeding speed is too fast. Because there was no reason for these two creatures on the land of the Magic Moon before, there are conditions for them to reproduce everywhere on our land now. Under such circumstances, it is almost impossible to stop the growth of the two races. However, although we have no way to suppress the increase in the number of the two races, we can think of other ways to offset the pressure brought by the increase in the number of those enemies. The amount itself is that the native creatures on our magic moon continent have an advantage, and now as long as we can pull out a team that can fight with the elite of the two races, we want to defeat them. There won't be any more problems. "It's easy to say that even the Protoss have been defeated by them now. Where can we find such a team?" Originally, those Warcraft were very careful to listen to Zhou Tian's words. As a result,tile trim factory, after discovering that what Zhou Tian said was some'nonsense ', some Warcraft were not polite, so they mocked Zhou Tian at that time. jecatrims.com

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