Which cape should i get?

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Which cape should OSRS GP i get? Caps with skill take time to get. You'll need a high level of skill and a lot of money to get the Fire cap. I can make/buy Ppots. I have 100 Sharks. I've got enough cash to purchase crossbows, Guthan's, and bolts. I have 6 more days until X'Mas break so I have around 134 hours left to finish the fire cape.

My aim at skill cape is Woodcutting/Fletching/Cooking. Fletching is second and Cooking third, but woodcutting is the most difficult. I have some money, but would rather not spend more than 1 million. I can trade Guthan as well as crossbows. I can use the pots later or sell them.

I've left out some, but these are skills of members. What is the ideal distance between attack and defense? I have read where that a good way is attack and defence the same and strength about 15 higher. Which do you think? I'm not certain what I should do with my money, but the market is so dark.

Truth is, I was in the clan called Kings of Horrorer. I was kicked out, and i created a file this morning.

Andre joined me and I was allowed in joyously, even though I didn’t do any pking out of fear of losing armour. Also, because we did f2p and members armor doesn't work in that, I didn’t do any Pks.

Which one of the skills is most profitable at 99? These are the three skills i would consider. They don't require ages like theiving and runecrafting.

You should also consider is the most useful thing you could obtain.

Light, I sometimes don't get it. It seems like you are creating new goals almost every week. It's time to focus your focus on one skill and not let other people determine what YOU should do. Next, you will take their advice, follow it for around 10 minutes, then ask yourself a second question: What do we need to do?

This is the answer. Let's now OSRS Membership For Sale move to the question. What skill do you feel most comfortable with? Since the collapse in prices, fishing isn't the best option. Since the beginning of time, magic has maintained a level of 1K. Leaf mining. My bet is that from a financial perspective, mining is the best option. It's much simpler to deposit 28 iron ore than 3 mage logs. When mining Iron, make sure you set your Miscellanian workers on coal and create cannon balls later on. .... get 2 skills up and money to make an excellent secondary.


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