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With the most beautiful pose. Heartbreak An indescribable charm came over her. I think, maybe this is the so-called "style", Lin Jiahui was born with star style, so even if she is the princess of Monaco, maybe it is excusable-I suddenly think so. Yes, dreams always need to be f

With the most beautiful pose. Heartbreak An indescribable charm came over her. I think, maybe this is the so-called "style", Lin Jiahui was born with star style, so even if she is the princess of Monaco, maybe it is excusable-I suddenly think so. Yes, dreams always need to be fulfilled by muddle-headed people. Why should I stick to my principles. At the end of the performance, the whole audience had a crazy encore, but Lin Jiahui did not come out. When the roof was about to be overturned, Lin Zhian suddenly appeared and dragged me to the backstage. The show is over. He said I'll take you to her dressing room. "Isn't there an encore?" I reminded him. The answer is cool. Real stars never have encores. Lin Zhian is really a strange man. The crowded place gave me a way out. Twenty minutes later, I came to the door of Miss Lin Jiahui's dressing room. Where is Lin Zhian? A female voice rang out. I know it's Lin Jiahui, but I can't believe that this voice is different from the voice that sings. Lin Zhian gave me a wry smile and went into the dressing room. I don't know what makeup they were wearing, but I heard a woman shouting, "Write as I say!"! You tell her to cut the crap. She's not doing a lot of people waiting to do it. Did not hear Lin Zhian speak,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, probably bowed his head to defend, inaudible. Then there was a small sound, and I guess it was Lin Zhian who continued to explain something. Suddenly there was a loud noise and something fell to the ground and broke. I shivered, so tyrannical. Finally, Lin Zhian came out and smiled at me awkwardly. I noticed a bruise on his forehead. Noticing my gaze, he pretended not to care. "He threw a vase at me." He said Why is she mad at you? I asked. Lin Zhian smiled bitterly. I'm sorry,turmeric extract powder, she's in a bad mood today and doesn't want to see guests. Eight I turned and walked out without saying a word. Lin Zhian caught up with me at the exit. Miss Zhuang, let me take you home. "And spit up your car." I reminded him. He ignored my provocation and drove straight from the car. As soon as he waved, I went in obediently. The charm of a handsome man could not be stopped. Miss Zhuang, the reason why I brought you to see Hsiao Hui is to show you the real her. She is the real her on the stage, and I hope you don't take it to heart. "Hum." I answered. Lin Zhian suddenly sighed heavily. In fact, I don't know why she became like this. At that moment, I was sure that there was a story between him and her. Stars and assistants, there should be such a version in many love novels, but in the autobiographical materials provided to me, ghana seed extract ,stesweet stevia, there is no share of Lin Zhian, he is just an invisible wing in her life, so it is a pity to think so. Miss Chuang. Lin said, "I need your answer." "Oh, yes." I looked at him and my mind was wandering. Thank you He said The car washing fee is deducted from the remuneration. I say. He laughed. An invincible smile. What's the name of the song she sings? I asked. Which one? "The last rose of summer, the lonely wine glass in the empty room.." "Yes, it's called the last rose of summer." Lin Zhian said, "No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they should be adjusted and withered. It is also a good thing to publish a book to record some of her past." Then he sighed. His sigh is also so touching. I'm glad I'm immune to love. Otherwise, it must be a very ugly death. 4 I finally took the job. I think I still want to thank Chen Hao. He asked him to have dinner in the typhoon shelter and asked him for his favorite sea crab porridge. Chen Hao is indeed a conscientious agent, porridge has not come up, he took the time to ask me: "How?" I answered honestly, "The pay was raised and part of it was paid in advance.". I can propose changes to the information, but I must consult with Lin Zhian in advance. "You don't have to go through me now?" He said, "Actually, you see, I didn't get any kickbacks from you." I blushed a little and managed to hold it down. Chen Hao nodded. There's still pressure to write an autobiography for a celebrity. You can't say what you should say, and you can't say what you shouldn't say. You see- "He gave me a newspaper.". In the entertainment section, the headline was in sight: Singer Lin Jiahui was reported to have made a living in a nightclub, and the economic company said it would not respond. Nine Chen Hao said: "I happen to know the reporter who wrote this report.". He said that soon after the report came out, he received a considerable sum of money and explicitly asked him not to mention it again. And the witness who was interviewed at that time immediately changed his story. Money is good. I said, "This at least shows that Lin Jiahui is indeed a mysterious girl." After a pause, I added, "Was it a handsome man who handed him the money?" Chen Hao frowned. Xiaoqin, I suddenly feel a little regret. Can you turn down this job? I have a hunch that this will be a problem. "Ha ha." I laughed. "I know you're imagining things." He did not speak. But I can't go back. "Why?" He was taken aback by my tone. I said quickly, "because I have installed two new air conditioners, bought a bottle of Jo. Malone rose perfume, and two workers are sweating in my bathroom-for my new bathtub." I thought Chen Hao would be so angry that he threw a spoon at me, but he just sighed: "Think it over by yourself." "Thank you." It took me a while to say, "I know you've been looking for opportunities for me.". Or maybe I'll starve to death in Beijing. "Don't say that. Besides, I owe you." He answered at once. I was suddenly impatient again. Chen Hao, how many times have I told you that you don't owe me. I don't blame anyone for that. And please don't mention it again. He is silly: "But I …" You what you? Do you know that you are very annoyed? How many times do I have to say it? I don't want to talk about the past. He kept silent. Passed a long time,jujube seed powder, suddenly, the voice trembles: "Xiao Qin, I heard yesterday … …" Tension him. Back home. Tension. Which Comrade is Zhang Li? I put my hand on my forehead and thought. What is the relationship between Zhang Li and Zhuang Xiaoqin? "Headache." I said to Chen Hao.


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