Top Affordable 87-Rated FC 24 Players for Your Ultimate Team

The article "Cheapest 87-Rated Players in FC 24" focuses on helping FC 24 Ultimate Team managers find affordable 87-rated players during the Team of the Season event. It discusses the value of 87-rated players, provides a list of budget-friendly options, analyzes market dynamic


As the Team of the Season event unfolds, savvy FC 24 Ultimate Team managers are on the lookout for the most affordable 87-rated players to strengthen their lineups economically.

Special events like TOTS can deplete your reserves of UT Coins and FC Points substantially. If your goal is to enhance your Ultimate Team while maintaining fiscal prudence, you've found the ideal resource!

Why 87-Rated Players Are Valuable

Most enthusiasts of Ultimate Team are on a quest to assemble the ultimate dream team, but having a keen understanding of player prices can be a huge advantage, potentially saving you both time and financial resources.

List of Cheapest 87-Rated Players

In consideration of budget-conscious gamers, we've compiled a list of eleven budget-friendly 87-rated players that you can acquire in the online gaming mode as of the latest update.

Market Dynamics and Price Trends


As the demand for higher-rated squads, particularly those rated 88 and above, has surged due to Team of the Season (TOTS) and Icon Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), the market value of 87-rated players has seen a notable decrease. This trend is further influenced by the frequency at which these cards are found in packs that players earn from completing various objectives and daily rewards, which has put additional downward pressure on their prices.

Currently, constructing an 87-rated squad is quite economical, with costs dipping to approximately 61,100 coins. This is a stark contrast to the market just a month prior, where the price tag for such a squad was considerably higher. The introduction of the TOTS promotions has been a key factor, contributing to a reduction in the vicinity of 30,000 coins for these players in the past several weeks.

Strategies for Squad Building

Navigating the Ultimate Team market with a limited budget or while crafting squads for Squad Building Challenges can be tricky. To help you avoid overspending, we've compiled a list of the most affordable 87-rated players in FC 24. This guide ensures you get the best value for your coins without falling prey to inflated prices.

Closing Remarks

Assembling an affordable 87-rated team can be quite the challenge. Have you managed to put together a cost-effective squad with this rating? Share your experiences and the composition of your team in the comment section!

Prices for player cards are sourced from FUTBIN.

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