Ultimate Darryl Guide: Dominate Brawl Stars 2024

The article provides a guide on mastering Darryl in Brawl Stars, highlighting his rolling techniques and powerful attacks. It emphasizes the importance of understanding Darryl's gadgets, star powers, and gears for effective close-range combat.


Mastering Darryl in Brawl Stars

Darryl is a formidable brawler, renowned for his adept rolling techniques and powerful shotgun attacks. With a comprehensive understanding of Darryl's gadgets, star powers, and gears, you can unleash devastating close-range assaults.

As of the latest update on April 19, 2024, Darryl's position in the Brawl Stars tier list may seem challenging, but fear not. Our updated Darryl build guide will empower you to maximize his potential on the battlefield.

When it comes to gadgets, the "Tar Barrel" stands out as the top choice for Darryl in most scenarios. This gadget releases a slowing tar around him for five seconds, significantly augmenting his control over enemy movements. This ability is crucial, allowing him to effortlessly close in on opponents or execute strategic retreats. The slowing effect enables Darryl to capitalize on his shotgun's damage potential by keeping adversaries within close range. While the "Recoiling Rotator" offers utility in heist mode, providing additional super charge and area damage, its overall value pales in comparison to the enemy-positioning manipulation provided by the "Tar Barrel".

In terms of star powers, the best choice for Darryl is...Steel Hoops is undoubtedly the preferred star power for Darryl. When activated after his super, it reduces all incoming damage by 25% for 2 seconds, greatly enhancing his ability to survive during critical battles.

This star power complements Darryl's playstyle, which frequently requires him to dive into the midst of battle to unleash devastating close-range damage. Whether rolling into a group of enemies or tactically retreating, Steel Hoops provides the durability necessary for excelling in his role.

When considering the best gears for Darryl, it's essential to prioritize those that enhance his survivability and close-range combat effectiveness.


Darryl's Damage Advantage

Equipping the "damage gear" in Brawl Stars provides a significant advantage for Darryl. When his health falls below 50%, this gear empowers him to deal an additional 15% damage. This enhancement is crucial for Darryl, as it amplifies his already potent close-range burst potential, particularly in intense combat scenarios. The synergy between this gear and Darryl's aggressive playstyle enables him to unleash even greater damage during close skirmishes, making it an essential choice for players who favor an aggressive approach.


The health gear in Brawl Stars allows the player to recover health at a faster rate when they are not moving. This gear is especially useful in situations where durability is crucial, as it ensures the player can sustain their presence on the battlefield for a longer period of time.

Alternatively, players can consider using the speed gear, which is highly effective in game modes where quick rotations and positioning play a vital role. However, it is generally advisable to prioritize damage and health gears for a more reliable gameplay experience.


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