How to Duplicate A Word Document: Complete Guide

If you want to know why and how to duplicate a Word document, then read this blog post to find the reasons why you might need to make a copy of a Word document and how to duplicate it.

For keeping data and files in safe mode it's really very important to create a copy of a Word Document. So are you ready to know about how to duplicate a Word Doc? Have a look at the steps on how to make a copy of a Word Document mentioned below.

Why Should I Make A Copy of a Word Document?

Everyone knows how important Word Documents are for study, work, and for daily life. You must get to know that having a duplicate copy of a Word Document is really useful in your usage, but why is it needed?

There are a lot of advantages of duplicate Word Documents. We've a list of its importance:

  1. Word Document is the first process way to create a copy of the Word Document.
  2. On the other hand, if you save it in only view mode instead of editing mode, you can avoid accidentally changing or formatting the original files.
  3. You make the temporary changes to the duplicate file without integrating the original file.
  4. You may create multiple documents similarly with slight differences by using the original file as a template and making variant copies.

Still wanna know how to duplicate a Word Doc after reading the benefits of making a copy of the Word Document?

There are various methods to know how to make a copy of a Word Doc.

How to Make a Copy of Word Document on Windows Easy Steps:

  • Select the Word Document by right-clicking and then select the “Duplicate” option.
  • Then select “Copy” from the context menu.
  • Then choose the device or location wherever you want to save the duplicate file.
  • Then select the “Paste” option by right-clicking again.

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