General Review of EDI Technology

Multi tap adjustable inductor that draws one or more taps from a coilMulti tap adjustable inductor that draws one or more taps from a coil

General Review of EDI Technology
EDI (electrodeionization) technology is a newly developped water purification technology. It is a deep water treatment technology that integrates electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, the product water quality can reach more than 15M惟.cm. During desalination, the hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions generated by water ionization regenerate the ion exchange resin. Therefore, ultrapure water can be continuously produced without acid-alkali regeneration. It is a green revolution in pure water preparation technology.聽RO EDI System is to produce ultrapure water by RO and EDI.
EDI System Working Process
EDI utilizes an electrode to ionize water molecules and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water. It differs from other water treatment technologies because it does not use chemicals and is usually a pretreatment to reverse osmosis. EDI is a continuous process. The ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated by the DC electric field. There is no 鈥渂reakthrough鈥?as happens in conventional ion exchange operations, therefore the quality of the water remains at a constant high level of purity. The electric field also provides a bacteriostatic environment inside of the EDI cell, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other organisms.
The EDI working process is as follows:
Main Components of聽RO EDI System
Successful Cases of聽RO EDI SystemEDI Water System made in China


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