Wind and Cloud Love [Finished]

The wind opened the book this time and probably looked at other races besides the immortal,

The wind opened the book this time and probably looked at other races besides the immortal, among which the wind felt the scalp tingling were the orcs, the giants could also be said to be the titans, as well as the King Naga on the water, and Medusa, who could petrify people as long as they looked at each other. There are no pictures above, only some introductions, which say that a dragon that has lived for thousands of years has the ability to turn into a human being. When they turn into a human being, their power will be reduced, but for humans, their power in human form is also terrible. It also says that the power of the dragon's breath is equivalent to the power of magic at the forbidden level, and there is no need to recite incantations. For the dragon, it's just a gasp for breath. There's very little introduction to the dragon here. Turning back is the sacred continent. It's no different from the red continent in front of it. There's no picture, not even a little introduction. It just says that it appeared in this continent a thousand years ago. After that, it's all about legends. The wind doesn't go on. At this point, this book is finished, the inspiration of the wind can be said to be very big, let her see their own strength is still very weak, must go to learn something, and so on to the battlefield of death to find a good place to learn, think of here suddenly heard a voice with great excitement: "ha ha ha!"! It's done,outdoor digital signage displays, it's done, it's done at last. Hearing the sound, he knew it was the painter without looking at it. When the wind heard the painter's words, he got up and walked to the painter's side. When he saw the painting, he was shocked. In the painting, a beautiful girl in black cross-dressing sat under a leafy tree in the sunset. The girl's golden hair and the green grass on the ground were swinging with the wind. The girl was still holding a book in her hand and looking at it with a smile. It was a pity that the wind had not studied the painting, so it was only a moment of surprise that she recovered. She said to the painter who was still laughing: "Now that the painting has been finished, it's time for me to leave here. Uncle is destined to see you.". Then he went to the city gate,temperature screening kiosk, and the painter looked up at the back of the wind and shouted, "Miss, my name is Nissus. May I have your name?" And the wind just waved his back to Nissus and said, "Wind.". Nissus looked at the back of the wind, looked at the painting and then looked at the sky. Then he nodded as if he had made up his mind. He picked up his pen and wrote a line of words on the back of the painting: "Goddess under the sunset tree". It seemed that this was the name of the painting. After writing, Nissus nodded again and began to pack up. When he finished, he went to the opposite way of the wind. At this time, Nepal and Chris smiled at each other and walked to the hotel. At this time, Yunxi, who had been squatting in the grass for a day, was fine. She had magic protection and was exposed to the sun. It was just a little sore in her waist and a little numb in her legs. But Shirley could not do it. Not to mention that she had been exposed to the sun for a day, just squatting here for a day made her backache and leg cramps, not to mention how uncomfortable she felt. Volume 1 Other Realm Practice Chapter 18 don't Mess with Me (Revised) When the wind returned to the hotel, he found that no one else was there, so he didn't care. After reading all day, information kiosk price ,digital signage screen, his eyes couldn't stand it, so he went back to his room to rest. He didn't know how long it had been. He felt that someone was pushing her. So he opened his eyes and saw that it was Yunxi. After seeing Yunxi, the wind yawned and asked Yunxi in a daze: "What's the matter?" Then he closed his eyes again. Seeing the wind, Yunxi closed her eyes again and said angrily, "Eat, don't sleep." Then she went to push the wind again. All right, all right, I'll get up. Stop pushing! The wind said helplessly. The wind was still wondering, not knowing what Yunxi was angry about. Since he didn't know, he didn't think about it. After washing up, he went to the hall. When he looked at the hall, he couldn't help wrinkling his head. It was really noisy. There were all kinds of people, swordsmen, mages, thieves, berserkers, knights and so on. They all laughed loudly. The wind's ears hurt when the wind came to their table in Nepal. Seeing Shirley staring at her angrily made the wind even more confused and confused, but Nepal just smiled and indicated that it was nothing. But at this time Shirley thought: "Damn the wind, you try to be proud of it, there are many opportunities in the future, don't be caught by me, as long as I catch it, hey.." Shirley's mood is better in an instant when she thinks about it. While Shirley was still fantasizing, the wind had already sat down, and Nepal was about to order when they heard something that shocked them. A swordsman in his thirties then said, "Old Peng, have you heard that the princess of Aiweite Kingdom has been taken away, and I heard that she was intercepted by a thief.". Old Peng shook his head and said, "I did hear that the princess was intercepted, but it wasn't the thief you said, it was a big swordsman who hurt the son of the national teacher.". Then a muscular man came from the next table and said in a gruff voice, "Two friends, what I heard is different from what I heard. I heard that I was intercepted by a woman, and the insider is Shirley, the captain of the princess's guard, and Shirley has a reward regardless of life or death.". Everyone heard the man say so and scolded Shirley one after another, and some of the words were even harder to hear. At this time, the wind opposite Shirley has obviously reached the edge of patience, the body has been constantly trembling, and the wind can only try to hold back the force that makes people laugh, at this time, like Shirley, the whole body is trembling, but their emotions are two extremes. Seeing that Shirley next to her was about to break out, Yunxi gently patted her shoulder a few times to comfort her. Shirley noticed her impoliteness after being patted and recovered immediately. When she looked up and saw the faint smile behind the veil, the fire that had just fallen broke out on the fork in her hand in an instant. After a light sound of "bang", the fork had broken into two sections. Next to Nepal and Chris, seeing the cold war,interactive whiteboard prices, they could only look at each other and shake their heads with a wry smile. Just as Yunxi was trying to persuade Shirley, she heard a deep voice saying, "None of you are right.".


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