"Fusion." He turned around and said coldly. He has made a big mistake unconsciously,

"Fusion." He turned around and said coldly. He has made a big mistake unconsciously, and he will never allow himself to make another big mistake. Once, he also vowed to serve Ye Wuchen all his life, rather die than regret, after the fusion, he can have a stronger power, perhaps, also can better serve him, with a more powerful force, for their own mistakes to atone for. Is it important whether you are still a simple self? Not important.. His love, all far away from him, perhaps after becoming another person, will no longer be so painful every day, why not. Chu Jingtian was just about to speak, but was pulled by Ye Wuchen, shaking his head at him, before the silence, he has used his mind to tell Chu Jingtian everything, let him in shock to understand the truth of everything. Leng Ya said three words, he understood what it meant. But those three words are not said to them,touch screen board classroom, just tell them their own choice. Another voice floated up from the cold cliff and gave him a response: "." You don't want to, I don't want to, if there is another way, I will definitely not make such a choice. Because time has not allowed me to hesitate. The dim gray light floated from the body of the cold cliff, the cold cliff closed his eyes, calmly unloaded all the defenses of his soul, allowing other things to slowly penetrate into his soul. The soul fusion of two souls is very simple,interactive panels for education, there is no earth-shaking appearance, there will be no pain, as long as both sides are willing at the same time, everything can be completed quickly. Gray light, it is the color of soul and power. The pure power of the soul is colorless. Ye Wuchen, now I can tell you the second reason. It was Saro's voice, which had become weak. "As I said before, the reason why I didn't tell you right away was that I was afraid you wouldn't have the heart to persuade him after hearing it." A month ago, I felt the power of God's holy night, and from then on, I had a great uneasiness in my heart. After that day, the fastest heart and congealed snow, the black princess and the white princess of the divine world, were taken away. This is the thing that I and the whole land of demons fear most. Ye Wuchen's eyebrows suddenly tightened, smart board interactive whiteboard ,classroom interactive whiteboard, and his heart suddenly became restless. He calmed down and did not interrupt Saro's story. The comprehensive power of our Demons is better than that of the land of God, but at that time, we still came here at the risk of being discovered by the land of God to look for the chaos beads left here. Do you know why? Nope It was not that we were lusting after the power of the Chaos Pearl, but that my father suddenly accidentally got a terrible rumor, which made my father feel fear for the first time. In the divine world, there are two terrible forces that can destroy the whole land of demons-two mysterious gods that have existed in the land of gods since I don't know when. "The horror of Xuanshen made my father feel afraid, because either of the two Xuanshen had the power to surpass him.". But the mysterious gods of the land of God have been sleeping all the time, and in the news my father got, if you want to wake them up, you need two chaos beads. Moreover, what is needed is the beads of chaos that have been transformed into human form and have the ability to grow and mature-one needs light and life, the other needs darkness and death. Ye Wuchen frowned, then his whole body suddenly trembled, and suddenly his eyes cracked, and a cold air penetrated every pore of his body, as if he had been splashed with cold water. You Yes Say Ye Wuchen breathed heavily, his face twitched, his teeth clenched together, and his eyes radiated a terrible look. That's right The Black Princess and the White Princess are not the daughters of the God Emperor. You should already know that the Black Princess has the pure power of death and the pure power of darkness, because she is bred by the chaos beads of darkness and the chaos beads of death. The White Princess has the power of life and light, because she is bred by the chaos beads of life and the chaos beads of light. They were all conceived by the God Emperor through two pairs of chaotic beads in a special way, in order to make them sacrifices to the Xuanshen and awaken the sleeping Xuanshen. According to time, the chaotic beads in their bodies, even if they are not mature, are already fast. Sha Luo's words let Ye Wuchen body more and more cold, originally did not know what cold is he, unexpectedly in this dawn under the gentle brush shivering. Congealed snow and pupil heart left, he felt the pain of tearing heart, his pain is their separation, pain is to meet forever, can no longer see their figure, can not see their smile, can not hear their voice. He wasn't worried about their safety. Because they are the daughters of the God Emperor, no one in the land of God will offend them. It turned out that he was wrong. The sacrifice of Xuanshen. They are the sacrifices of Xuanshen! They were brought back to be sacrificed. God took them as daughters in order to make them sacrifices. What is the concept of sacrifice, becoming a sacrifice, their life, strength, soul.. Everything will be swallowed up! Originally eager to see congealed snow and pupil heart's eagerness suddenly increased countless times. He finally understood why Saros didn't tell him in advance. As he said, if he had said it earlier, he would have been completely unable to keep his cool to prevent Leng Ya from dying and to promote the fusion of their souls. The Land of God.. The Land of God.. The Land of God.. These four words completely filled his consciousness, and he had no time to think of anything but these four words and the great desire to go to the land of God. The sacrifice of Xuanshen. Ning Xue and Tong Xin, who were brought back to the land of God, were always in danger of their lives. How could he keep calm at the moment. All the spirit, all the ideas are turned into endless desire at this moment. He must go to the land of God,interactive boards for classrooms, not only to bring them back, but to save their lives. If something really happened to them, even he didn't know what kind of crazy behavior he would do. U You Shu Meng uuTXT.coM Annotation of Wen Zi Ban Yue Du Volume 9 Land of God Chapter 498 Fusion Words: 2693. hsdsmartboard.com


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