King's Landing

Hearing this, Nong Yishan had nothing to do with it, but Gu Shouyi had a congealed expression.

Hearing this, Nong Yishan had nothing to do with it, but Gu Shouyi had a congealed expression. A few more people, is really a little more grasp, this Chu Nian's strength, is really overbearing. But the problem is, more than these three people, is also equivalent to more than a cup of soup. Seemingly seeing the displeasure of Gu Shouyi and Xue Wanjian, Chu Nian smiled again: "We are not here for the things inside. In fact, if we don't stop Li Konglian this time, I'm afraid we can't escape death.". If a few do not hate to abandon, then let us also help how? The three of us only need 15 minutes. But that yuanyang knife wheel, the old man also wanted to see his own chance. Gu Shouyi raised his eyebrows slightly, took a strange look at Chu Nian, and then gathered his eyes to express his silence. This place speaks with strength. Although there are only two people in Lingtian Sword Sect, their fighting power is only lower than that of Guangling Sword Sect. However, they are no better than the three people in Wanbaolou. Chu Nian is willing to volunteer to take only 15%, which is the best. Nongyi Mountain is naturally indispensable. Lingtian Sword Sect has always had a good reputation. If there is any sect in the Central Plains that really upholds the right path, Lingtian Sword Sect must be one of them. If he wants to choose a partner, he prefers the two disciples of the Lingtian Sword Sect. But it's a good thing to have three more good players. Then he chuckled and said, "In that case.". The 15% will be divided equally between my two families. The plan was appropriate, but then it was Yue Yu's turn. Neither Gu Shouyi nor Chu Nian dared to take advantage of him,smartboards for business, and each of them had lost a Sumeru precept. After Yue Yu took it, he checked it with his soul, and it turned out to be a spirit stone worth hundreds of millions of yuan. There are many systems of the five elements, and most of them are more than three or four grades, and the actual value should be overestimated. Yue Yu could not help nodding secretly, but these two were much better than the three people he had met outside the ruins before. At least this broken array needs to consume the spirit stone, oneself already need not worry. And then before the shot, Yue Yu's eyes are a congealed: "There is one more thing!"! This time, I will not make a move unless it is necessary. Please take care of me a little when you fall down. Hearing this,interactive panel board, the expression of several people present was slightly stunned. A moment later, Gu Shouyi was already aware of it. "Brother Yue," he said with a chuckle, "you're really insidious. Hey! But to my taste, my brother's fighting power is really a surprise soldier! Chu Nian also smiled, nodded and said, "This is beneficial to us all. It would be better if we could reduce some of the damage.". After entering. Be sure to lend a helping hand to Daoyou! Yue Yu's lips were slightly curled, and he began to observe the magic array here, and then he got something for a moment. The spirit stones came out one by one and led several people behind them into it. With the gift of two hundred million Lingshi, Yue Yu was no longer stingy. Almost in a moment, he had reached the side of the turbulence of time and space. By the time he got here, Yue Yu was already frowning for a while: "I'm afraid the man who deployed the array already knows that I'm waiting for him." "So what if you know?"? If you and I work together, why should we fear him? Xue Wanjian snorted coldly, and a mighty sword came out. Unexpectedly, the turbulence of time and space in front of several people was also cut apart. Then he pressed down again with great magic power, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smart boards for conference rooms, and unexpectedly opened up a passage. See this scene, not only the people of Guangling, is the Chu three, are also slightly moved. Yue Yu is not surprised, just that war, he naturally did not do his best. But this Xue Wanjian is also reserved. Yu Jian passed through Xue Wanjian and forced a passage. In the distance, Yue Yu saw a huge hall that was almost identical to the main hall outside. It's just that it looks much more damaged than the one outside. Young master, that guy is in here! Cher was a little scared and wanted to go. Suddenly, the voice of Zhan Xue sounded in Yue Yu's ears. Yue Yu could not help but take a deep look at the hall again, thinking that the reason why Zhan Xue was afraid was probably due to the pressure of the superior sorcery God. If you want to go there, it's mostly the strength of that guy, which is good for Zhan Xue. This man's weapon, since it imitates the dry Qi of Xing Tian, must also be the priesthood of war and combat. It's almost the same as Zhan Xue. "But since this sorcery God has not fallen, then this time into the temple, I am afraid to add a bit more risk, that Li Konglian may not be able to be satisfied!" Just as he was thinking, Gu Shouyi followed him and came to his side. He frowned and looked into the distance and said, "I'm afraid those guys are already in the battle.". I think it's better to speed up! Yue Yu's face sank and he was noncommittal. Continue to calculate silently in your heart. Fortunately, before that, I had observed the structure of the periphery, and for nearly a day and a half, I had also calculated the core of the sorcery array here. Yue Yu only observed for a moment, and then he had something to gain. He threw out a few spirit stones and moved on. Here is already a fantasy, then even Yue Yu is also feel difficult. When it comes to this magic array, the sorcery gods are the best at it. At the beginning, the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan also suffered a lot for this. If one person, Yue Yu can also be relaxed and casual. But there are eight people in the back, and it is not easy to repair, so we need to be more careful. Feng Yun and Chang Binghong, in particular, had just entered the realm of yuan Ying, and their spirits did not contain much masculine, so they were most likely to get lost here. These aspects add up, even with the Dayan Spirit Array, Yue Yu is also somewhat helpless. What Yue Yu did not know at the moment was that several people in the rear, except Xue Wanjian, who had no feeling or concept, almost all of them looked at Yue Yu's back with some surprise. So fast, they have entered the array, thought Yue Yu is risky, but along the way, there is no mistake. Such a level, even those Mahayana monks, also rarely have such attainments. In Chang Binghong's eyes, there was a flash of splendor, but it was the expression of remaining wishes. Nong Yi Shan occasionally saw this, and could not help frowning. After walking forward for about half an hour, Yue Yu suddenly stopped. After a long time, he snorted coldly,75 smart board, "At that time, Nan was really very insidious!" Gu Shouyi didn't know the reason. He thought Yue Yu was in trouble. When he heard this, he was stunned. "Why did you say that? I knew that at that time. But what does this have to do with him?" 。


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