Flower Demon Inn

For a moment, the magnolia, azalea and cypress trees beside it were transformed into different shapes

For a moment, the magnolia, azalea and cypress trees beside it were transformed into different shapes. With a bang on the top of his head, the gourd shelf turned into a big fat man, and suddenly exploded with the sound of landing. The crowd immediately raised their fingers and hissed him, and the gourd fat man hissed in a low voice. Then he asked the peony standing in front of him in a low voice, "Eldest brother, if Grandpa leaves and takes over a rough man, what should we do if he pulls us out?" The spoon pondered thoughtfully for a long time, turned around slowly, raised his hand fiercely to wipe his neck, and pondered: "Do him." Everyone immediately cast our eldest brother's mighty and majestic eyes, and then they went back to the earth to moisten themselves contentedly. There was an endless stream of people interested in buying the inn, but the old shopkeeper refused to sell it. It was not that the price was unfair, nor that the man was too overbearing, but that the old shopkeeper insisted on adding three treaties to the contract. One, don't change the name of the inn. The buyer naturally agreed to this point, which was originally for this time-honored brand. Two, don't clear the flowers and plants in the backyard. It doesn't matter. You can't see it in the backyard anyway. Three, do not decorate the inn, maintain the original appearance. Only the third point makes people stop, not to mention the simple decoration in the room, how important this facade is, compared with the opposite Jinxiu Inn,water bottling line, it is really the difference between copper coins and gold ingots. Even if it is a time-honored brand, you have to take into account the image, right. The businessmen full of sincerity dispersed like a tide, and half a month later, no one asked. The old shopkeeper was not in a hurry. He opened the door as usual after watering the flowers every day, and the days were still tepid. The happiest thing is that the spoons are full of monsters, drinking enough water in the morning and blowing in the breeze, which is very pleasant. Now it is March, only magnolia flowers,Vegetable oil filling machine, peony and azalea are still green leaves. The courtyard is full of green onions, and only a red flower lies alone in it. It's really'purple chalk with sharp flames, red Rouge dyed small lotus flowers', the shopkeeper raised a yard of good flowers, magnolia flowers are very beautiful. The breeze is blowing, and the flowers and plants are swinging. The spoon found the pleasant sound source, only to see a young man in gray cloth, with a straight figure, eyebrows and eyes rippling with a faint smile, his face was white and full of scholar's pure spirit, as if he had come out of an ink painting. As soon as Xin Niang heard that she had been praised, she twisted her back and opened her face even more, and then a flower branch trembled. As soon as they saw it, they tutted, "Xin Niang is starting to be a nymphomaniac again. She's reserved." Xin Niang snorted, rare to see such a high-quality childe, water bottle packaging machine ,Beverage packing machine, do not offend the nymphomaniac are sorry for the fact that they are flowers, you do not sell the soul of flowers. The flower demon and the grass demon were chattering there, and all the old shopkeeper and the scholar heard was the rustling sound of the wind blowing the leaves. The scholar says suddenly: "That can ask shopkeeper to give up love only, I like very much." "Poof!" The spoon suddenly looked up and stared at the scholar who had just felt bright and clear, and almost did not lift his foot to throw the mud on his leg. The old shopkeeper asked, "Is it possible to keep the three agreements?" "Yes," said the scholar with a smile. "It's a deal," said the old shopkeeper briskly. The peerless Xin Niang was also dumbfounded, and immediately hugged the cuckoo: "Grandpa sold us like this, and no one will take care of us anymore." The courtyard is still full of the sound of the wind moving the leaves. At night, the wind is quiet and the lights are up. The spoon jumped into the scholar's room resolutely under the eager eyes of the crowd "quickly get rid of the scholar". Squatting on the windowsill and looking at the young man reading under the lamp, he touched his chin, took a step, and his toes fell to the ground, instantly turning into a woman in white with long hair. Ghost. The spoon first looked in front of the mirror and looked very satisfied with the appearance of the red eyes and blue face in the mirror. Sitting on the opposite side of the table, the probe blew the oil lamp, and the lights in the room flashed. The scholar did not move. The spoon lengthened its head again and blew cold air into his face. The scholar is still reading. Bookworm, bookworm, still want to take care of our Tongfu Inn. This is the rhythm of losing money. Spoon shook his head, raised his hand to block the page, palm gradually shaped, but he was still indifferent! Spoon looked at the hand, mortals can clearly see ah, this method has scared away a lot of strong men and ruffians to make trouble. Seeing that his opponent was strong, the spoon simply appeared as a ghost, bouncing beside him, sometimes blowing into his neck, sometimes raising his hand to block his view, and even making the window crackle. Half an hour later.. Squatting in the yard waiting for the triumphant return of the spoon, the demons silently looked up at the name of the day, staring at the figure jumping on the window paper, puzzled: "What is the boss doing there?"? Dancing? Luring a Scholar? The fat gourd said, "It must be the old way of playing the ghost." An hour later.. The spoon collapsed on the table, crying desolately: "I am a ghost." Ghost! Can you look up at me and pretend to be startled? It's not such a blow. Whoo, whoo. Vaguely, the spoon seemed to see the corners of his mouth slightly pursed, slightly curved, clearly in the smile ah! The spoon tilted his head and looked at him with his colorful face, which was washed away by tears. "Stupid scholar, you can see me, right?" In a trance, he turned the page indifferently, and there was still a smile on his lips. Is it an illusion that the spoon scratches its head? He heard the familiar sound of footsteps outside and immediately disappeared. Master Chu, can you sleep? The scholar answered hurriedly, and finally put down the book that seemed to stick to his hand and went to open the door. As soon as the spoon saw the old shopkeeper carrying a bundle, tears flowed more happily. He lay by the door and watched him hand over the deed to the scholar. He heard him tell him to water the flowers and fertilize them well. He almost cried: "Grandpa.." Unaware of this, the old shopkeeper explained everything, sighed lightly, full of reluctance and relief, and left with his wife. Spoon where also care to frighten the scholar, followed the old shopkeeper, all the way to the door, barefoot on the bluestone road,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, watching the two old figures help each other, gradually disappeared under the red lantern, until no longer seen. The inn was sold after all. The grandfather who once said that they would guard the inn together left. The spoon is melancholy. But something more melancholy came up. gzxilinear.com


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