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Sasha wanted to say something, but Su Jingzhu woke up from the shock and leaned

Sasha wanted to say something, but Su Jingzhu woke up from the shock and leaned apologetically beside her mother, snuggling up to her and saying, "Mom, you're here." Su Jingzhu turned her head to look at Uncle Kerry and said with a coquettish smile, "Hello, Uncle Kerry." Lance's father looked at Su Jingzhu with tears in his eyes, and some of his painted faces greeted him with a reluctant smile. He was moved in his heart: "Zhuzhu has suffered." Su Jingzhu forced a sad smile and looked at Lance with some resentment: "Zhuzhu is all right." Brother Lance. He lowered his head and looked at Lance and Sima Dang's hands, which were clasped tightly, as if they had been pulled out of their souls. The princess is sad. Kerry glanced coldly at the hands of Lance and Sima Dang, glanced disgustedly at Sima Dang, and said coldly to Lance, "Don't let go yet." Lance looked at his father sarcastically and ignored him. Sima Dang smiled perfectly and held Lance's hand more tightly. 95-Farce Chapter 2 "Sima Dang,Inflatable mechanical bull, right." Remembering the man in the video, Kerry's eyes were filled with disgust: "Don't you know etiquette in front of your elders? Let go of your hand!" The tone of the command did not know whether to ask Sima Dang to let go or let Lance go. Lance clasped Sima Dang's hand, although his Dangdang did not let go at all: "I think Dangdang's etiquette is perfect. Father, can you go?" Order to leave! "How dare you? Lance, are you talking to your father?" Kerry stared at Lance: "This kind of thing is good to play,inflatable castle with slide, how can Sarah's son can not distinguish the importance!" " Lance smiled miserably and felt sad in his heart. "Is this the weight in your heart?" Intentionally or unintentionally, he swept aside the woman who was shocked by the aura of the two fathers and sons: "Father, if you still know something important, just leave!" It was not Kerry but Su Jingzhu who replied: "No, I won't go. I will never allow that cheap man to take away my brother Lance!" Sima Dang squinted at Su Jingzhu with murderous intent, and these two words deeply hurt his self-esteem. Su Jingzhu! The insult to Sima Dang was like a slap in Lance's face: "I told you I wouldn't marry you. Don't daydream." Lance looked at his father coldly. "Father, you'd better go. You have insulted my mother here, and now you have insulted my lover. I don't know what else I will do." Sasha is the time to ease the atmosphere: "We come here just want to talk to you, you are so good match, Inflatable outdoor park ,inflatable floating water park, we don't want you to go the wrong way on impulse." The words did not go on, the door opened, Sima mother holding Lance's mother stood in front of the door. Lance's mother's face was pale, not knowing whether she was angry or suffering from illness. Sima's mother stared coldly at Su Jingzhu, the woman who insulted his son! "Kerry, you go. I don't want to see you again." Lance's mother suppressed her anger and said coldly. Kerry looked with some surprise at the wife who had disobeyed him for the first time, felt the man's pride tremble, and glanced coldly at his wife: "You came out." "What are you doing here, demonstrating against me with your concubine?" Lance's mother smiled miserably and looked at her husband coldly. We're just looking for Zhuzhu. Sasha is trying to smooth things over. Lance's mother looked angrily at the woman who had destroyed her happiness, turned her head and said sarcastically to her husband, "She's already someone else's wife and has someone else's child.." Don't you know how to write shame when you are together like this? "Pow.." A cold slap with a cold expression. Sasha and I are innocent! Kerry said coldly, and the bright red slap on Lance's mother's pale cheek stood out. Kerry and I are just best friends. I'm just here to find Zhuzhu. Sasha explained with a sad smile, and the angel's cheeks were pitiful. Hum Lance's mother glanced disdainfully at Sasha, staring sharply at her husband for the first time, trembling uncontrollably. "Mother!" "Auntie!" Sima Dang and Lance looked at Lance's mother worriedly, and Sima's mother held Lance's mother worriedly, frowning deeply. As a woman, she felt the sadness in her heart. ……” Lance's mother did not open her mouth, a tear slipped gently from the corner of her eye, a trace of blood oozed from the tightly pursed corners of her mouth, and the bright red blood was particularly desolate on her pale lips. He turned his head and looked at his son and then at his daughter-in-law, and they were satisfied with their happiness. Clearly has decided not to have any expectations for that person, but to this scene or can not restrain the sadness and anger. Some things are that they are too persistent and humiliate themselves. At the moment of death, the suppressed anger in my heart will burst out, and I will be satisfied. Kerry. Lance's mother looked sadly at her husband and gently covered her mouth with a red and ferocious handkerchief. "I've endured this slap for twenty years, and now it's still in my face.". I'm tired. You're lucky no one's in your way anymore. Don't break your son's heart again. You'd better go. Words like last words come out like a trickle. Lance's mother took a grateful look at her in-laws, who had been holding her, and walked slowly back to the ward. Kerry looked at his wife with a very sad smile. Where was the wife who looked at him with some resentment in front of him and was submissive and obedient? Kerry turned his head and looked at Lance resentfully as he ordered him to leave. "You'd better go and give your mother some peace." Lance took Sima Dang's hand and went back to the room and closed the door fiercely. Kerry stared blankly at the closed door, frowning at Sasha, who was holding her petrified daughter,inflatable amusement park, and said, "Let's go." Sasha looked apologetically at the man who had always loved her and said guiltily, "I hurt you." "Let's go." Kerry didn't want to say anything at this point.


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