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"Prince, you are the general's disciple, you also say, this matter how to do?"?

"Prince, you are the general's disciple, you also say, this matter how to do?"? I'd like to see what you've learned from the general. Lu Zhaoci's face showed a trace of hope. Even Cen text and others also looked at Lu Chenglie, waiting for his performance. As soon as Lu Chenglie's face straightened, he knew that this was a rare opportunity for performance. After thinking for a moment, he said, "The meaning of Tubo's action is very ruthless. Taking advantage of the opportunity for our army to recover the five departments in the southwest, I took advantage of the situation to solve the one hundred and fifty thousand troops of General Xu Shiji, and the one hundred and fifty thousand troops of our Dynasty are the elite troops used by my father to deal with Tubo. Once this army is destroyed, We not only lost the big non-chuan, is the original suppression of Tuyuhun also to be seized by the other side, the road to the western regions will be a crisis, the western countries may also be turbulent. Of course, the most important thing is, father in a short period of time, it is impossible to train one hundred and fifty thousand has adapted to the Tubo climate of the army, the time of conquering the Tubo will be delayed, and from the eastern front constantly harassing my border Tubo small troops will also let our army on the run, in the end, I had to agree to the request of the Tubo, and marriage, let each other get a lot of property, Moreover, the Tubo alien race would also become a nation like the Huns and the Turks, and would oppress our Dynasty. The minister believed that the disaster of Tubo was far above that of the Turks. "What the prince said is very reasonable. Yes, yes." Cen text and others also repeatedly nodded, that is, Lu Zhaoci also nodded. Lu Chenglie can see these, enough to show that he has the ability to analyze things independently, and has initially assumed the responsibility of a king. Then you say, as an emperor of the Tang Dynasty, how to face this kind of thing. Lu Zhaoci asked again with a smile. Tubo although this is very vicious, but in fact, it is based on an impossible guess, that is, the ability of general Xu Shiji. General Xu Shiji's ability to fight, I am clear, Songzan Ganbu if you want to solve general Xu Shiji's one hundred and fifty thousand troops, is obviously impossible. If General Xu Shiji's one hundred and fifty thousand troops could not be solved, most of the military forces of Tubo would be dragged near Dafeichuan. I have learned about the geography of Dafeichuan, Stone Honeycomb Panel ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, although it is the same as the climate of Tubo, but in fact, there are still some differences. If our army goes to Dafeichuan, it is only a short period of time that we can not adapt to it. That is to say, if we choose the decisive battle site in Dafeichuang, it will be beneficial to any place. Second, when General Xu Shiji held back the Tubo army, our army could take advantage of the situation to solve the five forces in the southwest and attack the Tubo from the south. Although there was no geographical advantage, it was only a partial division, which only played a role in containing some of the military forces of the Tubo and could not be transferred to the north. This was the same as Songzan Gampo's calculation. Lu Chenglie took his time to analyze: "So the focus of contention between the two sides is whether General Xu Shiji can resist the hundreds of thousands of Tubo troops." "What about the harassment plan of the Tubo?" Lu Zhaoci asked again with a smile. I have countless generals in the Tang Dynasty, and I don't know how many excellent generals there are in martial arts. Let them go, enough to resist these harassment. Lu Chenglie said disdainfully, "Since I can see this, I don't think Songtsen Gampo can't see this. The troops he sent to harass are just partial divisions.". We don't have to worry about it. With a general to lead the border military forces, enough to withstand all this. "Yes, yes, the prince has grown up." Lu Zhaoci said with a smile. Obviously agreed with Lu Chenglie's point of view. Songtsen Gampo is an extraordinary man. What's funny is that I thought the barbarians came to the Tang Dynasty to ask for marriage because they admired the culture of the Central Plains. Today, I'm afraid Songtsen Gampo is not a simple character. Cen Wenwen shook his head and said, "It seems that I am also old and confused." "Sir is not old and confused." Lu Zhaoci glanced at the unfinished imperial edict on the case and said with a smile, "You still have to assist me. If you are confused and let the prince supervise the country alone, I'm still not at ease. Although the prince speaks clearly and logically, it's just an armchair strategist. If he is on the battlefield, it's already very good to be calm.". "Lu Chenglie's face suddenly showed embarrassment, and everyone laughed, only Xu Jingzong glanced at Cen text, his face showed a trace of thought." All right, that's it. "Lu Zhaoci immediately set his tone and said lightly," I will issue a decree immediately. The first imperial edict is for Xu Shiji. Let him be careful to guard against Songzan Gampo. While preserving his strength, he will drag Songzan Gampo to Dafeichuan, but he can't let Dafeichuan be lost. The second imperial edict was given to Xue Rengui to serve as the general manager of the Shannan Dao March and defend against the Tubo raids; the third imperial edict was given to Qin Yong to serve as the general manager of the Jiannan Dao March and defend against the Tubo invasions. The fourth imperial edict was that Di Renjie had solved the case and ordered him to stay in Luoyang and walk in the Xuande Palace. The fifth imperial edict, the world, I decided to move the capital of Luoyang, move the capital, presided over by the prince. The sixth imperial edict is to pass on to the world. On the day of my expedition, the prince will still be in charge of the country and assisted by the Xuande Palace. If it is not a big event, you don't have to ask me. The prince can make his own decision. "The ministers (ministers) and others obey the decree." When they heard this, their hearts moved and they said loudly. All right, you all stand down and the prince stays. Lu Zhaoci inadvertently glanced at Cen Wenwen, and finally his eyes fell on Lu Chenglie. I'll excuse myself. The crowd did not dare to neglect and quickly retreated. Prince, look at this imperial edict. Lu Zhaoci pointed to the imperial edict on the case and said. Lu Chenglie Wen Yan looked at the past, only to see that the imperial edict has not been finished, but the above content has already guessed a probably. It turned out that Cen Wenwen, the first assistant minister of Xuande Palace, was granted the title of King of Wenjun,Marble Granite Price, and was no longer the first assistant minister of Xuande Palace. Father, this? Although Lu Chenglie had been prepared in his heart, he did not expect to come so soon. This Zhangsun Wuji did not guess wrong.


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