A peach blossom in the distant sky

Years later, the capital and out of the "Tang Dynasty" a business, almost and "Shen" record needle peak opposite,

Years later, the capital and out of the "Tang Dynasty" a business, almost and "Shen" record needle peak opposite, "Shen" record of the industry involved in the "Tang Dynasty" must be involved, and in a short period of time, "Tang" also spread throughout the country, and even in a few cities, "Tang" swallowed up a number of "Shen" records, and in general, "Shenji" did not expand. Even smaller than the original scale, the scale of "Tang Dynasty" and "Shen" is between Zhongbo, and even has the posture of Lingjia. And the "Tang Dynasty" and "Shen" almost everywhere grab business, grab supply, grab manpower, grab resources, even if it is a war of words, it seems that they will be satisfied for a while. Years later, in the tears of Qin Moyu's reluctance, Jin Yin set foot on her way to Luodu to do business. In February, the sky begins to turn blue again, the grass begins to turn green again, and the sun begins to shine again. In the afternoon, it was very quiet in the special accounting room of "Shen" in Xixiao. Through the window, the westward sunshine shone on Shen Xinyu, who was looking intently at the letters sent from all over the country. It was warm,12v High Torque Motor, and occasionally there was a crisp sound of cups touching each other. "Click!" There was a low knock on the door. "Come in!" Shen Xinyu raised his voice and did not raise his head. There was no sound for a while. Shen Xinyu looked up doubtfully and faintly smiled. "Ziqing, when did you come?"? What's up? Why don't you say anything? The young and handsome Ziqing could not help blushing once again. "I'm outside," she said. "Will you go back together?" "Qiao Feiyu?"? He's back? Mention Qiao Feiyu, Yan Yan's smile is in Shen Xinyu's eyes. Far away, Qiao Feiyu in the elegant room saw Shen Xinyu walking in front of him with a slight smile and a light step, followed by Ziqing with a red face. That person can only really laugh in front of people close to him, Qiao Feiyu sighed slightly in his heart. I still remember that not long after I got married, I accidentally asked myself, "Do you do this every time?" At that time,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Shen Xinyu was stunned and did not know why. "What?" Qiao Feiyu just smiled leisurely at that time, because she knew she would understand. At that time, she seemed to struggle a little in her heart. She sighed slightly and said, "Watch it." Looking straight into his eyes, he slowly unfolded a bright smile. Qiao Feiyu only felt bright in front of his eyes. The peach blossoms came like rain, brighter and brighter, brighter and brighter. They were bright to the extreme. With a "bang", the peach blossoms swept in like a typhoon and drowned himself. It took him a long time to move his eyes away under his own compulsion. His face was like boiling water. He said, "You keep it up." If you want to smile, you should close your eyes first, but when you finish, you can't bite off your tongue. Approaching and entering the door, Shen Xinyu said with a smile, "Qiao Feiyu, you've only been out for two days this time. It's so rare." Hearing her soft words of acting like a spoiled child and complaining, Qiao Feiyu's heart warmed slightly: "Have you finished your work?" "Almost. Didn't keep you waiting long?" Shen Xinyu smiled, not forgetting to nod and smile with his little attendant. Qiao Feiyu could feel the heat on the face of the little attendant beside her, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Small Geared Motors, accompanying her slowly into the bright sunshine. Because it was still early, when we arrived in the city, we got out of the car and watched along the street, talking and laughing. Qingqing, who was following behind, led several of Qiao Feiyu's attendants and looked at the two masters, one white and one black, who were walking side by side in front of them. There was a strange harmony in the abrupt. Sister Xinyu. In the shy and timid voice, there was an irrepressible joy. Looking at the voice, it was Qin Moyu, with several small attendants, who trotted all the way over. Her gorgeous face was red and even more beautiful. Moyu, why, what good things have you found again, so Baba? Because the last time Qin Mozhu mentioned the excessive protection of Moyu, Qin Mozhu relaxed the supervision of Moyu's actions, just a few more people to protect it. Qin Moyu pouted and blushed slightly. "Where is it?" Seeing Qiao Feiyu looking at him with a half-smile beside Shen Xinyu, he blushed even more and hurriedly said, "Brother Qiao!" Qiao Feiyu just smiled and nodded in return. Shen Xinyu smiled at Qin Moyu's sweaty little face and said with a smile, "Moyu, would you like to have tea and snacks with me?" "Well, well, I'm tired of walking.". "Mo Yu repeatedly nodded his little head.". Shen Xinyu's heart was so warm that he couldn't help laughing out loud. He turned around and asked Qiao Feiyu in a low voice, "How about going back after tea?" Qiao Feiyu looked back at her with a smile and just nodded. Shen Xinyu smiled and said, "I'll take you to a place today to make sure you haven't been there." But toward the most busy lot, in the crowd stunned, Shen Xinyu stood in front of the "Tang Dynasty". Qin Moyu pulled Shen Xinyu's sleeve and asked in a low voice, "Sister Xinyu, are you going to drink tea here?" Shen Xinyu smiled: "No?" "But this is the Tang Dynasty." Qin Moyu pressed his voice even lower. 'Tang Dynasty '? It's the same. Shen Xinyu smiled and took the lead in going in. Yo, isn't this Shen Er's boss? What kind of wind brought you to our Tang Dynasty? It was Yan Ruyu, who was in charge of the capital of the "Tang Dynasty", who deliberately read the "Tang Dynasty" high and heavy. Shen Xinyu didn't care very much. "That's easy to say," he said. "A private room," he said with a smile to the man who had already greeted him. Xiao Jingya smiled and said, "Shen Er is in charge. How are you recently?" Shen Xinyu smiled and said, "Well, shopkeeper Xiao, give us a private room." Xiao Jingya raised her voice and said, "The first private room upstairs." Shen Xinyu a smile, with people upstairs, has Pinting woman to meet up, but like an old acquaintance, talking and laughing a few words, has entered the door, beckoning everyone to sit down, Shen Xinyu, Qiao Feiyu, Qin Moyu, Qingqing and Zilun sat at a table, leaving another table open. After ordering a few special snacks and brewing the cloud tea with the local characteristics of the capital, Shen Xinyu even gave Moyu several cakes with soft colors and said with a smile, "Eat more. Don't be like a gust of wind that can blow away. Like Sister Xinyu, I want to be fat. Regardless of the wind in the north, south, east and west,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, I will not move." Qin Moyu could not help laughing, choked, and coughed at the table. Shen Xinyu hurriedly put down his chopsticks and patted his back. All around was a murmur of laughter and coughing. ichgearmotor.com


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