Game of death

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Red Wen Qi with sharp wind and waves entrenched in the whole body of Ai Qinger,

Red Wen Qi with sharp wind and waves entrenched in the whole body of Ai Qinger, and her face changed slightly. Just as he was about to open his mouth, a vine suddenly broke through the ground from the soles of Ai Qinger's feet. These vines, like poisonous dragons, whirled to the single thorn, and the single jumped up hurriedly. Boom! Ai Qinger jumped up like a flame with a red tone. At the moment, her purple hair had turned red like the scorching sun, and her indifferent face had a slightly ferocious expression. She threw out the rapier in her hand, and the rapier turned into a sharp arrow to stab the individual. Its speed and momentum were different from those of the previous Ai Qinger. Now the individual was finally not calm. Boom- "" Rolling blood gas like a tornado erupts from the body alone, compared to Ai Qinger's whole body red Wen Qi strong I do not know how many times, the rapier was directly blocked by the blood gas in front of the body alone, at the moment alone is really like a demon God as horrible, the whole body breath is extremely depressed! "***!"! Handsome "Are the couple serious?" "I don't feel like a quarrel between lovers." "I also feel that the atmosphere is not right." The players looked at the sky over the platform and talked about it one after another. Song Cheng was even more stunned. Nima, this cool beauty was so tough that she was even forced to degenerate. When he thought of what he had said to Ai Qinger before, he felt his face burning. Eh? This breath. In the palace square of the castellan's mansion, Peeping Tianji frowned and said thoughtfully, "Could it be.." "What she uses is not literary style!" Said the devil in a deep voice, somehow he felt a little uneasy in his heart. Very similar, but I dare not assert,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, after all, she is the master's woman. Peep the secret of heaven said hesitantly, the devil abandoned a nod, they will hold back their inner guess, wait and see what happens. Staring at Ai Qinger with a cold face, he found that she looked a little strange at the moment, as if she were another person, and there was a burst of anger in his heart,smart interactive whiteboard, which moved with his heart and directly shattered Ai Qinger's rapier. Do you know what you're doing? Shan Luo asked angrily, he could feel the terrible murderous look coming from Ai Qinger, she really wanted to kill herself! Hearing this, Ai Qinger did not say a word, but her face showed a cold sarcastic smile. The next moment, she suddenly raised her hands above her head. Suddenly, the space behind her began to fluctuate. A red cyclone was suspended behind her. The center of the cyclone was as dark as the depths of the starry sky. The power of space! Peep at the sky and the devil abandoned at the same time exclaimed, the holy flame queen in the sky is also moved, the power of space is a symbol of earth-shaking ghosts and gods, is Ai Qinger already the existence of earth-shaking ghosts and gods? All kinds of weapons emerged from the cyclone behind Ai Qinger. There were tens of thousands of them. The scene was so spectacular that the players were stunned. These weapons were all directed at falling alone. I just want to destroy you myself. Ai Qinger's temperament suddenly changed. She was as haughty as the Lady of the Holy Flame. She tilted her head and looked down at her. "I created you," she said with a smile. "Naturally, I have to end you myself!" Shan Luo's face darkened in an instant, Ai Qinger's words like a sharp knife deeply hurt his heart, 4k smart board ,smart board touch screen, he was more shocked by Ai Qinger's breath, thick and terrible, and even let him feel the danger. (To be continued..) Chapter eight hundred and three true and false Tens of thousands of weapons were suspended behind Ai Qinger. The scene was extremely shocking. The red cyclone made the sky look as if it had broken. Video balls all over the world focused on the sky. As soon as the Beiguang Army patrolling in the sky saw that the situation had changed, they gathered around Ai Qinger one after another, but they raised their right hand to signal that they could not attack. I go! This woman is so powerful! "Tens of thousands of weapons, and they don't look like ordinary goods." "Judging from the fighting power she has shown now, she is absolutely in the top ten in the world. Why haven't you heard of her?" "Hanging bomb, dare to face the degeneration so strongly!" Players were so excited that they didn't expect that the recruitment would lead to such a war. At the moment, Ai Qinger was like a proud queen in the nine heavens, looking at her alone. There was no love in her eyes in the past, but only banter and indifference. "You created me?" Shan Luo frowned and asked, and the blood of his whole body surged up with his mood, like a dragon, like a Jiao, and the strong momentum made the players on the stage breathe fast, even the cold sword, the spirit party and others. So strong! Li Feng looked at the sky alone in horror, his eyes are full of disbelief, not only he, Shura, fleeting years and other dawn members who have been taking alone as their goal are looking at alone with their eyes wide open. Compared to the solo, the vast majority of players are more shocked by Ai Qinger, the tens of thousands of weapons behind her are really too visual impact, knives, swords, spears, halberds, arrows and so on, wrapped in the red cyclone, they seem to come from hell in general. You may never understand this question. Ai Qinger had a strange smile on her face, but she felt like she was being treated as an ant, and this person was the woman he loved most. A kind of pain that made him want to go crazy emerged from his lonely heart, a feeling that he had never experienced since he was possessed. Even before he was possessed, he had only experienced it once, but his pride did not allow him to behave like a coward. Are you really her? Shan Luo's face was as calm as stagnant water, but his breath was more and more depressed, his blood was more and more violent, and his eyes began to be stained with blood. Do you still think that I have been replaced, but I look the same? Fall alone! Ai Qinger laughed sarcastically. The last two words she used her mouth to show, the pupil shrank, he raised his right hand, the sword appeared in his palm out of thin air, he moved to kill! Why! Why is this happening! Single fall in the heart of the crazy roar, although the silent industry wants to cultivate him into a ruthless existence,interactive digital whiteboard, into the devil makes him cold and proud, but he is unable to give up two kinds of feelings, one is family. The second is love. It was hard for him to accept that one of the two things he was holding on to should betray him at his best.