Little girl flower is not Q

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"Under the Wangjing yuan Chong, my father is Wangjing garrison.". I am eighteen years old this year

"Under the Wangjing yuan Chong, my father is Wangjing garrison.". I am eighteen years old this year. I am familiar with military books. I passed the Jinshi examination last year. No engagement, no concubines. I'm going home tomorrow, and I want to see the girl before I leave. I like you, after returning home, I bring someone to propose marriage! "yuan Chong said quickly, his heart pounding.". The shrimp burst out laughing. The laughter was clear and sarcastic. She laughed and said lightly, "You have mistaken me for someone else.". For the sake of getting drunk, I will let you go today. Climb over the wall again, and I'll cut off your legs and throw them out to feed the dogs. yuan Chong is urgent, say aloud: "I did not mistake a person!"! You were the one who was drunk that night, carrying a wine jar and smashing the meat tiger Wu. !” The little shrimp was stupefied. Didn't this man come for Miss Sun? I fell in love with the girl at first sight. It was only in the past two months that he had tried his best but had no chance to see the girl again, so he took the liberty to come. yuan Chong's eyes were Frank, and he felt comfortable after saying what he had been holding back for two months. Wangjing garrison Lord's son? The shrimp frowned. If you kill him, you'll get into trouble. "You go," she said lightly. If you dare to climb over the wall again next time, I will tie you up and sue the magistrate's office. I don't think the garrison can afford to lose face. yuan Chong looked at her in discord and always felt that every smile was beautiful. He dared to climb over the wall to show his love, but he was not willing to leave like this. Listen to the tone of the shrimp, know how much she will take into account their own identity,Beverage packing machine, courage to follow: I. He stepped forward and looked straight at the shrimp and said, "I am sincere to the girl.". If there is half a lie, let the sky beat. Before he had finished speaking, the shrimp took the willow branch and pulled it down again. Unprepared, yuan Chong was so frightened that he rolled straight to the ground and narrowly avoided it. He climbed up discomfited, the back has been severely hit, the pain cried out: "I know to climb over the wall and enter,plastic bottle making machine, outspoken act Meng Lang point.". The next sentence is true and there is no empty words. Shrimp, you wait for me to propose marriage! Shrimp eyes flashed a trace of anger, only snorted, in the hands of the willow branches more and more ruthless. It happened that yuan Chong was also stubborn, knowing that the shrimp did not dare to kill himself, so he had to finish his words even if he was beaten. So he dodged and said, pouring out all the lovesickness of the past few months. His hair was disheveled, his clothes were torn, and he looked at the dust on the ground in an indescribable mess. His eyes were shining, and he looked at the shrimps. The shrimp suddenly stopped. Hiding behind a willow tree, yuan Chong poked out half of his head and shouted, "Do you finally believe me?"? I'm telling the truth. !” "I believe how..". So what if you don't believe me? ?” Summing up his experience of flowers, yuan Chong said loudly, juice filling machine ,juice filling machine, "If you don't believe me, I won't leave even if I'm killed by you today!" Shrimp shook his head. This man is crazy. She did not take yuan Chong's words to heart at all, thinking that he was the garrison son of the capital. Seeing that she was silent, yuan Chong was even more proud. "Shrimp, wait for me," he said softly. I'll ask someone to propose marriage when I get back to Beijing. The shrimp looked at him and suddenly asked, "I heard that the most frequented place for Lianyi guests is around Wangjing.". Master yuan, do you know the whereabouts of the Lotus Clothes Guest? Hearing this question without thinking, yuan Chong was stupefied. He blinked and said, "Are you looking for him?" The shrimp nodded and said, "I want to find him." yuan Chong remembered that night Chen Yu shot an arrow, this wench will not be infatuated with Chen Yu, right? There was a sour feeling in his heart. "What are you looking for him for?" He asked. The shrimp thought for a while and said, "I want to thank him for saving people with an arrow that day.". If Mr. yuan can meet him, please tell him to come to Suzhou when he is free. Someone wants to see him. I won't tell him when I meet him. You give up your heart. He has someone in his heart. yuan Chong said angrily. As soon as the white shadow flashed, the shrimp stood in front of him, smiled coldly, and hoarded yuan Chong's neck with a willow branch in his hand: "In that case, it's useless to keep you.". There is no one around here, and the garrison adults will not know that you have the habit of climbing over the wall. As soon as his hands tightened, yuan Chong's tongue went straight out and his eyes bulged. He was startled. This girl really dares to kill people. In a hurry, he pulled the willow branch with one hand, pulled out the dagger in his boot with the other hand, cut it with the last effort, and fell to the ground lightly and heavily. yuan Chong endured the sharp pain on his buttocks and ran straight to the fence with rolling and crawling. He hurriedly turned over the head of the yard and sat on the top of the wall feeling safe. Seeing that the shrimp had not caught up with him, he stood beside a willow tree and looked down at him with his arms in his arms, and his anger went straight to his head. Touching his neck, he gasped and shouted, "Can you beat me? Can you beat the Lotus Clothes Guest?"? You wait !” Shrimp smiled, perhaps this garrison childe really has the ability to find the lotus clothes guest? She remembered the gaffe of that night. With a slight sigh, he broke off a wicker and made a gesture to sweep it up the wall. yuan Chong was so frightened that he hurriedly climbed down the wall. From the wall came a burst of clear laughter, which made my teeth itch with hatred. Sunlight casts a mottled shadow through the leaves. Buqi has fallen asleep under the grape trellis. Her face was quiet, and her skin was not white enough, but it was delicate and shiny. The eyebrow is like a willow leaf, and the nose is small and straight. As if she felt something, she opened her eyes, saw that it was a shrimp, yawned, rubbed her eyes and sat up. The greenness of the grape leaves came into her eyes and shone brightly. The shrimp was a few steps away from her, fascinated by the beauty on her face, and in a trance. Shrimp?! The shrimp came to his senses and said with a smile, "I was drunk that day.". I beat him away. "The people of Jingwangfu?" "No.". He said he liked me and came to talk about it. I wanted to kill him,water filling machine, but I thought he was Wangjing garrison childe, and I was afraid of causing trouble. Shrimps are not shy at all, as if they were talking about a very common thing.