Reborn daughter Mighty

As for the woman, she was about the same age as the man,

As for the woman, she was about the same age as the man, and it was she who had just imitated the old woman's acerbic voice and fooled those people away. Just now I only took a rough look at the woman, but I felt very familiar. And now, in her heart and eyes, there was nothing but the woman kneeling on the ground in front of her. Stay, stay fragrant. Her voice was trembling, her tears were rolling down, she crouched down and gently stroked the face of the person in front of her, the face you were familiar with, the person you were thinking about, the loyal and kind girl. Liuxiang, is it really you? She could not believe that what she saw in front of her was really a fragrance. This should not be a dream, should not actually she also had a fever, hallucinations, right? After all, I have dreamed so many times that I have dreamed of Liuxiang standing alive in front of her, smiling innocently and calling her Miss. Miss, it's the maidservant. Liuxiang has long been sobbing. Feng Hongluan could no longer suppress her inner joy and excitement, so she rushed up and hugged Liuxiang, almost crying loudly. Bad girl, bad girl. A fist fell on Liuxiang's back. She cried and scolded: "How can you be so bad? How can you not come to me when you are alive? You are a bad girl. Do you know that I am going to break my heart for you?"? You are a bad girl. Liuxiang also burst into tears: "Master, master, I'm sorry, master,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I'm sorry." Life and death goodbye, is the bystander, all moved by it, the woman on the side, wiped a tear, but the man showed too much calm. Don't cry. Are you trying to attract people? And if you don't cure this child on your back, you'll burn into a silly girl. Son, sweet dumplings. Yes, sweet dumplings. Liuxiang,ultrasonic dispersion machine, you are a bad girl. Do you know that I have been teaching Tangyuan all these years? There is a very good aunt in the world, called Liuxiang. Liuxiang also quickly wiped her tears and stood up with Feng Hongluan hugging each other. The woman sniffed and took out the small dumplings from Feng Hongluan's basket, and as soon as she hugged them, she gave a cry of surprise. "Ah!" "What's the matter?"? What happened to my baby? "No, it's nothing," said the woman with a twinkle on her face. "The child looks like a rich and noble man. I'm afraid those people will come here from door to door. Hurry up, our husband and wife with the child, and your master and servant will find a place to hide." Feng Hongluan's eyes flashed a trace of unease. Liu Xiang held her hand and said, "Miss, Brother Liu and Mrs. Liu are good people. If they hadn't saved me, I'm afraid I wouldn't have lived to see Miss Liu today. Don't worry, Miss. Brother Liu has excellent medical skills. He can absolutely ensure that Miss Liu is safe. And if Miss Liu follows you, she may have to suffer many times. It's better to put it on Brother Liu's side for the time being and wait for them to take it home for treatment." Yes, these two people saved Liuxiang. Just now, I saved her and the dumplings. She knelt down gratefully. Mrs. Liu hurried over to help her. I can't bear it. You are the future mother of the country. "Uh-huh!" Brother Liu coughed and was somewhat unhappy. Mrs. Liu felt that she had spilled the beans. "Just pretend I didn't say anything. Let's go quickly. I'm afraid those people will come back and we'll go back to our own home. It's not suitable to stay here for a long time." "Good!" Acting separately, Feng Hongluan and Liuxiang carefully avoided the crowd, and then led by Feng Hongluan, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, returned to Huai Wang Fu. As soon as she went back, she couldn't help sobbing again, but she stayed fragrant. She hadn't seen her for many years, and she was much more mature and sensible. She just smiled and comforted her. Miss, don't cry. Miss, how have you been these years? Brother Liu wouldn't let me go out. It was also Wang Ye who lived in that alley. I went out secretly to see Wang Ye. I could see your shadow from him. As a result, he found out. He simply believed my words and didn't tell Miss you my existence. That day, Miss, don't misunderstand me. The woman in the house was me. "Why can't you tell me, you bad girl? Why don't you let me know you exist?" "Because!" Liuxiang wanted to speak and stopped, but he didn't want Feng Hongluan to worry, but he still didn't say it. "Nothing, just by Hu butterfly thorn is extremely heavy, the wound has not been completely healed for many years, afraid of the young lady to see worry, so has not dared to appear, want to wait for the body to fully recover before appearing in front of the young lady." "Why are you so stupid?" Feng Hongluan burst into tears and hugged Liuxiang with heartache: "Even if you can't move, can't speak, can't speak, I'm willing to take care of you personally for a lifetime. How can you be so silly? Would you rather I be sad for a lifetime?"? Don't you know how painful I am? "Miss!" Liuxiang sobbed, "in the future, the maidservant will not leave you, living or dying, will accompany the young lady." "Don't you say silly words, I put your life on the line, I will not let anyone have the opportunity to hurt you, Liuxiang, your wound, all right?"? Let me see. As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to untie Liuxiang's belt, but Liuxiang smiled and said, "Miss, don't look at it. Anyway, it's all right. It's just a little scar." I know that I don't want to make myself feel bad. But even if she didn't see the wound, her heart would not hurt. This silly girl! After all, Liuxiang insisted on not letting her see the wound, the more she refused, Feng Hongluan would only be more distressed. Think she knows, you must not be like Liu Xiang said a little scar, it must be a terrible wound. From the moment she saw Liuxiang, tears of joy, tears of heartache and tears of guilt, her eyes had never been dry. But really happy, really she has not been so grateful to God in this life, even if it is reborn once, she is just glad. But now, at this moment, Liuxiang stood alive in front of her eyes, this feeling, is to let her die at this moment, she is also willing. She also thanks, thanks to the couple who saved Liuxiang, she later asked Liuxiang, only to know why that sister-in-law Liu is so familiar. It turned out that Liuxiang always dreamed that he had fallen into the lotus pond and wanted to go to the God operator to tell his fortune. Didn't he say that he was called a Gu operator or something else? Unexpectedly, nature is Liu. Liu,ultrasonic handheld welder, Liu, it's about fate. The fortune-teller must have calculated that Liu Xiang was in trouble that night, so he appeared.


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