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Indeed, as he expected, when her voice fell, there was a touch of excitement in the golden eyes of the mandala. Now she is the supreme of the earth. If she can get the remains of an immortal mandala flower, she will be able to complete the breakthrough of stagnation and step into the supre

"The deaf-mute is a family. You were happy last night, but he was in pain. Now that you have come to his burial place, can you not get together?" This kind of voice, this kind of words, this kind of action of not seeing people, only hearing voices, makes the trembling dumb evil horse eight, more nervous in the heart, arms raised together, one after the other, with the body turning out of the disease! There were two bangs, which stirred up the dust and gravel on the ground, and the turning body still did not see the voice! But his two palms, with the strength of his life, hit the soft new grave and knocked the earth away, revealing a shallow pit. In the corner of the shallow pit, a black shoe was revealed, which belonged to Zhu Long, a deaf thief he was familiar with. This kind of stimulation, suddenly makes the dumb evil horse eight in the trembling, become calm, the anger in the chest replaced the fear, suddenly the double palm waved to the pit, in the sand and stone flying, revealed the body of the deaf evil big ear thief Zhu Long who had been dead for a day. As soon as the dumb evil horse 81 saw it, the flame of resentment was burning. He stared at the deaf evil Zhu Long in the pit for a long time. He stared at a pair of horse eyes, and his eyes shot out a fierce anger. The crystal light was like two sharp blades. He slowly turned back and shot out to the night pedestrian standing in the sandpit where he left his first palm-Shaoxia Lan Jing in a blue shirt. He was vicious, gloomy and angry: Are you the man who killed Zhu Deaf? Why It was Shaoxia Lan Jing who was standing in front of him. His natural dignity had eliminated part of the vicious spirit of the murderous dumb evil horse eight. He was staring at the dumb evil horse eight majestically, in a low voice, word by word: "Because he raped a civilian woman!" Dumb evil horse way: "Nonsense, he won't do it!" Shaoxia, Lan Jingdao; "Are you him?" Dumb evil way: "I know he won't just won't!" Shaoxia blue Jing way: "I'll die when I see him do it!" Dumb evil way: "Why?" Shaoxia blue Jing awe-inspiring way: "Shaoxia's rules!" "What?" The dumb demon shouted? Do you deserve a law? Shaoxia blue Jing way: "You'll know if you deserve it or not!" Dumb evil way: What's your name, boy? Shaoxia, Lan Jing could not help smiling, looking at the fierce face of Sleeping Evil, as if to find out the answer to a certain question from his face! Dumb evil but vicious way: "What are you looking at?" Shaoxia,industrial racking systems, Lan Jing suddenly straightened his face, revealing his incomparable majesty. With a fierce momentum, he attacked the dumb evil, which made him feel slightly stunned. Suddenly, he felt as if he had been hit by an inexplicable blow. He felt the anger in his mind floating. He was confused. I don't know why, but he felt the young man who had appeared in the hotel in front of him. Seem to have a kind of special might, make the person dare not violate! But listen to Shaoxia blue Jing way: "I'm just wondering why you and that fake deaf man ask who this Shaoxia is before you die."? When he knew it, he lay down in the pit. What was the use of it? This kind of words, immediately aroused the endless killing of the dumb evil horse eight, unexpectedly used to, dumb voice, really like a dumb-like, pointing at Shaoxia Lan Jing, dumb twice, a swing of both palms, is a tiger attack, close to Lan Jing out of the vicious and strange three palms. These three palms stirred up a turbulent wind of palms, covering the whole body of Lan Jing, and in an instant, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehousing storage solutions, Lan Jing was encircled in the wind of palms. Lan Jing, however, still stood firmly on the edge of the pit, not moving at all, as straight as the three palms did not seem to hit him. However, just as the turbulent palm wind was covering Lan Jing, it seemed that there was no place to dodge, and the palm was already on the body, suddenly I saw Lan Jing's right arm lifted, his right palm stood, and the three palm winds from the dumb evil horse's eight strikes slid to both sides as if they had met a smooth triangular baffle, passed close to his body, and disappeared without a trace. But the dumb evil horse eight, but feel a sharp like a knife, attack forward body shape, unexpectedly is head-on such as cut, only so anxious that he suddenly brake the body, violently hit a thousand jins to fall, hard line fixed forward body shape, in the sharp strength did not fully attack the body, feet repeatedly shaking, upper body swaying non-stop, even with the "residual lotus swing willow" posture, this only to remove the sharp strength. This kind of body did not move but the enemy's technique, straight scared dumb evil horse eight, forgot that he was close to the front, has been standing in front of the blue spin less than three steps, unexpectedly stunned in the local, silly staring at the enemy! Lan Jing at this time is disdaining to look at the rivers and lakes on the right path with the shame of Wulin, and want to kill the evil mute, and that is the original right palm, has been in the dumb evil horse eight dodge sharp, changed to stand for finger, index finger straight, pointing to the shaking of the dumb evil body between the chest and abdomen, majestic way to him: Don't you want to know who Shaoxia is? Now I will tell you, I am the iron operator Bu Ren told you that the blue Jing against you! You know, don't forget to confess to the King of Hell according to the truth! As soon as the dumb evil horse heard this, his stunned expression turned into a shock. It was really unexpected that such a young man really had magical and unfathomable power. Suddenly, he turned his eyes, which were originally straight, and raised his head with a sharp whistling sound, which went straight to the sky like a wolf, and spread far away in the night sky. Lan Jing unexpectedly did not worry that the dumb evil had such a move. He stretched out his right palm and poked his index finger. Suddenly, he hit the dumb evil's Adam's apple. His voice stopped and he withered. With his big body, he fell to the ground. Lan Jing moved forward and placed him in a pit with Deaf Evil. He raised his palms and buried them in an instant. Suddenly, a high-pitched whistle from the direction of the town shop, swaying in the night sky. Lan Jing recognized that it was the voice of another evil spirit, but strangely did not smell the voice of the female evil spirit. As soon as Lan Jing's figure unfolded, he leaped to the height of the mound and looked toward the town shop. He saw a figure, far away, faint, whistling in the dark, galloping straight in this direction. Lan Jing looked around and saw that he was hiding behind a strange rock, waiting quietly for someone to come. It was Mu Mo, the blind evil night wandering God, who was doing that thing with the evil Yin Lier in the hotel. When they were in high spirits, they suddenly heard the shrill whistle of the dumb evil horse eight. This was a secret signal that they had never used since they joined hands in Jianghu. It would not be like this unless their lives were lost. So two people a smell this sound,industrial racking systems, Yin Lier a push blind evil Mu Mo way: "Quick, the false mute has met a strong enemy, you go first and I'll come!" 。 jracking.com

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