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Indeed, as he expected, when her voice fell, there was a touch of excitement in the golden eyes of the mandala. Now she is the supreme of the earth. If she can get the remains of an immortal mandala flower, she will be able to complete the breakthrough of stagnation and step into the supre

Indeed, as he expected, when her voice fell, there was a touch of excitement in the golden eyes of the mandala. Now she is the supreme of the earth. If she can get the remains of an immortal mandala flower, she will be able to complete the breakthrough of stagnation and step into the supreme of heaven. But the ancient mandala flower is extremely rare, these years, she has never had news, did not expect this Danyang Lao Zu hands, there is a plant. However, what makes Danyang Laozu a little hesitant is that the remains of this ancient mandala flower are somewhat broken, and in terms of value, they are at most within the scope of more than one billion supreme spiritual liquids. But what Danyang Laozu didn't expect was that when his voice fell, Mu Chen's cold eyes suddenly dissipated and replaced by a gentle smile. He waved his hand and said, "Use this thing as the five billion." Of course, he knew that the value of the remains should be less than five billion, but in his opinion, it was enough to make the Datura break through. After all, when he was in the big Luo Tianyu, Mandala helped him a lot, but also helped him set up a pastoral mansion, and now to help her break through, Muchen naturally did not hesitate. Danyang Laozu didn't expect Muchen to be so crisp, and his heart was full of joy. With a flick of his fingers, a jade bottle shot at Muchen,heavy duty rack manufacturers, only to see that the jade bottle was filled with spiritual liquid, in which a strange flower the size of a palm was soaked, faintly emitting a strange fluctuation. Sure enough, it was the remains of the ancient mandala flower. Mu Chen glanced at it, then waved his sleeve robe and shot it at the mandala. The latter hurriedly took it. Her little hand stroked the jade bottle, and there was more warmth in the eyes of Mu Chen. All right, after collecting the debt, you can go. Mu Chen clapped his hands and smiled faintly at the five ghost emperors. The five suffocating men looked at each other and all sighed in the dark. They had no face to lose face. As soon as their bodies shook, they turned into streamers and disappeared. And when the five people left,shuttle rack system, on a tower in the distance of Tianluo City, a man in a black and white robe looked at this scene with cold eyes. If Mu Chen saw this man, he would surely be able to recognize him, because this man had seen a side of Mahayou in the ancient clan of the pagoda. Five wasters! Maha you a punch on the wall, thick as steel wall suddenly cracked countless cracks, his eyes across a touch of cold, the ghost emperor five people to deal with the herding dust, nature is all he secretly urged, and in order to let the ghost emperor five people to achieve their goals, he even took out a fairy peerless holy thing from the clan to the ghost emperor. But did not expect that these five wastes were still defeated in the hands of the herdsman dust, and finally the immortal holy object fell into the hands of the herdsman dust, how can this not make him angry. Uh And when Mahayou's mood fluctuated, the herdsman dust in the white jade square in the distance was also aware of it, and immediately his eagle-like eyes penetrated the space and locked on Mahayou's body. So you're the one who's playing tricks. Mu Chen's eyes, instantly cold down. Mahayou was also aware of the eyes of the herdsman dust, and suddenly the whole body had a terrible spiritual power rising. Your honor, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty metal racks, do you want us to hurt him? Behind Mahayou, two dark shadows loomed, and a voice without emotion came out. Maha's eyes twinkled, but immediately the spiritual power of his whole body began to fluctuate. He shook his head and said in a cold voice, "If we make a move, I'm afraid it will lead to Qingyan Jing." "Forget it, ignore him for the time being, this design him, just for the sake of safety within the clan, but although this boy has some ability, but in my eyes the threat is limited, as long as he dares to come to the'Eternal Meeting ', I will find an opportunity to waste him, where life and death, even Qingyan Jing can not intervene." Hearing Mahayou's words, the two shadows dispersed quietly. Maha's eyes locked in the dust, two people's eyes meet in midair, both have the meaning of cold surge. Mahayou slowly stretched out his palm, and then to the dust, a hard grip, its face, is also a touch of ice and cold smile emerged, at the same time seems to have a cold voice, into the ears of the dust. "Just let you jump for a while, as long as you dare to come to the'Eternal Meeting ', I will destroy you!" Mahayou grinned grimly on his face, and his figure gradually dissipated at this time, and disappeared completely after a moment. Mu Chen looked at the disappearing Maha with an indifferent face, and his five fingers were slowly clenched together at this time. Mahayou. Don't worry, that immortal body, I want to settle down! Chapter 1466 cave retreat. The end of the battle of Tianluo city, and its result, is also not unexpected caused the shock of the whole Tianluo mainland, because all the forces are clear, after this battle, Mu Fu will become the most powerful force on the Tianluo mainland, and with such a strong master of Mu Chen, Mu Fu already has the qualifications and strength to dominate the TianluO mainland. This time, no one will be able to shake the position of the pastoral government. Therefore, after the war, the leaders of the top forces on the Tianluo mainland all flocked to the headquarters of the pastoral government, apparently intending to bow down and strive to maximize their interests when the pastoral government dominates the Tianluo mainland. After all, Tianluo mainland is too vast, with the hands of the pastoral government, it is impossible to completely control directly, many places, still need their original forces to maintain stability. Mufu headquarters, the ancient heavenly palace. The galloping Milky Way roared, Muchen sat on a nearby peak, his eyes glanced at a distant mountain, at this time within the mountain, there was a faint wave of powerful spiritual power emanating. It was the place where the mandala was in seclusion. After she got the remains of the ancient mandala flower, she chose to retreat and hit the supreme realm of heaven where she dreamed. Whew! With the sound of breaking the air behind her,shuttle rack system, Jiuyou's exquisite body appeared beside Muchen. She was dressed in black snake-scale-like clothes and trousers, outlining a moving curve, looking sexy and capable. How is the Mufu these days? Mu Chen turned his head and smiled at Jiu You. jracking.com

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