The Moon and Sixpence

Will you sort out my clothes and put them down at the porter's? I'll pick it up tomorrow. He gave a wry smile. Goodbye, my dear. You have given me so much happiness in the past, and I thank you.

Will you sort out my clothes and put them down at the porter's? I'll pick it up tomorrow. He gave a wry smile. Goodbye, my dear. You have given me so much happiness in the past, and I thank you. He went out and closed the door behind him. In my imagination, I saw Strickland throw his hat on the table, sit down, and begin to smoke a cigarette. www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Twenty-nine Little, say [t. Xt] Twenty-nine I was silent for a moment, thinking about what Stroeve had told me. I couldn't stand his cowardice, and he saw that I didn't think much of it. "You know as well as I do what life is like for Strickland," he said in a trembling voice. "I can't have her living in that environment-I just can't." "This is your business." I answered. What would you do if it happened to you? He asked. She walked away with her eyes open. If she has to suffer, she's asking for it. "You're right, but,aluminum tile edge trim, you know, you don't love her." "Do you still love her?" "Ah!"! More than ever. Strickland was not a man to make a woman happy. This thing won't last long. I want her to know that I will never disappoint her. "Do you mean to say that you are going to take her in?" I will not hesitate at all. Then she'll need me more than ever. It would be terrible if she had nowhere to go when she was abandoned, humiliated and exhausted. Stroeve did not seem at all angry with her. Perhaps I am so ordinary that I am a little annoyed at his lack of backbone. He probably guessed what I was thinking, because he said: I can't expect her to love me as I love her. I'm a funny character. I am not the kind of man who is loved by women. I've known that for a long time. I can't blame her if she's in love with Strickland. "I've never met anyone who has no self-respect like you,stainless steel edging strip," I said. I love her far more than I love myself. I think there's only one reason to think about self-esteem when it comes to love: you actually love yourself the most. At any rate, it is not unusual for a married man to fall in love with someone else, and often when his passion is over, he returns to his wife, and she makes up with him. This kind of thing is considered natural by everyone. If men are like this, why should women be the exception? "I admit what you said is very logical," I smiled. "But most men don't have that mentality. It's impossible for them to treat it like this." All the time I was talking to Stroeve, I kept thinking that I was puzzled by the suddenness of the event. It is impossible to imagine that he would have been kept in the dark beforehand. I remembered the strange look I had seen in Blanche Stroeve's eyes, and perhaps she was already vaguely aware of her feelings, aluminum tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, and she was shocked. Didn't you suspect anything between the two of them before today? I asked him. He didn't answer my question right away. There was a pencil on the table, and he picked it up and drew a head on the blotting paper. "If you don't like the question, just say so," I said. I feel better when I say it out. "Well, if you only knew how I feel," he said, flinging his pencil on the table. Yes, I've known about it for two weeks. I knew before she knew what was going on. "Then why don't you send Strickland away?" I don't believe it. I don't think it's possible. She hates this man so much. Such a thing is impossible and simply unbelievable. I thought it was my jealousy. You know, I've always been very jealous, but I've trained myself not to show it. I'm jealous of everyone she knows, even you and me. I know she doesn't love me as much as I love her. It's natural, isn't it? But she allows me to love her, so I feel happy. I forced myself to go outside and stay for hours, leaving the two of them alone. I think I lowered my character by doubting her like this, and I want to punish myself. But when I came back, I found that they didn't need me-it didn't matter whether Strickland needed me or not. It didn't matter to him whether I was at home or not. I mean I found that Blanche didn't need me. When I went to kiss her, she trembled all over. In the end, I knew it was true, but I didn't know what to do. I knew that if I made a scene, it would only make them laugh. I thought if I pretended I didn't see anything and didn't bring it up, maybe it would be over. I made up my mind to send him away quietly without quarreling. If only I could tell you the pain in my heart! Then he told Strickland again about moving out. He was careful to choose a moment, and he tried to make his tone casual, but he could not restrain himself. His voice trembled, and what he had intended to be kind and funny revealed a jealous anger. He did not expect that Strickland would agree to this, and that he would pack his things at once. To his great surprise, his wife was going with Strickland. I could see that he was very regretful and wished he could continue to endure it. He would rather endure the torment of jealousy than the pain of separation. I tried to kill him, but I made a fool of myself in vain. He was silent for a long time, and at last he said what I knew was smouldering in his heart. If I had waited longer,china tile trim, maybe nothing would have happened. I really shouldn't be so impatient. Oh, poor child, I have driven her to this! 。

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