The setting sun of the willow and the magic flute

Du Yun stopped with his back to him, and now most of his thin pajamas were lifted up, his back was white and thin, and there was an indescribable fragrance, like milk.

Yediping is a piece of wasteland outside my hometown. No one lives there. It is so quiet that it makes people nervous. Now the night is low and everything is quiet, but it implies infinite murder. At the foot of a forest, there were faint figures, all armed with weapons, occasionally flashing a touch of cold light in the night, where there was no elegant atmosphere at all, only suffocating tension and doubt. In the distance, there were countless figures running, and a big man came out of the woods and walked quickly to the figures. Under the weak starlight, the shadows that quickly moved closer were reflected, and the first one was the five coaches of the Great Thunder Sect, who shocked the world. A man from the forest, is the big head coach of the big thunder, he said in a low voice: "Is there any movement?"? Is the deployment ready? Ma Weizu whispered: "Not so far, everything is ready, the second brother and seven younger sister ambush in the side, just wait for the enemy to come, can lift things." Qiu Hebang eyes sweep around, sink a track: "Thanks for your hard work. Where is Ao Shaoxia?" Ma Weizu Road: "He's ahead. Stay for a while and he'll come over." As he spoke,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, Ao Ziqing swept over to the side of the two men and quickly said: "Everyone is ready, and if my guess is correct, they will make a move tonight." Qiu Hebang nodded: "I hope they'll come early. Since it's one thing, we'll meet sooner or later. It's better to solve it as soon as possible." Aozi Qingwei a ponder, suddenly way: "Five coaches, is the big mine bomb mentioned below also ready?"? We'd rather be prepared than be without it, though we don't want to be,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but the enemy's strength is uncertain, and we have to guard against it. Ma Weizu nodded slightly and said: "It's all ready as Master Ao ordered." Qiu Hebang glanced at the people standing in front of him one by one and said slowly: "All the people go back to their posts and wait for orders to act. Shaoxia Ao, please stay with me." Ao Ziqing light way: "With all due respect to the religious leader!" They all agreed, and in a moment, they stood around. Fat arhat ancient big fox some impatient way: "Eldest brother, why haven't those bastards come yet? It's the second watch. I can't wait." Ao Ziqing gently way: "Don't forget, we haven't made an appointment. We can't be sure when we'll come." The ancient big fox scolded again in his mouth: "Son of a bitch, damn it, are you afraid we won't come?" Ao Ziqing light way: "They won't not come." Just as his voice stopped, the dark sky suddenly flashed a flash of red light, which rose into the sky, and at the moment of falling down in an arc, "bang" exploded, ceramic welding tape ,Alumina Ceramic C795, sprinkling flames of various colors, one after another! Whole body a shock, MaWei foot urgent way: "The enemy has been found. This is the rocket signal from the brother in front!" Ao Ziqing's bright eyes looked at the road and said slowly: "Don't move yet. When all of them come in here, we'll come out and catch a turtle in a jar!" The ancient big fox snorted and said angrily: "Good boy, I told you to call on me tonight, all back to you!" Ao Ziqing eyes condensation, rapid way: "The five coaches ordered all the troops to be alert and alert, and something would happen soon." Ma Weizu turned into the forest as soon as possible and told several leaders one by one. In an instant, the fear became heavier and heavier. Moments later, the second rocket exploded in the night sky! Ancient big fox eyes such as bell, low roar way: "The enemy has entered our guarded forest area. It's too good to run away now." With a cold face, Ao Ziqing flatly said: "Let's get ready for these good friends!" Qiu Hebang whispered: "I wonder how many of them have come?" Ao Ziqing cold way: We'll find out soon. ” In a few words, they had heard the sound of heavy and disorderly footsteps, which were coming in their direction. Just listening to these footsteps, they knew that there were many people, shaking the sky and shaking the earth! MaWei foot sink a track: "Why don't they ride instead of walking?" The child green a smile way: "The sound of hooves is messy and easy to spread far away. If they ride horses, we can find them more easily. How can they attack their hometown?"? No, we already know outside the village. Ancient big fox eyes like fire, teeth way: "These bastards are really clever. Fortunately, we are a little better than them." At this time- A large group of dark figures had moved over, but the faint moonlight, faintly, seemed to be the fox ghost released by hell in July, which made people feel cold! They had arrived outside the woods where Ao Ziqing and others were hiding. Ao Ziqing opened his eyes and saw that some of these people were dressed in purple, some in red, some in black, and miscellaneous. They had all kinds of clothes, at least nearly a thousand people. Ao Ziqing looked at everyone, each pair of eyes, all without a moment of gaze outside the forest! At this time, Ao Ziqing said in a voice as thin as a mosquito and fly: "When they get closer, we'll go out and meet them." Qiu Hebang and others nodded slightly, seeing that a large group of shadows had reached the vicinity of Wuzhang in front of them, the leader suddenly raised his hand, and all the people who had been running and jumping stopped. There was a deep voice, saying: "Something is not quite right." Another voice came from the nostrils, a sharp way: "What could be wrong?"? Big thunder taught those boys must still be sleeping in bed, we attack without being noticed, even if they found out, we have arrived outside the home market. The original voice, sink a track: "There are trees all around, but I can feel the shadows. I can't see anything, but I can feel it." The shrill voice added: "White Master,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, you are probably a snake bite, and you will be suspicious all your life. Let's hurry. We have wasted a lot of time because of our caution." Ao Ziqing in the heart of a cold, feel way: "The man who took the lead was indeed Bai Zun." Bai Zun looked calm and said:.

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