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Du Yun stopped with his back to him, and now most of his thin pajamas were lifted up, his back was white and thin, and there was an indescribable fragrance, like milk.

"Eight times, already a full eight times, this ***ing Long Xiangyu is too abnormal, according to the time, I'm afraid I've been in this dark place for at least a year.". Is it really a bottomless pit? Failure again and again, even if the sea dragon is determined, still can not help but some decadent, but his desire to survive is stronger than anyone else, after comforting himself, he began to practice again. The sea dragon clearly felt that after the golden elixir became a white elixir, it was much easier to call for Dan Qi again, and his control of Dan Qi seemed to be easier. Compared with the first time at the beginning, it takes almost twice as long to fully restore the power of God. Driven by his mind, Bai Dan gradually emitted a layer of energy like fog. Stimulated by it, the power of God in the body of the sea dragon gradually recovered. As the same process was repeated many times, the sea dragon had already had experience. His mind was always immersed in Bai Dan and did not move at all, allowing the power of God to recover itself at a very fast speed. The golden river is gradually filled with liquid,Ceramic Bobbin, forming a cycle that begins and ends with the golden elixir of Lingtai. As soon as the power of God began to circulate, it represented that the magic power of the sea dragon had been restored again, and he knew that this was also the time when Long Xiangyu should begin to absorb it. Sure enough, the right hand reappeared the vent, the power of God rushed to the other side, the sea dragon has long been accustomed to everything, let it absorb itself. The meridians dimmed,alumina c799, the power of God was absorbed, and the Dan Qi in the white Dan also flowed along the meridians to the right hand. As soon as the Dan Qi was released, the whole body of the sea dragon suddenly shook, and a huge and incomparable energy came back from the right hand. With a bang, the sea dragon felt his body as if it had exploded. His eyes turned white and he lost consciousness. In the void, a majestic voice said to itself, "Eh?"? I didn't expect that my Longxiang would be in the world! It can be awakened by human power. Another softer female voice said, "This is also a chance. Even we can never fight against God's will. Long Xiang himself is the master. Only those who are kind-hearted and have a very firm will can master it.". You don't have to think too much. Let nature take its course. The majestic voice sighed and said, "That's all.". Unfortunately, Long Xiang left me, and I'm afraid he won't belong to me in the future. "Knock, knock, Ceramic Band Heater ,Kamado bbq grill, knock." Strong and powerful heartbeat woke up the sea dragon, opened his eyes, the surroundings were no longer so dark, surrounded by soil, although only some shadows could be seen, but it was much stronger than before, he tried to move his body, he was surprised to find that everything had returned to normal. The power of God in the body was more abundant than before, and there seemed to be a feeling of coming out of the body. The halo of Baidan at Lingtai not only turned completely white, but also emitted a lustrous and soft light like a luminous pearl. Finally came back to life, the sea dragon's heart was filled with a feeling of wanting to roar out, recalling everything that happened between them, he subconsciously looked at the dragon Xiangyu in his hand. When he saw his right hand, not only was he taken aback, Longxiangyu had disappeared, his right hand and the whole right arm had become completely different from before, and there was a faint mist on his right arm, as if there was a purple dragon rotating around his arm, in the palm of his hand, a small white hexagonal frame was clearly in the center. As the sea dragon opens its palm, the soft white light will shine around it. Hailong was delighted. He knew that Longxiangyu had become one with himself. Although he didn't know what kind of magic weapon it was, it could be seen from the fact that it had absorbed the power of God nine times. It was at least a powerful existence of a fairy. Looking at his palm like Yingyu with satisfaction, the sea dragon looked up. He found himself in a narrow tunnel, which extended upward in a barrel shape, seemed to have a long distance, the end of the dark can not see clearly, do not know what kind of place it is. Mana recovery and growth, the sea dragon regained self-confidence, exhaled a foul breath, urged the surging power of God in the body to float up, so soaring, running to the top. The corridor did not seem to be as long as he had imagined, but it flew up tens of meters to the end. With a flash of golden light in the eyes of the sea dragon, the small iron bar instantly turned into a huge stick. Under the full force of the sea dragon, the surging power of God suddenly burst out. There was silence in the woods. It was early morning, when everything was recovering. Insects and birds gradually sounded, bringing some vitality to the woods. Dewdrops rolled on the leaves, and the morning sun shone like pearls. A loud bang broke the calm in the woods, and in the middle of the woods,steatite c221, countless mud splashed up. A bright golden light fluttered out. The sudden change caused a commotion in the woods, and the birds were in a panic. For a moment, there was a sound of leaves and wings in the woods.

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