The Soul of Willow Setting Sun and Thunder

"Master of the Palace.". Get up. Looking at their own palace master so no image, the jade bracelet frowned tightly, want to lift the night Phoenix from the ground. The night Phoenix pushed her away. His strength was so great that the jade bracelet was pushed to the ground by hi

Yi Shaolong bowed and said, "obey orders!" On one side, Wei Langyun said slowly: "Remember, 'play it safe'!" Smiling, Yi Shaolong said, "Thank you for your tips." As he spoke, he strode out and gazed at Gou Ying, who was still showing off his power. "My friend," he said loudly, "I've come to ask for advice." The bloodstained and ferocious Gou Ying laughed wildly and said, "It's no big deal for you, Yi Shaolong. I'm afraid you'll have to follow your fellow to the afterlife today to catch up." Yi Shaolong said quietly, "I'm afraid I still have to ask you to give me a ride." With his face full of flesh, Gou Ying shouted at the top of his voice, "I'm happy to see you off!" Standing casually, Yi Shaolong said sullenly, "Well, what are you waiting for?" At this moment, behind him, Qi Gang shouted, "Gou Ying, come back and rest!" In response, Gou Ying grinned grimly and said, "Don't be disappointed, Yi. We still have people to send you to the road. Although the candidates are different, the purpose is the same. Anyway, whoever sends you, you will eventually go to the road." Yi Shaolong said coldly, "I'm sorry I didn't pass through your hands." Ferociously, Gou Ying said, "If you're lucky and your surname is Yi, we'll meet sooner or later." Yi Shaolong said stiffly, "This is what I am looking forward to!" With a heavy hum, Gou Ying said no more. He turned around and strode to his camp. With a sad and venomous smile, Qi Gang stepped forward two steps and said, "Yi Shaolong, Wei Langyun has just said that it is not so easy to take advantage. Pi Sibao has had bad luck and hurt the people of this castle, but it is difficult for this castle to find him to vent his anger, because this castle is full of good faith and promises. Similarly,best whirlpool tub, Gou Ying has settled your people." You still can't attack him when he's tired. Yes, you hate him, but don't we hate him? Yi Shaolong's expression was cold. "Now is not the time to say that," he said slowly. "Are you in such a hurry?" Said Qi Gang stiffly. His eyes were as cold as ice. Yi Shaolong said, "I think we should do something under any circumstances. Lord Qi, we don't need to explain and explain now. We just need to return blood for blood and life for life." "Do you think you can go up to the sky?" Qi Gang said angrily. With a cold curl of his lips, Yi Shaolong said, "Why not try?" Qi Gang gazed fixedly at Yi Shaolong for a long time. Without looking back, he shouted, "This is Yi Shaolong, the chief flag owner of the Six Banners in the Scorpion. Brothers, which one of them will come up and meet him?" In the back, standing in a row of "Huangding Castle" and "Tianhuang Palace", Xia Tong, the "Blood Devil", came out of the crowd. His nose, which was particularly flat and broad, was slightly open. His voice was harsh: "Castle Lord, here we are." With a sinister smile, american hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, Qi Gang chucked his head and said, "Xia Tong, you should know that Chief Flag Leader Yi is not an ordinary person." With a wretched beard, Xia Tong gave a guffaw like a strange owl and said, "Go back to the castle owner. You've seen the castle owner these days. Ho ho, you probably won't be as unruly as a woman, will you?" "Very well," said Qi Gang. "Be careful yourself." "It's nothing, Lord," said Xia Tong angrily. "If you cut off your head, it's just a scar as big as the mouth of a bowl." Retreating slowly, Qi Gang said with a sullen smile, "You'd better figure out how to take each other's head." Turning sideways, Xia Tong's right hand gently pressed on a round leather bag hanging on his hip, which was made of a kind of gray-white soft leather, half the size of an ordinary person's head, with a white silk rope attached to the top of the bag, and the tail of the rope was held on Xia Tong's left hand. It can be asserted that this is a very vicious and sharp weapon! Yi Shaolong's guy was not so mysterious. He only held a sharp and slightly curved "Qingyue Dao" in his hand. The blade was as green as frost, shining like a pool of autumn water. Quietly, he looked at the ferocious enemy and did not move like a mountain. After a few steps, Xia Tong roared, "Yi, you can do it!" Yi Longshao said calmly, "Strong guests don't oppress the host. Xia Tong, you'd better go first." With a strange cry, Xia Tong said in a domineering manner, "We started first to bully you. Do you know that?"? As soon as we make a move, I'm afraid you'll never be able to return it! "I'm afraid not," said Yi Shaolong coldly. The flat nose was getting flatter and flatter. Xia Tong's beard stood on end and he shouted, "You evil son of a bitch, don't you drink a toast?" The word "wine" just rolled out half from Xia Tong's mouth, and the tip of Qingyue Dao came to the tip of his nose so fast that it only flashed! The ghost howled and jumped, Xia Tong did not look, the body did not turn, "whoosh" sound, the skin bag hanging beside his crotch has been straight flying pocket Yi Shaolong, this moment, the mouth of the skin bag "whoosh" open, God, around the mouth of the bag was inlaid with a circle of half an inch wide, sharp edge inward, as long as it is on the head of a person, it will cut off the head of a person. What Chardin used was such a vicious weapon! Bypassing like a cloud, Yi Shaolong Dao walks like a streamer and a rainbow, weaving layer upon layer. All of a sudden, ninety-nine Dao attack at the same time in different directions! "Blood devil" Xia Tong is really extraordinary, he whirled away, in the blade and the blade of the very small space flash back dance, the rapid movement, simply incredible, his huge body has such a flexible vertical, really unexpected! Suddenly, Xia Tong's skin was in the air again, and it was so accurate that it missed Yi Shaolong's ear. Yi Shaolong came out sideways, and the blue moon knife turned into a rolling blue wave of light. Under his abrupt turn, his left hand waved violently, and the cold light inside his sleeve, which was as narrow as his little finger, had also been shot away! Yes, this is one of Yi Shaolong's unique skills, "Green Snake Needle". It is said to be a "needle", but in fact it is a short sword with a width of only two minutes and a length of poison. It is connected to the hilt with a rubber band and stuck between the elbows. Under the wave of the hand,garden jacuzzi tub, it can fly out of the sleeve at any time and hurt the enemy's eyes. This "Green Snake Needle" only needs to cut a little skin. Then see the blood seal throat, less than seven steps, is a kind of ruthless to the extreme of the hidden weapon and weapon!.

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