Exclusive Favor: Who Dares to Move the Black Young Wife

"Master of the Palace.". Get up. Looking at their own palace master so no image, the jade bracelet frowned tightly, want to lift the night Phoenix from the ground. The night Phoenix pushed her away. His strength was so great that the jade bracelet was pushed to the ground by hi

A male guest just finished the convenience, the pants up, Mo Xiangwan rushed in, the pants have been mentioned to the hip, did not reveal the key parts, but Mo Xiangwan was still stimulated by the small ditch behind the man's waist! Volume 4 Verse 951: My Man, My Lord (5) Originally that guest solves the physiological need, the expression is quite relaxed, unexpectedly is frightened by Mo Xiangwan like this, by the thief to jump aside one step, the hand did not control for a while, subconsciously pulled the zipper directly to the bottom! Some things that were not put in time were so sadly clipped on the metal zipper. Ah- "The guest screamed in pain, turned his back to Mo Xiangwan, jumped and shouted, but just pulled it so hard that the zipper was broken there." Pity some things. You can only keep the state of being clamped. Mo Xiangwan was very nervous, at this time looking at the tragic man, decisively covered his mouth into the small room, locked the door, shaking his shoulders, laughing so that tears almost came out! She did not dare to laugh out loud,endless swim pool, nor did she dare to go to the toilet, so she could only squat on the toilet and stick to the door to listen to what was going on outside. The man outside tossed about for a long time before he breathed a sigh of relief as if he were relieved. Then he remembered the initiator and angrily went to the small room where Mo Xiangwan stayed and scolded him. Mo Xiangwan was frightened to listen to the man jump feet for a long time, do not know is the man scolded tired, or have other urgent matters, left. Mo Xiangwan stood up and listened carefully to the door for a long time. It was quiet outside, and it seemed that no one came in again! She breathed a sigh of relief and took the opportunity to solve her urgent problems and go out with ease. Before going out, Mo Xiangwan was still facing the place where the poor man had stood before, silently clasping his hands and whispering,outdoor whirlpool tub, "Amitabha, I really don't blame me!"! Accident, accident! She sneaked out of the door, only to realize that the men's bathroom was so quiet that no one was there! Right in the doorway, there is a wall of bad gods! The God of failure was tall and strong, with a dark face, as if someone owed him millions. More importantly, the God of failure blocked the door with his hands, blocking all the guests who were suffocating to death. Presumably, the man who had jumped at her before was also dragged out by the God of failure! Uh. At this time, Mo Xiangwan is also very grateful to Buku! However The door was blocked by so many plaintive men. As soon as Mo Xiangwan came out, he was given a collective attention ceremony. His eyes were shot together. Mo Xiangwan touched his nose and felt very embarrassed! Mo Xiangwan pretended that he could not see anything, went to the side of Buku, covered half of his face with his hand, Chinese spa manufacturer ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, patted his arm at the door with the other hand, and signaled that he was out and could be released! Only then did Buku put away his arms and walk behind Mo Xiangwan, no matter how fast Mo Xiangwan walked, he could keep a distance of about one meter. Mo Xiangwan almost fled back to the private room. She pushed open the door of the box and walked inside as she fanned her hand, trying to dissipate the heat of the disgrace she had just suffered. Suddenly I looked up and saw someone else sitting in the place where I was sitting! A woman! A coquettish, sexual feeling, even she wants to see a few more eyes of the woman! The most abhorrent! The woman, who even wanted to stick to herself, actually took Sak's arm and laughed with an exaggerated expression. When she laughed, her body naturally tilted to Sak's side, watching the turbulent waves somewhere to stick to Sak's arm! And Sak, the good-for-nothing, sat with a smile on his face, with no intention of resisting or guarding against it! Volume 4 Verse 952: My Man, My Lord (6) Aah! Aah! Men are really unreliable! Mo Xiangwan roared in her heart, she just went to the men's toilet! How old is it! This smelly man hooked up with the goddess in her mind! The wind is roaring, the horse is roaring, and the Yellow River is roaring. Mo Xiangwan is jealous (niao)! Abandoning his wife like this, pretending, well-dressed, in fact, the beast to the slag of the man, the goddess what did you take a fancy to him? Mo Xiangwan was depressed, and his eyes swept past like a searchlight. Sak soon found that Mo Xiangwan came back, looked calm and waved, motioned to Mo Xiangwan to come, the goddess also looked in the direction of Sak's hand waving, saw Mo Xiangwan, slightly surprised. Mo Xiangwan walked over with a black face, murmuring in his heart as he walked: "Her seat is occupied by the goddess, where does she sit?"? Chuck sits on the other side of Sak, but the gap between Chuck and Sak is not big. If Chuck is considerate enough to move aside, Mo Xiangwan can certainly sit on the other side. But Chuck seemed to smile, holding a glass of wine and shaking it so seriously that he didn't look at Mo Xiangwan at all and didn't mean to give up his seat. Mo Xiangwan is so tangled! Do you want her to just go over and sit between Sak and Chuck? Mo Xiangwan was so depressed that he secretly stared at Sak. Sak unexpectedly at this time, but also with the next beauty talking and laughing, did not care about Mo Xiangwan's life and death. Mo Xiangwan holds back the fire so much that he can be a fire dragon and breathe fire directly! It shouldn't be.. Before she came to Thailand, Sak lived this kind of life, didn't she? Wine in the cup, beauty in the bosom! Mo Xiang night light is to think, then feel a coolness from the soles of the feet straight to the top of the head! Damn Kurosawa, if you let me know what you have done to me, I will castrate you! Mo Xiangwan made a hard decision in his heart! She steeled herself and moved closer step by step. Not far from Sak, the man who was talking to the beautiful woman next to him, with eyes on the back of his head, unexpectedly pulled her into his arms and complained in a low voice, "Dilly-dally,endless swimming pool, how can you be slower than a turtle?" Mo Xiangwan is stupid! She's a "man" now! What does it mean for a man to put another man on his lap? Indeed, in addition to the stunned Mo Xiangwan, Chuck's men who are flirting with beautiful girls can also hold eggs in their mouths. monalisa.com

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