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"Master of the Palace.". Get up. Looking at their own palace master so no image, the jade bracelet frowned tightly, want to lift the night Phoenix from the ground. The night Phoenix pushed her away. His strength was so great that the jade bracelet was pushed to the ground by hi

The emperor asked sullenly, "Do you want to see or eat?" "Yes," said Aoyama. The emperor was even more depressed. He looked at her for a while, then suddenly smiled and imitated her tone of voice and said, "Bad people." Green Li Guaner, then stare at him again: "Serves you right!" "Forget it." The emperor didn't seem to want to push the little girl too hard. He nodded at the tip of her nose and finally said, "When we get to the wedding candle, let's see how I deal with you." Cut, as if I am good now, to the wedding night you can let me go. Qingzhao pulled the quilt over and gently covered himself with it, revealing only the delicate shoulders of magnolia flowers. "Go to bed early," he said angrily to the emperor. "I'll go to court tomorrow." The emperor answered softly, but did not speak, but pillowed his arm, not knowing what he was thinking. Qingzhao tossed about with him, but there was no sleepiness, so he opened his eyes and thought about things quietly. Just as she was about to close her eyes, she heard the emperor on one side say, "I should write a word tomorrow." He pointed to the wall he could see as soon as he looked up. "Stick it on there," he said. He followed his finger and looked at the empty wall. "What's the word?" He asked. After a pause, she asked again, "What do you write?" The emperor turned to look at her and said sullenly, "The weather is dry. Be careful of the fire." Qingzhao turned a circle in his mind before he realized what it meant. His face could not help burning. With a snort, he closed his eyes and ignored him. The emperor could not help laughing, then sighed,outdoor whirlpool, and glanced at the little girl's bare shoulders outside, feeling angry and afraid of doing something wrong. He shook his head, turned his face away, and went out to sleep. He thought well, but when he got used to it, where could he change it in a short time? The emperor slept alone in this bed for more than ten years, but now suddenly more than one person, and is a beautiful woman, deep in his heart,massage bathtub manufacturers, even if calm, it is difficult to easily suppress. Qingli looked around lazily and listened to the emperor's tossing and turning, which was both funny and unbearable. After thinking about it, she poked the emperor on the shoulder, half leaned over, and called in a low voice, ".." Hello The emperor was filled with restlessness. Hearing the voice of the little girl, he didn't even dare to look back. He was afraid that he would turn into a wolf and swallow the little beauty with delicate skin and tender flesh. "What's the matter?" After a pause, he leaned a little closer to him and said, "Why not.." Can I help you? Chapter 44 Little Dad. The little girl spoke a short sentence, and before the voice dispersed from the air, the emperor suddenly turned around, his eyes did not blink, and his eyes looked at her brightly. This sentence was so active and intimate that he almost suspected that his ears were broken, so that he had auditory hallucinations. "What?" He looked a little embarrassed, but did not waver. With a slight cough, she asked, jacuzzi bath spa ,whirlpool hot tub, "Don't you want it?" The emperor smiled, raised her chin with his fingers, leaned over and kissed her slowly, and bit her lower lip as he left. "Yes," he said. A short word came to her ears, but it seemed so heavy that she felt a slight tremor in her heart and a slight tremor in her fingers. She did not want him to notice it, but turned her face implicitly to hide the little shame in her heart. The emperor was full of restlessness at the moment, but he did not observe so carefully. He took a look at the little girl's body under the quilt. He licked his lips unconsciously and asked in a low voice, "Ask me to go in?" "What you think is beautiful," Qing Li does not have good spirit to squint he one eye: "Stay outside!" Stay outside! "Forget it. If you don't go in, you won't go in. It's not rare." The emperor touched her hair slowly and said with deep meaning, "Wait-I'll have to stay inside enough on the big wedding day." Qingzhao stared at him with a pair of watery eyes and spat shyly, "What are you talking about?". ” "Why are you addicted to grabbing quilts?" The emperor raised his eyebrows and said, "The winter moon is so cold that I'm not even allowed to go into bed." “……” Qingzhao was abruptly choked by him, knowing that he did not mean that, but also did not dare to say to make him proud, only gas way: "cold to death you forget it!" "I can't." The emperor was scolded by her, but he didn't take it seriously. He just looked at her with a smile. "If I die of cold, won't Miaomiao be alone in the empty room?" He licked his lips and said, "I'm afraid I'll die of loneliness in a few days.." But it doesn't matter. I'll still love you when I go underground in the future. He was so dissolute that he could not bear to listen to it. He rushed to stop his mouth, but he grabbed his arm and took it to his arms. I'm not allowed to speak. "Gently rubbing her little pigeon, he approached the little girl's red earlobe and said," If you have the ability, take it to block it, eh? " Qingli thought her face was thick enough, but when she heard the emperor's words today, she realized that she was far from being good at Taoism. After a few words, she couldn't even be ashamed. She just buried her head in his arms and dared not say anything more. Little Miao-miao, you are so tender. "The emperor encircled her slender waist and kissed her gently on the collarbone. Then he said with a smile," Even if I let you toss about, I can't escape from my palm. " The lamplight is ambiguous, the candle shadow shakes red, only two of them are in the curtain, obviously is the extremely gentle breathing sound, unexpectedly also seems to be magnified countless times, falls into each other's ears. Qingzhao was so ashamed that he could not say a word, but when he turned his face sideways, he just looked at the emperor's eyes, which were full of lust, but also tender. In fact, his eyes were very sharp, but when facing her, he was always covered with cotton-like tenderness and could not exert half his strength. Pupils are thick and black, and when you concentrate on looking at yourself, you always feel. This man, who loves himself deeply, is not half false. Also do not know how, only fixed to look at each other for a while, her heart will feel soft, suddenly want to always lean on his arms, but also want to kiss him, but also want. Be closer to this man. Just received the imperial edict after the seal, the heart is not not worried. Marrying a man she had never seen before, who was more than ten years older than her,whirlpool bathtub, even if she was a queen, could not make her feel at ease. For this marriage, there is no lack of fear and unspeakable melancholy in her heart. monalisa.com

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