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"Master of the Palace.". Get up. Looking at their own palace master so no image, the jade bracelet frowned tightly, want to lift the night Phoenix from the ground. The night Phoenix pushed her away. His strength was so great that the jade bracelet was pushed to the ground by hi

Su Shidu was hit the nail on the head by his words, and for a moment he felt guilty and should not come out. Zhao Wuyi was so keen that he immediately saw her expression and language. His face suddenly turned black. He approached her and said, "What did you say in front of her?"? Be honest with me! Don't hide it! Su Shi alone saw his face pressed down on him with a ferocious look, frowning, remembering the kind of consideration that Xu Ruolin had seen before for the first time, and suddenly felt that he really couldn't pretend to be gentle. Besides, even if she was gentle, he might not appreciate it. He was so angry that he blurted out, "Why did you marry me at the beginning?"? You married me so you could bully me, didn't you? Zhao Wuyi was stunned, but she suddenly questioned herself like this. He saw her lying there, glaring at himself, with an unfair look on her face, smiling instead of being angry. So you only remember that I bullied you. Did you tell her that you kicked me out of bed? I am also wronged. But I have no place to complain. If I told my mother, I would be the one she would scold. Su Shidu saw that he seemed to be smiling, but his smile was strange, and his hair stood up all over his body. "I didn't say you were bullying me.". It's just a game! "Then tell me clearly,4 person jacuzzi," said Zhao Wuyi, "where did I bully you?" Su Shidu's brain is a little confused now. She is very dissatisfied with him, and she is dissatisfied with everything. But when he asked her to speak, she felt unable to open her mouth and froze. I got it. You just think I haven't touched you all the time. That's bullying you, isn't it? He took one look at her, raised his eyebrows slightly, and a sarcastic smile appeared on his lips. "No wonder you just slept on my side. Did you finally want to seduce me?"? If you say it,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, I'm not the kind of person who doesn't understand the amorous feelings. As he spoke, he put his hand frivolously on her bulging bosom. Embarrassed and ashamed, Su Shidu became so angry from embarrassment that he forgot everything. He clapped his hand away, raised his foot, and kicked him. "You want to be beautiful," he said angrily! Will I seduce you? Zhao Wuyi was unprepared and was kicked in the chest by her. Although it didn't hurt, the whole person took advantage of the situation and lay down. His posture was somewhat indecent. Suddenly, he turned over and sat up. He glared at her and said, "You shrew!"! Do you think I really can't beat you by attacking me again and again? The voice did not fall, the whole person like a hungry tiger rushed toward her in the past, extremely swift and violent pressure on her lower abdomen. Su Shidu turned pale with fright, struggled hard hurriedly, Whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, and reached out to push and block, but his two wrists were grasped by him and made on the top of his head. Once upon a time, when they first met, she could beat him down. But now, she suddenly realized that his strength was so great. She tried to struggle again, but the hands that clamped her did not move. You probably don't know. He glanced at the half of her chest that had slipped from her skirt as she struggled with him. The dim candlelight that penetrated the curtain outlined the undulating and full lines, blooming the young body's temptation to the opposite sex without shyness. His Adam's apple rose and fell with a casual swallowing movement, then stared at her and said slowly, "My mother knows what happened between us behind closed doors.". Just the day before yesterday, I was called by her and scolded severely. Tell me honestly, did you not listen to me and complain secretly? His strength to hold her down should not be very strong at the moment. She could have broken away from him when he was unprepared. But for some reason, she felt as if all her strength had been taken away, her hands were as soft as silk, and she could only watch him press down on her, his eyes shining with a strange light she had never seen before, and his hot breath fell on her face. She blushed as if on fire and gasped, "I didn't …" I'm not the one who complained. Ture You have to believe me. There was already a hint of grievance in his voice. Uh He gave a long hum and stared at her, meeting her eyes until she was breathing faster and faster, her face hotter and hotter, and her eyes wider and wider. "Close your eyes!" He suddenly ordered in a low voice. Ah? She was puzzled for a moment, but her eyes opened wider and she said blankly, "What are you doing?" Staring at her, he suddenly released her hand and whispered, "Do what you want …" I'll kiss you first, see how it feels. But let me tell you first, I like a gentle and obedient woman. If you kick me again, I will never lay a finger on you again in my life. I will do what I say. Su Shidu closed his eyes subconsciously, but quickly opened them again and said, "You're not right. It's not what I want." Whoo.. Before she could speak, her lips were blocked by the young man who was pressing on her. There are still several hours before dawn. There was enough time for the two young men and women to feel for the first time in the tent the difference between each other and themselves, and the novel and beautiful experience brought about by this difference. ~~ Half a month later, the day when Xu Ruolin left Beijing finally came. The emperor did not see him off. At the farewell pavilion outside the city, Hsu Ruo-lin said goodbye to the two families and their colleagues who had come to bid farewell. He was about to lead his family's carriage northward when a chariot and horse suddenly came in the direction of the city. When he reached the front, he embroidered a colorful phoenix on the dazzling yellow flag. The princes who had not yet left saw that the queen had come to see her off in person, and they lined up to pay their respects. Xu Ruolin is also a little surprised, hurriedly dismount, the first read also get off, and he went up to kneel down to meet. Xiao Rong was dressed in regular clothes today. When he arrived in front of the couple, he ordered them to get up. Then he ordered the eunuch behind him to present him with a pair of food boxes and two jars of wine. He said with a smile, "The virtuous couple bid farewell to the capital today. I didn't think it was a gift. I brought a pair of food boxes and wine.". The climate in the north is quite different from that in the capital. This wine is the grape wine brewed in the palace. You can take it with you and drink a cup every day. It can not only dispel the cold,jacuzzi manufacturers, but also nourish the face. It is killing two birds with one stone. Although it is insignificant, it is also my heart. A thousand miles away, the sea and the sky are in sight. May you two go all the way to Ji'an. 。 monalisa.com

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