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"Master of the Palace.". Get up. Looking at their own palace master so no image, the jade bracelet frowned tightly, want to lift the night Phoenix from the ground. The night Phoenix pushed her away. His strength was so great that the jade bracelet was pushed to the ground by hi

These days, Li Qiang has been thinking about the main temple of the magic God. The last experience left him with a lingering fear, but he can't ignore the life and death of the naive and the seven elders. He decided to wait until Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha regained their intelligence before going to the main hall of the Magic God. As long as they regain their intelligence, Li Qiang doesn't have to worry about how to practice. Their practice experience is much richer than Li Qiang's. Zhao Hao and Papen contact, his silver house ready to sell, all the income to seal margin, unified procurement of needed materials, all can not take away, all donated to charity, so he has been very busy recently. Once Papen and the others left, the Sealed Margin Society was completely disbanded. Li Qiang in the past six months, in addition to Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Jun Sha to take all kinds of panacea, is to go out to find the flower of the heart. He finally found that there were almost no people who were suitable for the flower of the mind. When he practiced the flower of the mind, he did it so perfectly that it was very difficult to find a person whose constitution was completely suitable for it on the earth. Although Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha are very silly, they gradually get close to Li Qiang, although Li Qiang sometimes forces them to eat some strange things. The longer they are with Li Qiang, the closer they are to Li Qiang. Sometimes when Li Qiang leaves for a few days, they start to fool around. Unless Li Qiang comes back, they will not stop. Two people's constitution is getting better and better, those servants and security guards have been unable to resist them, Zhao Hao had to transfer his disciples to come over, these servants, security guards all replaced,jacuzzi swim spa, only reluctantly did not let two people run away. That day, Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha had a full meal. They grabbed a big bag of snacks in their hands and lay on the lawn in front of the villa to bask in the sun. The two brothers chatted with each other. Mo Huaiyuan ate a piece of chocolate and said slowly, "Silly, do you think.." It's good to have food and drink now. Qi Junsha looked at the white clouds in the sky and said, "Say you're stupid. You're really stupid. I'm sure.." That little brother has a purpose. Mo Huaiyuan put the snacks in his hand beside him and said disapprovingly, "You are really silly. We two have nothing. What can my brother see in us?"? Hum Oh, little brother. He suddenly found Li Qiang standing behind him with a smile, quickly climbed up,outdoor endless pool, and did not forget to kick Qijun Sha. Li Qiang says: "Big Silly, two silly, go into a room with me to ask, I brought delicious food to you." Now Li Qiang can only call them big silly, two silly, two people stubbornly believe that this is their name, half a year down, Li Qiang is also used to. When Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha heard this, they said in unison, "Don't take medicine.." Every time Li Qiang said this, he would let them eat something strange. Sometimes it was very comfortable to eat, and sometimes they would have diarrhea after eating "bbs.sept5.com September Forum". Both of them were a little afraid. Li Qiang also has no alternative, he can only use the means of cheating and coaxing to make two obedient. He says intentionally: "This is the fresh fruit that I bring from the other place, you do not eat, I went to eat." Then he turned around and left. Fruits are so attractive that Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha have gradually lost interest in meat since they took all kinds of elixirs given to them by Li Qiang, but they are more and more fond of fruits. With a loud cry, endless pool factory ,jacuzzi suppliers, Mo Huaiyuan ran into the house. Qi Jun followed closely and shouted, "Silly, I.." I want it too! Li Qiang smiled and followed them back to the room. The table was filled with all kinds of fruits, and without saying a word, Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Junsha immediately began to eat. Li Qiang looked at it with a smile and waited for them to finish eating. Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Jun were so full that they did not give up and stuffed the rest of the fruit on the table into their pockets or arms, no matter how expensive the clothes they were wearing. Li Qiang suddenly reached out and grabbed Mo Huaiyuan's wrist. Mo Huaiyuan trembled violently as if he had received an electric shock. A red light flashed from the mark on Mo Huaiyuan's wrist. Mo Huaiyuan shouted, "Ah.." Blimey.. Headache.. It's killing me.. You let go. Two Qi Jun turned pale with fright and shouted, "Big fool, big fool.." You What's the matter with you? Big fool.. You let go of the big fool:;: "He tried desperately to pull Li Qiang away, but he couldn't move. He could only howl like crazy.". From birth to now, he has been dependent on Mo Huaiyuan, to see Mo Huaiyuan so painful, he is surprised and afraid. Li Qiang clapped his hands on Mo Huaiyuan's head and shouted, "Brother Mo, wake up!" The slap made Mo Huaiyuan's head move forward a little, and he suddenly stopped crying and stared blankly at Li Qiang, his eyes at a loss. Li Qiang looked at him nervously and kept praying in his heart: "Don't go wrong, God bless." Mo Huaiyuan's eyes gradually became clear. He said softly, "Brother?" As if unsure. Li Qiang was seldom excited, but the sound of his brother made him almost crazy. He shouted, "Brother Mo, I'm Li Qiang. Haha, do you remember?" Mo Huaiyuan hesitated, nodded slightly and said, "My God, reincarnation is really terrible.." Qi Junsha finally rushed to Mo Huaiyuan's side. He grabbed Mo Huaiyuan and cried, "Big fool, big fool, are you all right?" Whoo, we're not here. Mo Huaiyuan said, "Silly, don't be afraid. He is for my own good." Li Qiang grabbed Qi Jun Sha's wrist unexpectedly, and frightened Qi Jun Sha to cry out: "Don't:;: Oh … …" It hurts me so much. Li Qiang also slapped the past, "crackle" a crisp sound, hit Qijun Sha head shaking. "Silly," he shouted, "help me.. Save. Well, what's going on? Suddenly, as if he understood something, he stopped shouting. Li Qiang loosened his hand, and with the success of awakening Mo Huaiyuan, he looked at Qi Junsha with confidence. Mo Huaiyuan sat down slowly, as if he could not clear his mind and was trying to recall. Qi Jun recovered faster than Mo Huaiyuan, and the difference between past and present lives had a huge impact. After a while, he suddenly shouted, "Lone Star Bastard.." Oh, wow.. Me, my two fools.. I Mo Huaiyuan suddenly looked up and said, "I'm better than you." I'm a big fool. He was lost in thought again. Li Qiang asked, "Brother Mo,whirlpool hot tub, Master, are you awake?" Mo Huaiyuan shook his head and said, "Call me a fool." 。 monalisa.com

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