Record of Grievance of Hanging Sword

"Why, there is such a thing, this thing is also together, the prince suddenly mentioned this matter?"? It's just. Don't worry about his affairs. I heard that Your Majesty went to Bo Meiren's palace again yesterday.

Chapter 10 Spring Silkworm Self-bound Soul Dream Lead Chapter 11 Xuantiandao Sword Destroys the Enemy's Gallbladder The twelfth chapter building head fierce battle knife shadow cold Chapter 13 The Change of Yin and Yang in a Dream of Nanke Chapter 14 the reincarnation of hell is beauty. The fifteenth chapter is not willing to block the car with the arm. The sixteenth chapter tongue can orchid skillfully deal with. The seventeenth chapter is to explore the secret of the castle. Chapter 18 fight bravely in Liujia with high aspirations Chapter 19 the gallant is haggard for love alone. Chapter 20 Love Weaves a Net Luo Huan Ling Guang The twenty-first chapter of the Spring and Autumn Annals has a female heart. The twenty-second chapter turns the tide alone. Chapter 23 meeting like a dream and breaking tenderness. Chapter 24 failure is on the verge of two. The twenty-fifth chapter hangs the sword to cast the feelings. The twenty-sixth chapter is the golden seal hanging on the waist of Xi Nong Bay. Chapter One Bloody Jianghu Dragon and Tiger Struggle On the main road, a dusty head rolls forward like the wind and lightning in the morning sun. A light carriage, pic up by two fine horses, could be seen in that shadow of the dust. This is the ground of Xuzhou Prefecture, along this road has been galloping forward, about three miles or so is the famous Wulin Dragon and Tiger Villa. The driver was an ugly and strong man, wielding a long whip with quick and powerful movements. He suddenly turned his head and said in a loud voice, "There is a stone bridge about half a mile ahead, which only allows two riders to gallop across. The stone bridge is divided into two main roads at our end. Now, on the other long road, there is a rider galloping up. It seems that he has the intention to cross the stone bridge before we arrive.." As he spoke in a loud voice, he turned and looked back again and again, and the long whip in his hand kept moving, making a harsh sound like a split silk. The carriage galloped faster, and in the blink of an eye it was less than thirty feet from the stone bridge, but at the same time, on the road to the left, the hoofbeats were like thunder, and a ride flew in the dust. With the speed of both sides, they just rushed to the stone bridge together. But this is where the problem happens. If both sides did not give way,horse weight tape, the three horses would be squeezed into the bluestone railings of the stone bridge. Not only would the horses be squeezed to death, but the carriage would probably have to fall out of the bridge. As for the knight, he would be injured if he did not die. At that moment, both sides reined in their castration at the same time, and the three horses immediately sounded a sound of struggling and hissing. Because of the speed of both sides, although they stopped in time, they all reached the stone bridge. The ugly man in the carriage shouted, "You are really a bastard,Wheel tape measure, but you are tired of living.." The knight, who was riding a few feet to his side, snorted coldly and looked up and down at the ugly man and the carriage. The knight, who was about twenty-three or twenty-four years old and dressed in a blue cloth gown, looked very shabby. At this time, the steed in his crotch was still panting and hissing. At a glance, he knew that the steed was not only very fast, but also very strong. He was not a person with excellent riding skills, so he could not control it. After the ugly man looked at people a few more times, he was so confused that he could not guess where the other party was coming from. The young man snorted and said no more. "Are you from the Dragon and Tiger Villa?" The ugly man shouted. The young man shook his head and said, "No!" Ugly big fellow then: "Whether it is or not, get out of my way, otherwise..." As soon as the young man in the green shirt lifted the reins in his hand, the horse under his crotch rushed forward at once. The ugly man shouted angrily, Adhesive fish ruler ,Surveyors tape measure, turned over his wrist, and the whip made a "whoosh" sound, sweeping away like a snake. This whip is not only strong and fierce, but also very spicy, which is to sweep the horse's head and neck. If he draws it, the steed must be whipped to death. The young man in green shirt suddenly reined in his left hand, but his upper body was cut obliquely to the right, and his right hand stretched out, just as the tip of the whip was about to hit the horse's neck, he grabbed it. This skill is quick and neat. It is obviously the superior skill of guarding horses when charging into battle. It is rarely seen in the martial arts world. The ugly man was stunned for a moment, shaking the reins with his left hand, and the two horses immediately rushed forward to look for Zhang, then rushed back and stopped, and the carriage just crossed the stone bridge. The young man in green shirt grabbed the tip of the whip and said coldly, "You are really insolent. However, is this little thing worth killing my horse?" The ugly man jumped to the ground, pointing to the halberd and saying, "Come down, or I'll let you fall off the horse.." The young man in green shirt shrugged his eyebrows lightly, and a fierce light suddenly flashed out of his bright eyes. With a slight flash, he had fallen to the ground. Hong, the ugly man, laughed and said, "You really have guts.." In the voice, he suddenly shook his wrist and threw the whip fiercely, as if he wanted to recapture the whip and sweep the other side. Qingshan youth five fingers a tight, horse step slightly heavy. The whip was stretched straight in the hands of the two men, but neither of them was taken out of their hands. "Who are you looking for at the Dragon and Tiger Villa?" Asked the young man in a deep voice. Only then did the ugly big fellow realize that the other party was really not easy to get along with. But although he secretly added a police couch in his heart, he still answered in a loud voice: "There is no one else to look for in the Dragon and Tiger Villa. Naturally, he is looking for Szeto Feng!" The young man snorted and said, "I'm looking for him, too." The ugly man had snatched it twice, but still hadn't recaptured the whip. Then he suddenly let go of the whip and quickly pulled out the long knife on his back. He jumped up and split it head-on. The young man in green shirt also threw away his long whip and jumped a few steps to avoid his knife. "If you're rude and unreasonable again, don't blame me for fighting back.." he snapped. The ugly man laughed and said, "Good boy!"! If you can catch Uncle Wu's fifteen strokes, even if you win. The young man in green shirt broke off a branch on the side of the road and shot out a fierce light in his eyes. "Very good," he said coldly. "I want to see what outstanding skills you have in your fifteen moves.." There is a saying that when an expert stretches out his hand, he knows that there is nothing. This young man in green shirt is not only very strong, but at this moment he broke the branch as a sword, ready to resist the other side's sharp and long sword. He is clearly a master of the family. The ugly man burst out laughing and said, "It's no joke to use a broken branch as a sword. It may work to bluff others.". Look at the knife. He stepped on the palace, walked through the Hongmen Gate, and cut into it head-on. But the blade is slightly biased, which implies the wonderful interaction between the odd and the positive. The young man in the green shirt frowned and jumped a few feet. He said coldly, "It's really a bit of a doorway. No wonder you're so violent and insolent.." The ugly big fellow follows and pounces,fish measuring tape, the knife wind whistles and rings, the brilliance circles and stabs, and the number of tricks is extremely spicy.

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