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"Whoo.". OPPA, I didn't mean it, you must not have anything to do. "Anxious Xiuyan immediately hugged the" fainted "Jin Zheming, without noticing that Jin Zheming's head was rubbing back and forth on his already plump hillside.

"Miss Hong," said Chu Ruthlessly, "Chu has only one request. I hope you can show mercy when you fight with Lord You in the next match." You Xixi came down to tidy up Xinru's body. Hearing this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Brother Chu, you don't have to intercede for me. I'm sure I'll kill her." "Even your master can't escape a sword," said Chu Ruthlessly. "Can you?"? Huang Sangu against today's battle. We have made perfect preparations. You Xixi sneered, "We'll see." "Chu Xianggong," said Yan Hong, "the grace of saving my life is great. Although I have a mission, I just obey. In the second scene, I swore I would never kill her. As he spoke, he sent Sima Changqing back and floated onto the sword platform. After sending Xinru's corpse back, he also stepped onto the platform and said, "Brother Chu, you have interceded for me, and I have promised not to kill her. There is only one condition." "Xixi," said Chu ruthlessly, "I want you to live for Brother Gao's sake." You Xixi said in a deep voice, "I don't care who you are. You asked her not to kill me, and she agreed. But if you can't make me not kill her, you saved her and hurt her. That's not what a real man does, is it?" "What conditions do you have?" Chu said angrily. You Xixi said, "If I lose, naturally I have nothing to say. If I win, you will ask Shen Xiangyu to come out in that game." "Why?" Asked Chu ruthlessly. "No reason," said You Xixi. "I just want to kill her. This is the meaning of the leader of the alliance, she said Li Jiaojiao and Huang Juying are easy to manipulate, entirely for her, you dare to resist the leader of the alliance, and the leader vowed to subdue you. "You tell Su Lian that it's impossible," Chu shouted mercilessly. "It's not up to you to decide whether it's possible or not," you said. As soon as Shen Xiangyu came to the stage,Magnesium Oxide price, he said, "Brother Chu, I promised myself. Since you have interceded with Miss Yan Hong for her sake, you should naturally let Miss Yan Hong get away with it. Otherwise, it would be worthless if you showed up just now." Yan Hong smiled and said, "Don't worry, Chu Xianggong. I promised not to kill her, but I didn't promise to lose to her.". I will defeat her and not let her have a chance to fight again. Then he waved to You Xixi, and the two of them began to fight. Yan Hong's tactics, like Sima Changqing, are always on the defensive, waiting for the opportunity to make a dedicated blow, but especially cherish but recruit killers, without mercy. After more than twenty rounds of fighting, Yan Hong's sword stood out and pointed at You Xixi's throat. You Xixi was in a daze and hurried back to the sword. Yan Hong's gesture tightened and twisted her sword away. She laughed coldly and said, "You're still a little short. Go down." Yan Hong's sword was already against her throat. As long as her hand reached forward half an inch, caustic calcined magnesite ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, she could stab You Xixi down. But You Xixi didn't care at all. She reached out her hand and grabbed Yan Hong's sword gently. She broke it up and threw it under the stage: "If I hadn't had the condition to exchange you for not dying, I could have killed you now. Go down." With a hand push, Yan Hong was as dull as a wooden chicken. She was at her mercy. It was not until she fell to the ground that she resumed her action. She jumped up and said, "What evil trick did you use?" But Chu ruthlessly sighed, "Miss Hong, you lost." "How could I lose?" Cried Yan Hong unconvinced. "I had already won first, and then I lost consciousness as soon as I felt numb on the back of my neck." "Yes," said Chu mercilessly, "your acupoint has been blocked." "The acupoint was made," said Yan Hong. "Who did it?" You Xixi said indifferently, "It was the two of us who did it. Who else would do it?" "You're five or six feet away from me," said Yan Hong. "How can you reach it?" You Xixi said, "Even if you can get enough, it doesn't count. We're competing with the sword. Of course, we have to use the sword to make the acupoint to win. We use the tip of the sword to seal your acupoint." "Your sword has flown out of your hand." You Xixi smiled and said, "I didn't go out. I nailed it to the back pillar. And I got rid of it on purpose, so that I could hit your Tianzhu point on the back ridge.". This is one of the seven forms of the unique skill of the Tianshan Mountains, and Brother Chu is very clear about it. "But your sword leaves your hand first," said Yan Hong. You Xixi said, "Getting rid of the sword is also one of the moves. You know too little." "Come back, Yanhong," cried Huang Sangu from his seat. Other people's flying swords still control the strength of the hand, using the tip of the sword to make holes without hurting the skin. It can be seen that they were not hit by you. You really lost this game. Yan Hong said bitterly, "If I hadn't promised Chu Xianggong not to kill you, you wouldn't have been able to play tricks with a sword through your throat." You Xixi said with a smile, "Maybe, but that's just to perish together, because my style of returning to Liufu acupoint won't stop at your acupoint. If I use enough strength, I can cut half of your head. If you're not convinced, we'll have a chance to fight again later, but your style of killing won't work." "Your skill won't be of any use any more," said Yan Hong. You Xixi said, "There are seven forms of Hui Liu Fu. I only use one form. Go back and ask Huang Sangu if he can crack this form." Yan Hong but go. You Xixi pulled out his sword from the pillar and asked Shen Xiangyu, "It's your turn. This time I'm ordered by the leader of the alliance to kill you. So you'd better not take any chances." Chu looked mercilessly at Shen Xiangyu, but she didn't care at all. "Miss You, I really feel sorry for you. How could a good girl be willing to degenerate?" You Xixi shouted angrily, and carried the sword like the wind to catch up with her, but Shen Xiangyu was very calm, and put those evil spirits back one by one. Even Chu Ruthless could not help admiring her excellent swordsmanship, because these swordsmanship were very ordinary, but in her hands, they were always just right, and they could turn decay into magic. After repeated failures, he suddenly bit his teeth and used a set of swordsmanship, but when he saw the shadow of the sword all over the sky, he covered Shen Xiangyu in the air of the sword. Shen Xiangyu had no choice but to show his unintentional bamboo posture. He fell flat and quickly flicked up again. In the sound of clanging, he shook You Xixi so much that he flew up with his sword. You Xixi sneered, "Shen Xiangyu, it's time for you to die." As she spoke, her body and sword turned into a rainbow and went straight down. When Shen Xiangyu leaned back again, her sword just fell and nailed Shen Xiangyu to the ground. Chu mercilessly turned pale with fright, but Shen Xiangyu smiled, opened her hands,Magnesium Oxide price, held you Xixi's two hands, broke her eight phalanges in the sound, and you Xixi fainted in pain.

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