Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I want to destroy you + text

"Whoo.". OPPA, I didn't mean it, you must not have anything to do. "Anxious Xiuyan immediately hugged the" fainted "Jin Zheming, without noticing that Jin Zheming's head was rubbing back and forth on his already plump hillside.

Leave the fire and the colored glaze to quit, and look to the end of the world to listen to orders. Order all over the world, command all directions. This This Oh, my God. Why didn't he think of that. This Zizun King is actually the king of the Buddha immortal who looks at the horizon on the water, that generation of Demon Zun. The silver hair is his symbol, and the thick fur coat is his representative. He had never thought, did not think that the purple king who did not know where to come out, was actually the demon. I can't believe I set him up. Crazy, Fenglin Leaf King is going crazy. What do you mean? Ye Wang, what do you know? Yan lie looked at the maple forest leaf king's face, so shocked and frightened face, he had never seen. Does this Fenglin Leaf King know the identity of the cloud killing the sky? He must know something. Without answering Yan Lie's question, Fenglin Ye Wang was almost completely mad. That expression, let the king of Haozang and others who came to their senses, faintly rose a trace of cold sweat on the back. I don't know why, but I just feel rather bad. Fallen Feather, who stood with the cloud killing the sky, also saw the gaffe of the Maple Forest Leaf King. Not by the eyebrows slightly on the pick. King Wangtian? Said should be the cloud to kill the day, this maple forest leaf king actually knows this, rare. But as for being shocked like this? Luoyu turned his head and looked back at the cloud killing the sky. Not really. The cloud killing the sky is very good. To meet the eyes of the falling feather, the cloud suddenly bowed its head and,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, in full view of the public, printed a kiss on the lips of the falling feather. Chapter 331: We Are Engaged 8 Then he said in a deep voice, "We are engaged." We're engaged. The four words are not earth-shaking, nor do they shake the past and the present. Such a beautiful and representative of the four words, listening to the silence around the ears of the people, but almost like a thunderbolt in the sky, shocked the people stunned. And the Maple Leaf King is more direct. As if hearing the most incredible words in the world, I rolled my eyes and fainted. A purple king,Magnesium Oxide MgO, a Buddha immortal, a demon among the largest forces on the water, proposed to an ugly girl who had just been divorced? There are all kinds of strange things in the world, and this year is the strangest. Luoyu was stupefied when he heard this. He blinked and looked at the cloud and said, "Did you propose to me?" Did she hear right? The cloud killed the sky with a cold face: "Token." He didn't propose, he decided. The decision was temporary and came into being at the moment when Yan Lie and others dissolved the engagement of Luoyu. His people must not have an engagement with others. It can only be his. It can only be his. This time, he was late and had nothing to say. However, he would never tolerate such a thing happening again. In this case, then, the first strike is strong, he and Luoyu engagement, a lifetime of binding Luoyu in the side, this is absolutely a good idea. The cloud kills the day to be very satisfied with this decision, at this time the mood is very good. And now I feel better when I look at the fallen feathers in a daze. I'm only fourteen. "Fallen Feather is a little refreshed." I don't care how old you are. Come on, token. The cloud kills the sky and the overbearing way is not reduced. As long as you fall, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide powder, no matter how old you are, it is not a problem. Luoyu looked at the overbearing cloud killing the sky and saw clearly the determination and seriousness in his eyes. He's serious. He's not just talking. Fallen feather for a time in the heart of the ups and downs, this feeling, this feeling how to say? Although the action is too abrupt, it is definitely not perfunctory. Although this person should not know much about the love of loving and being loved, but, but. Luoyu lowered his head, looked at the ring in his hand, and gently outlined the corners of his mouth: "It looks very valuable." "Bang." The Fenglin Leaf King, who had just woken up, banged his head into the rockery beside him. Chapter 332: We Are Engaged 9 "From the fire glass ring, command to look at thousands of subjects, on behalf of the supreme majesty of the king of heaven, see the ring as if to see the devil in person, all over the world, who dare to despise, who dare not respect, very valuable.." It's worth a lot. Fenglin Leaf King has the impulse to be killed. As soon as this remark was made, the faces of King Yanlie and King Haozang all changed. Although they do not know what from the fire glass ring, more do not know the cloud to kill heaven, but that look at the horizon, that look at the king of heaven, that demon. That's the man who stands at the top of the world. It's a legend, it's a myth, it's everything these small countries can't catch up with. No wonder they are so despised. No wonder they are treated like ants. Wangtian King, Wangtian King.. God, how lucky they are in this life to meet the top people in the legend. However, how sad they were, they did not know each other, and they ignored the clouds for a period of time. King Haozang also wants to die. As for Jiaxuan Moyan, Li Xuan and others who are still on the ground. But only to the Fenglin leaf king and the Haozang king and other people's expression, a little surprised. They don't know the existence of this top. But the falling feather listens to the maple forest leaf king's words, the complexion is startled, looks up to the cloud to kill the day: "So valuable.." You How can this ring be so valuable, representing the cloud killing the sky, this. "Token." The cloud killed the sky and frowned. He had said it three times. He didn't want to say it a fourth time. Fallen feather looked at the cloud to kill the sky, his face kept floating, but in the end he could only say, "I don't have such a valuable thing." The cloud killed the sky and frowned when he heard this. The finger hooks between the neck of the falling feather and draws out a necklace that the falling feather has been wearing next to his body. Speaking of necklaces, it's not an ordinary silver necklace, but there's a ring hanging under it, a ring that looks black, like a stone, quite ordinary. That's it. The cloud killed the day to see the eye ring, satisfied. Ring for ring. It's just a token. That's all. At that moment, the cloud killed the sky and wanted to tear off the necklace and put it on. My father gave it to me. Don't tear it off. Fallen feather hurriedly roared. When the cloud killed the sky, he stared at Luoyu and said, "Put it on." Chapter 333: We Are Engaged 10 Strong stare,Magnesium Oxide MgO, let the feather helpless chuckle, took the necklace in the hands of the cloud killing day, stand on tiptoe to wear the necklace for the cloud killing day in front of the chest. It's not valuable. It's just a birthday present from my father. Fallen feather whispered in the ear of the cloud killing the sky.

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