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"Whoo.". OPPA, I didn't mean it, you must not have anything to do. "Anxious Xiuyan immediately hugged the" fainted "Jin Zheming, without noticing that Jin Zheming's head was rubbing back and forth on his already plump hillside.

But as long as Mei Zhenyi restrained himself and sat still, it would be very difficult to find him only by divine induction. Another effect of turning the whip into white fog in the dark is to cut off the ordinary facial features, so that the fog looks thick and can not be melted, not only the eyesight is blocked, but also the hearing, smell, and the sense of temperature changes in the distance are hindered, which may be the natural specialty of the demon king. Such preparation can not be said to be thorough, it is seamless. Then he came to a big tree and sat down between a few strong branches two feet above the ground, waiting for the Yao demon king to come in and look for it. Worship the whip was disturbed, Yao demon king walked into the thick fog, his every move Mei Zhenyi knew clearly. Under normal circumstances, the search was finished in a short time, but now the Yao Demon King could not see, hear, or smell things in the distance, so he could only use divine induction to search. If he could not find the location of Mei Zhenyi, the search would not be so easy. Yao Demon King's divine consciousness was so keen that he caught several mice in the hole in the blink of an eye, but he still did not find where Mei Zhenyi was. In fact, he has a stupid way, that is, a blanket search of places, can always find where Mei Zhenyi is. Even if Mei Zhenyi noticed that he was close to the starting position, as long as Mei Zhenyi moved,dap diammonium phosphate, it would be very difficult to hide his tracks in front of such a tall man. If we use this stupid method, in theory, Yao Demon King can always find Mei Zhenyi. As for how long it will take, it depends on luck. This game is about time, and Yao Yaowang obviously doesn't want to use this stupid method. The divine consciousness searched for a while and could not find the position of Mei Zhenyi. Mei Zhenyi found that the Yao demon king was standing still, as if he was concentrating on breathing. What does he want? Mei Zhenyi was surprised to find that Yao Demon King had changed, and he could no longer accurately judge his position. Within a radius of nearly a mile, all the white fog was disturbed,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, that is to say, the result of the investigation by worshipping the divine whip was that Yao Demon King was everywhere! How is that possible? But Yao Demon King just did it! Worship the whip into white fog is equivalent to the extension of Mei Zhenyi's divine consciousness, but it also blocks his own ordinary facial features. Mei Zhenyi wants to see Yao Demon King from the tree. Only disperse the white fog to take back the worship whip, but to do so is tantamount to self-exposure, had to resign to fate. These mountain demon kings have their own strong points, each of them can not be underestimated! As soon as he thought this, he felt that the wind was not right above him, and that something was coming down through the thick fog, and that he was aware of it when he was close to him. Mei Zhenyi hurriedly jumped down from the branch, trying not to make a sound. And I didn't cast a flying spell. But before he landed. A long hairy tail caught him at the waist, and Yao laughed and said, "Master Mei, I found you!" The thick fog lifted in the valley. Yao Demon King and Mei Zhenyi stood under a big tree, and this "hide and seek" only took less than a cup of tea. The nine demon kings seemed to have anticipated the ending and smiled one after another, but Zhiyan was taken aback. She was not surprised that Mei Zhenyi was found, but it took only such a short time, which was beyond her expectation. Mei Zhenyi was equally surprised and even shocked. The way he hides is almost seamless. And the other side almost effortlessly found it! Seeing the Yao Demon King standing in front of him, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, his smile was full of color. He folded his fists and said, "I admire you!"! Today is an eye-opener, but there is one thing I don't know. I want to ask you how you found me. Yao Demon King: "Actually, I didn't find you. You hide very well. You can't even notice a breath a few feet away." Mei Zhenyi: "In that case, how could you find me so quickly?" Yao Demon King smiled and said, "It's very simple. I spread the primordial spirit and swept it within a radius of one mile. The place where the mind has no response is where you hide." It turned out that this was the case, and what he used was still a stupid method in theory, excluding them in turn, but the means were very clever. It seems that all kinds of instruments in the world are used skillfully, such as the hidden gods, which always have their own flaws and limitations, depending on what means are used to crack them. But Yao Demon King can be under the barrier of the worship whip, so quickly spread in such a wide range of yuan Shen sweep, but also can let Mei Zhenyi can not distinguish his position, which also makes him confused. Mei Zhenyi was puzzled and asked, "It's so clever, but how did you get there?" Yao Demon King: "You will know soon!" Now it's my turn to hide and look for you. Please go to the sky first, and then come down after I hide. If you use the land longer than me, you will lose. Mei Zhenyi flew into the sky and stood side by side with Zhiyan, only to see Yao Demon King open his mouth and spit out a bead the size of a longan, shining with brilliance. This is the demon Dan Xuanzhu that he has been practicing for thousands of years. It is the condensation of the magic power of the primordial spirit, which is equivalent to the incarnation of his body. Xuanzhuzhu appeared, turned into a pale yellow mist and dispersed, enveloping the valley for nearly a mile, in which the figure of Yao Demon King disappeared. What Mei Zhenyi learned about Taoism, whether it is inner alchemy or outer alchemy, is the practice of alchemy. The so-called superb achievement of earth immortals is only a concise way of saying that Taoism. According to Zhong Liquan's pithy formula, after leaving the sea of suffering and before achieving immortality, there are various successive realms, such as the immortality of divine consciousness, the appearance of Yang Shen, the transformation of incarnation, and the soaring of imperial edict. Even "trance" and "transformation" are two concepts. Although there are similarities in the realms of different spiritual practices in the world, which can be confirmed by each other, the ingenuity is different. For example, this Yao Demon King's cultivation has reached the realm of ecstasy, but he does not practice Yang Shen and all kinds of incarnations like the monks of Dan Dao. In other words, this Millennium Demon Dan is his manifestation of the primordial spirit, and his transformation into fog is his transformation of incarnation. No wonder Mei Zhenyi could not perceive the location of Yao Demon King in the fog just now, and the divine consciousness sensed that he was everywhere, incarnated, and the situation was indeed the same. Although this competition is not a fight, it is also a comparison of the realm of cultivation. If Mei Zhenyi walks into the yellow fog, it is equivalent to being surrounded by the incarnation of Yao Demon King, his every move can be known by the other side, but he still can't find out the location of the other side, and he can't find it in a cup of tea time, so he will lose! The sixth volume: Zifeiyu 178 chapters, transformed into the ordinary and handed down from generation to generation, Shenxiao Tianlei began to become famous. Compared with these mountain demon kings, Mei Zhenyi has three major advantages, which are the reasons why he dares to block the way to gamble: first,Magnesium Sulphate price, he has more experience and knowledge; second, he has more magic weapons in his hands; and third, he is full of scheming means.

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