My family's support is not gentle [e-sports]

Tada Jun is playing a series of tricks, he has been the commander of the North China Front Army for such a long time, has seen the situation in North China very thoroughly. When he hit Tiaoshan, Yan Xishan's Jin-Sui Army would not rescue him, nor would they dare to rescue him.

The beauties leave a message in this chapter, let's send a red envelope, for the sake of ig and EDG who are still fighting, and for the sake of RNG who makes me cry for another year. Chapter 338 BO333 Gg team of this set of line-ups, according to the official commentary Liu yuan and Baichuan's analysis, that is in 25 minutes before the non-stop rhythm to get the advantage, otherwise 25 minutes may go away, the Tao said that they understand, gg team players understand, but the opposite Poe team's four champions also understand, so under the strong resistance of the Poe team, In fact, the gg team in their own advantage period did not really roll up the snowball, but the opposite can not be fattened on the single and in the single raised white fat. Time was almost mercilessly moving towards the critical point of 25 minutes. Then in the 24th minute of the game, the gg team suddenly began to get nervous. A group of them played from the lower road to the middle road, from the middle road to the upper road, and from the upper road back to the lower road of Xiaolongkeng, and then from the lower road of Xiaolongkeng to the upper road of Dalongkeng. In the end, everyone found that the gg team needed the huge advantage of rolling up in the first 25 minutes of the game. They didn't roll out in the first 24 minutes, but they rolled out in the last 2 minutes. GG team this wave of ultimate invincible chaos, directly is the two commentary to make a question mark, and their line of the Poe team is also estimated to fall into deep self-doubt, who am I, where am I, what am I doing? The gg team succeeded in confusing everyone, but their own thinking was very clear. The five players immediately returned to the city to make up for their equipment after they got Tai Lung,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, and then Lao Tie took Tai Lung buff down the road with a single belt, while the others moved towards Xiaolongkeng together. They didn't have time to fight the dragon just now, so they were going to make up for the earth dragon. Seeing that the gg team's decision was correct, Liu yuan could not hide his excitement and said, "Summoner Canyon really gave us face today. We needed to fight in the early stage, and it gave us a fire dragon. Now we need to push forward with the big dragon buff, and it gave us an earth dragon. Now I think the right time, the right place and the right people are ours." Baichuan replied, "God helps those who help themselves. If we give up on ourselves, even if we are given five fire dragons and earth dragons, it is useless. Now we can take advantage of these advantages because we have done everything we should do. Now gg team has won the earth dragon, and Poe team is calm and did not rush to grab it." The next situation is really good for the GG team. Baichuan is not a like too milk team milk player commentary, he said the situation is good for the gg team, heavy duty cantilever racks ,shuttle rack system, that is really very advantage, at this time the enemy's ADC only two big pieces of equipment plus a little pieces, but the tetrarch is already four sets in hand, he shot a cold arrow in the middle of the road to the Poe team's knife sister greeted a set, directly to the knife sister greeted into residual blood. The Poe team knew that there was no way to fight against the gg team, so they chose to use a single belt to contain them. At this time, their single sword and wild boar sister were blocking the old iron on the way down, while the ADC policewoman was going to steal the gg team's two towers on the road, while the single knife sister and the assistant bloom were defending the two towers on the middle road. Originally this wave of Poe team decision is no problem, but because of the master's surprise wave of sneak attack directly to ace's knife sister maimed, so the Poe team in the middle of the moment lost the ability to guard the tower, master, Joe, Baymax and Erbai seize the opportunity to immediately crazy toward the middle. In less than half a minute, the two towers in the middle, the highland tower in the middle and the crystal in the middle were all pushed off. In gg team four people kill on the high ground at the same time, Poe team policewoman is also a person with gg team on the road two towers, but anyone with a discerning eye can see that this wave is a big loss of Poe team, once the high ground in the middle is broken, it is tantamount to opening the door to the enemy at any time to end the game. According to the character of the gg team in the past, they can do it on the highland to force a wave of things to end the game, but this time the gg team is not so reckless, they pushed off the highland crystal in the middle of the whole team actually chose to retreat, and did not give the Poe team a chance to fight back. The LPL's senior commentator Liu yuan was very pleased to say, "our gg team is mature, like a person, and we know how to retreat in order to advance." Liu yuan's voice had not yet fallen, and he suddenly felt that he had been slapped in the face. The professional players in his mouth, who were mature, like human beings, and knew how to retreat in order to advance, were running towards the road together at this time. From the analysis of the small map, these five dogs went together to engage in the policewoman with the line alone. Baichuan couldn't bear to look directly at him and said, "So why does the Poe team have to rob the policewoman in front of the master? I can't bear to watch such a bloody and cruel scene." Baichuan said he couldn't bear to watch, but watched with relish as the policewoman of the Poe team was blocked and beaten by a group of dogs of the gg team, and then bae was sent back to the spring to think about life. In the gg team a group of people to a policewoman to perform "big male group training", and did not give up the Poe team is also the opportunity to push out the middle and lower two lines of soldiers, but at this time in a big disadvantage they also dare not do more stay, take out the line of soldiers immediately retreat, but the gg team homeopathy to pull out all the towers on the road. After getting two towers in a row, the tetrarch with his wife and two silly son and want to do things directly to the highland tower on the road, at this time enough lead opposite ADC nearly one hundred repair knife master is a mobile OSS, Poe team no one can resist the damage of the tetrarch,industrial racking systems, although they also tried to keep the highland tower on the road, But all of them were persuaded to quit by the master's face-pasting skills, and the gg team got the second highland tower and highland crystal of the Poe team.

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