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Yue Zhentian shouted in a deep voice, "I knew you were not a good person when you were sneaking around here eavesdropping."

Yue Zhentian shouted in a deep voice, "I knew you were not a good person when you were sneaking around here eavesdropping." "Lady Bamboo Sword" also said, "If it is linked with the'White Snake ', there will be no good thing." Ashamed, anxious, angry, Sima Wei raised his voice and shouted, "I respect you two for your age and virtue. Please don't misjudge me until the facts are clear." "Bamboo Sword Lady" personality slightly relaxed, asked Zhuge Lan with a smile: "You really heard it?" "You can't fake it," said Zhuge Lan angrily! "If I hadn't been a daughter, I would have been brilliant on the spot!" Yue Zhentian shouted irascibly, "You look like you're in the right stream, but when you first got involved in Jianghu, you broke the big taboo of the Wu family. You're really worthless!" Sima Wei had never been scolded like this, not to mention the grievance of his belly. "Please keep a sense of propriety when you speak," he said. "Don't bully people too much." Yue Zhentian shook himself and said, "How dare you contradict me!" "Those who respect others are always respected," said Sima Wei. "If you don't respect me, I don't have to respect you." Yue Zhentian roared, "Fanatic!"! How dare you! As he spoke, he pulled out his steel folding fan. "Do you still want to try the next few moves?" Sima Kui asked grumpily. Yue Zhentian became more and more furious. The folding fan shook and opened. "Do you think the old man's folding fan is not good?" He shouted. Now that Sima Wei was on fire, his attitude became more and more calm. He was so calm that he said arrogantly, "Slow down and say it's a folding fan. Even if it's a precious knife for blowing hair, I didn't put it in front of me." This sentence is like a wildfire, but also the "unrestrained" Yue Zhentian's fire triggered. He shook his wrist and shook his fan. "Fanatic!" He shouted! Make a move! Sima Wei was also full of anger. "With this pair of palms," he said in a loud voice, "I'll take a hundred strokes from you!" At that time, Yue Zhentian was the most important person in Wulin. "Eighteen Fans of the Heavenly Horse" was a wonder in Jianghu. No one dared to look at him. When he saw Sima Kui's lofty sentiments,cosmetic plastic tube, he could not help fanning his wrist and shouting, "I'm not afraid of your tough mouth!" Words, with the move, a type of "earth-shaking", folding fan with tens of millions of fan shadows, swept out of the air. "Shaoxia," said Sima Wei with a sneer, "your mouth is hard, and so are your hands." True double palm disease points, left Yang Gang wind,pump tube, right hand slanted out, hard pinch Yue Zhentian holding the wrist of the fan. Break the move, protect oneself, dodge, attack the enemy, at one go, clean and neat. Standing aside, "Mrs. Bamboo Sword" could not help nodding secretly and saying, "Good!" Zhuge Lan could not tell the contradiction in his heart at this time. Worried about Sima Wei's unique learning of Yue Zhentian's fame with his empty hands. She hated all the more the obscene voices that she did not want to hear in her ears outside the "ghost sorrow hole." As soon as he made his move, he saw that Sima Kui was not easy to get rid of, so his fan moves were like surging like a rising wind and scudding clouds, and his moves were penetrating with true strength, and he did his best. How can a generation of unique learning be trivial. But the man who saw him in the fan kept jumping and jumping, and the fan wrapped the man and rolled up the wild waves. Surrounded by five Zhangs, strong wind like tide, fallen leaves and floating dust, splashing around, was excited by the strong wind like countless arrows, shooting in all directions. Sima Kui's palms were like the wind, and he tried his best to move back and forth in the gusts of the fan. On the one hand, aluminium laminated tube ,plastic laminted tube, he dodged the oncoming force, and on the other hand, he looked for a gap to drill into the air and attacked the enemy. It's really a rare battle of dragons and tigers in Wulin. "Lady Bamboo Sword" watched the battle intently without blinking. Zhuge Lan's heart worried about gains and losses, uneasy, a heart like fifteen buckets of water, jumping up and down unceasingly. By this time, Yue Zhentian's first move had been used up, the strong wind was slightly extinguished, and the tide was slightly receding. "That's all," said Sima Kui with a laugh. Words, people like a rainbow, suddenly from three Zhangs away, shooting like an arrow, rushed to the fan has been closed Yue Zhentian. Although Yue Zhentian has been famous for a long time in the martial arts world, he has used up 18 strokes of fan style, and has not yet been able to force back a bare-handed Sima Wei, and his face has been somewhat hung up. Now, hearing Sima Kui's contemptuous words, and seeing him attack with the extremely rare "falling wild geese on the flat sand," he could not help burning with anger and shouting, "Fanatic! Be bold! In the sound of shouting, the second fan has been launched again. His second fan move is a wandering attack, changing, people like floating catkins, fans like meteors. Sima Wei's "Vajra Twelve Styles" has also been launched. The two men, like a merry-go-round, were equally matched. But see coming and going, shuttling non-stop, such purple sandwiched with snow-white, although in the night, but also very bright, as a spectacle. A master moves as fast as lightning. The two of them finished more than ten strokes in a flash. Ga- "" But listen to the "unrestrained" Yue Zhentian a long roar, like a ROC, suddenly rushed up five Zhangs, half way to fold the waist, a sudden body flat, covered in the top of Sima Wei. Sima Kui did not understand the purpose, not by the expression of a daze. Just when he was stunned, Yue Zhentian's steel-boned fan came down out of thin air. It was so powerful that it was like running thunder. Sima Wei thought that this was an offensive move on the upper plate. Therefore, the double palm gathers on ten percent strength, crosses the sky to hold up, loudly shouted: "What a strange move!" Yue Zhentian had already seen Sima Wei's psychology. Resist the enemy fiercely, how do you know I have a continuous 18 strokes in the sky, see how you resist! As expected, Yue Zhentian guessed what was on Sima Kui's mind. Therefore, after one move, he made three moves in succession. Swish! Swish! Swish! The fan is like a storm, thunder and lightning. Sima Wei fiercely refused a move, expecting that Yue Zhentian would fall to the ground. Unexpectedly, the top suddenly fell like a huge thunder. He turned pale with fright and secretly shouted, "No!" When eager, double palm on hold, the person has suddenly floated out five Zhangs. However, a move in a hurry, the first opportunity to lose, see the "unrestrained" Yue Zhentian like Mount Tai pressure, attached to the shadow of the tracking. The first opportunity is lost and completely passive. As a result, Sima Kui only had the power to parry, but had no power to fight back. He could not stand firmly at his feet, so he had to follow the strength of Yue Zhentian. He jumped left and jumped right to hide. He was very embarrassed. Fortunately, Sima Kui's skill had reached its peak,empty lotion tubes, and if it were someone else, he would have spattered blood in seven steps, and his body would have been under the steel folding fan. In the midst of this extreme danger. emptycosmetictubes.com


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