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That's the + 12 skill on her character Soul Healer's weapon [Jade Snow]. Clear sound silver cicada, 25% chance, ignore any skill damage!

That's the + 12 skill on her character Soul Healer's weapon [Jade Snow]. Clear sound silver cicada, 25% chance, ignore any skill damage! No cooling, no blue consumption, and independent calculation.. One of the death fingers of the ineffective Red Wolf was polite. When Wen Su asked about his best character, he made three clear silver cicadas in a row. Directly invalidated the opponent's key skill of level 45, a big move of level 80 plus a refining skill! That's really the time to vomit blood! Two minutes and thirty seconds.. Both teams did not choose to stop! The amount of blood of the nine-tailed fox, even if it is the last four to four to survive, can not be judged to win. Everyone took a breath. Just at this time. Chen Bin's voice came from behind them: "Mecha, what's the situation?" "I won." The mecha's answer is only two words. 100%?” Yong Qilin asked them at once. Uh. The output of "100%" mecha is more violent. Time has dragged on for a long time. Wen Su asked them that they could feel that they were losing blood much faster than the nine-tailed fox. Although the temporary life value is higher than the nine-tailed fox. But. After the blue amount of the two palms of Emei is consumed by the fierce output of the nine-tailed fox, the difference in the speed of blood loss. It will show up crazily! I didn't think so just now. Because the pressure of the whole team's life is on Wen Suwen and Shen Zuige. However, in the last ten seconds, the whole team of Buyun felt that the life value was like a broken water valve, clattering down! Two minutes and forty-five seconds! Respectively play to reduce the physical defense, reduce the five elements of defense and reduce the upper limit of life value of Xiaoya's five pets,foldable bulk container, life value is not much. In order to avoid affecting the next game, Xiaoya quickly put away all the pets! But their mission has been accomplished! Two minutes and fifty seconds.. A general attack of the nine-tailed fox can knock down hundreds of blood points of the Buyun team! In two minutes and fifty-eight seconds, Su Haotian and Shen Zuige were killed at the same time. In two minutes and fifty-nine seconds, the hidden weapon Tangmen Xu Fan was killed. In the end, a lonely Wen Suwen was left on the field,plastic wheelie bins, facing four nine-tailed fox players with less than 10% of their life value! The outcome has been settled! The nine-tailed fox won the first game of the second half! Besides, it's still on the map of the wreck of the non-Duobao! Divide it equally! Nine-tailed Fox trailed Buyun 7-8 in the first half, but at the beginning of the second half, they pulled back the score and tied it at eight points! And then, it's overtaking! "Although it is only a small victory, I believe everyone can see that the victory of this game is of great significance!" Lesser Snow fiddled with the microphone and looked at Yang Yuchen. Uh Yang Yuchen took over the words very cooperatively, "The victory of the Golden Cliff Map represents that the nine-tailed fox has thoroughly mastered the method of dealing with the Buyun Team in the battle, and the next game.". Buyun Team is not easy to play! Now the nine-tailed fox is placed in front of Buyun, which is already an absolute dead end. I gave up the two experienced points of Chen Bin and Lan Bai. In exchange for line-ups that maximizes output.. A Qi Wudang, a Jian Wudang and a Gun Shaolin are already a very large output. Coupled with the halo of small Cang plus attack, and the pet of small Ya reducing defense and blood, collapsible pallet box ,plastic trash bins, the amount of blue consumption of Buyun can be said to be rising in a straight line. It's just that the amount of blue consumption has gone up. It happened that the skills of the nine-tailed fox were so perfect that sometimes in order to save people, Buyun's healing skills had to overflow! Waste, very shameful! But in front of the tacit skills of the nine-tailed fox, they dare not take the risk of not wasting their skills! In this way, the desperate situation was created. If the two palms of Emei insist on their floating flow and have to deal with the whole team's blood volume, it must be empty blue in about two minutes. But if they don't hit each other in the air. The nine-tailed fox has time to play more output. In the glass room of Buyun Team, there was silence. There is no solution. …… In the glass room of the nine-tailed fox, Chen Bin already clapped his hands: "Look, don't you dare to go up?"? Didn't you play very well? Yongye, the players who did not play, also applauded behind them, cheering for the Red Wolves. Just a game, although also dragged three minutes, but the feeling is not so tired. After all. The pressure has been transferred to the Buyun team! The reply time between each small game was not long, and Chen Bin did not have much time to explain and adjust. In the next game, they continued to choose the Golden Cliff. In the second inning of the second half, the nine-tailed fox took the initiative at the beginning. Step cloud team temporarily not too good to deal with, can only pay more attention to the battle of the amount of blue recovery, however. The result of restraining the amount of blue is that they are in front of the perfect skill coordination of the nine-tailed fox. People died in less than a minute, and then. The lead of the head was kept by the nine-tailed fox until the end. In the third and fourth games, the Buyun team made constant attempts and adjustments. At first, they tried to release aoe skills to Xiaoya's pets first-Xiaoya's pets could not be revived after they were killed, as long as they killed her pets, there would be no future trouble. Unfortunately, Xiaoya's multi-line operation is really beyond their expectation, wasting a lot of aoe on pets, but unable to drop any one in seconds. Later, they tried to replace the aoe class with the point attack class. However, the strongest roles of Buyun Team are Palm Emei, Group Control and aoe. They are not Red Nest Team. There is absolutely no way to make a list of ten people. Everyone is a star master. The strength does not crush the point attack profession of the nine-tailed fox. After playing, under the strong mutual cover ability of the nine-tailed fox team, they did not complete a fire collection.. Wen Suwen sighed. Unconsciously, the second half of the game has finished the seventh inning. It's match point! Unexpectedly, the Buyun Team,plastic bulk containers, which has the two strongest palms of Emei in the Sword War and has a nine-tailed fox double star, was beaten by a team composed mostly of newcomers, 14 to 8! The nine-tailed fox only needs to win one more game to enter the winning or losing game.


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