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ALL@N.Y.T If the word is broken up, there are 21 letters in total. How can we distribute it into several independent words, just one letter is not more or less, and the reassembled words should form a grammatically correct and semantically complete sentence?

ALL@N.Y.T If the word is broken up, there are 21 letters in total. How can we distribute it into several independent words, just one letter is not more or less, and the reassembled words should form a grammatically correct and semantically complete sentence? Zhen Ai stared at the colorful words on the billboard, and for a moment the letters seemed to jump out of her mind and piece together one by one-sea, rest, moon, rang, year, tale, or, tally, total.. It's all wrong. No matter which word appears, the remaining letters can not form a meaningful word, let alone a complete sentence. What on earth is it? Zhen Ai couldn't help clenching her fist and suddenly saw a large orange on the billboard? Suddenly, all the English words whirled up and rearranged into one sentence. AnETstoleallmyoranges! "An alien stole all my oranges." A lot of yellow and orange promotional oranges on the billboard are going to be stolen by aliens, ha! She couldn't help smiling. Yes, Yan Su was right. This billboard is very interesting. So, is he like this, alone in his own world full of creativity and thinking? This kind of person is really amazing. The game is over. As he spoke lightly,wholesale plastic pallet, his eyes drifted to the advertisements and telephone numbers on other outdoor signs. Zhen Ai looked at him again, and he resumed his usual cold and cheerless appearance, as if the brief exchange that had just given her a question had never happened. Maybe there's only data, passwords, and behavioral analysis in his world, and that's the only thing that makes him interested in talking. Zhen Ai took a deep breath. It was very cold. She was distracted just now and didn't pay attention. Now she felt cold again. She thought about it for a long time and asked, "Do you doubt me about today's case?" At that time,plastic pallet box, Yan Su was trying to decrypt a string of phone numbers in his sight. After listening to Zhen Ai's words, he slowly turned his head and looked at her: "No." Zhen Ai's "Xie" word just pronounced half, did not think he did not finish: "I only believe in objectivity, 'doubt' this subjective emotion, for rational people is a big taboo." Zhen Ai then changed a way to ask: "Objectively, am I the murderer?" "The objective evidence is insufficient," Yan said in a formulaic way. Finally, I added, "But I think if you kill someone, you should choose a more elegant way, such as poisoning.". Of course, you won't choose the poison that you can easily buy, but the one that is relatively rare but deadly. Zhen Ai:.. I Should I say thank you? "You're welcome." Zhen Ai stopped talking and stared at the void in a trance. At a certain moment, it seemed that there was a tiny snowflake floating by. He cheered up and looked closely, mobile garbage bin ,plastic pallet supplier, but there was nothing. Looking at the sky, it is still dark. It turned out that the snowflake was an illusion. When the cold wind blows, it gets colder and colder. Her teeth kept chattering, and for a moment she couldn't hold them back. There was a "creak" sound. She immediately clenched her teeth and never made a sound again. Yan Su, of course, heard the sound of her teeth fighting and looked down at her. "Afraid of the cold?" "Mmm." He said, "Oh," and continued to look at the numbers on the light box in the distance. After a while, I don't know who I'm talking to: "From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, I'm afraid of cold because of kidney-yang deficiency; from the perspective of Western medicine, it's because of iron deficiency in the blood and the lack of thyroxine secretion." He saw that her face was pale and her eyes were obviously wide and she looked at him like an alien, so he shut up and said silently, "It seems that these words should not be said at this time." He looked back at the sky for two seconds. "What I mean is that you should go to the hospital to see a doctor." “……” Who will go to the hospital to see a doctor because of abnormal nerves and fear of cold? When Zhen Ai was still speechless, there was a sudden warmth behind her. The next moment, he was wrapped in a warm thing to cover the cold wind. Owen did not know when to come over and put his windbreaker on Zhen Ai. Zhen Ai saw that he was only wearing a thin sweater inside and wanted to break free, but he pressed the collar of his coat and fastened the button with his hand. In the next few seconds, he quickly buttoned up the other buttons and wrapped Zhen Ai up like a small dumpling. He patted Zhen Ai on the shoulder and smiled: "I'm good at producing heat, and I'm not afraid of cold." When he said this, the hot breath was blown away by the wind like cotton. Zhen Ai did not refuse again and walked to the parking lot with Owen. After a few steps, he found that Yan Su had not kept up with him. The two men looked back strangely and saw Yan standing straight in place, pulling his eyebrows and looking thoughtfully at Zhen Ai. Suddenly, he opened his long legs and strode toward Zhen Ai, taking off his scarf as he walked. He took two or three steps to stand in front of her and wrapped his thick scarf around her neck. This action is too sudden, Zhen Ai completely did not react to come over, only feel the instant warmth on the neck. It was not until he was close at hand and began to circle around for the second time that Zhen Ai came to her senses and retreated reflexively: "No." "Don't move." He ordered in a low voice, and with his white and slender fingers, he pulled the scarf away and pulled Zhen Ai back. She almost crashed into his arms and stood awkwardly, but he stared intently at the long gray scarf in his hand and put it around her neck. The scarf is soft and comfortable, intimate ironing, with a man's hot body temperature, and a faint fragrance that Zhen Ai has never smelled, like the sky in late summer and early autumn, not too warm, light and mellow. Zhen Ai is not cold at all now, Na Na looked up at him, saw him very lightly gathered eyebrows, serious expression, like facing a string of numbers, passwords or logic problems. Such an ambiguous action, he actually did a clean and elegant, pure and arrogant eyes, from beginning to end without the slightest hint of intimacy, clean, just like him. Zhen Ai was moved by his clear temperament,plastic pallet manufacturer, pursed his lips and smiled, did not feel embarrassed or blushed, and naturally accepted his kindness.


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