Huang Tian Fu Gui

"Master, I can't flatter you, my little nephew." Xia Qing took the two of them back, while telling Zhen Niang to go to the vegetarian banquet.

"Master, I can't flatter you, my little nephew." Xia Qing took the two of them back, while telling Zhen Niang to go to the vegetarian banquet. The friendship between these two and themselves is not in this one and a half meal. Friends, do not care about a little shock, the older generation of people do not like themselves, understandable. The three generations of the old, middle-aged and young people in the old Jin family are all friends with themselves. Although there are two eyesores in the old generation, it is normal for the same surname to repel each other! Watching Feiwu take out the paper, inkstone, pen and ink from the storage bag, the fire in Xia Qing's heart was gone, just like that. Chapter 533 women's jealousy. After receiving a few letters written by Feiwu, Xia Qing realized that the so-called imperial edict was not a specific style of yellow cloth with two wooden sticks on the TV series, which was written on paper with a small private seal. Naturally, it was also the majority, but it was such a big bug! How can this man not know? "Why is your seal still in your hand?" If you die, can't you seal it up somewhere? Can you justify it without the imperial seal? "I don't understand. This poor monk has already calculated it. There are two seals. You know, I carved another one in the dark. The two have always been used together. Smart, this monk's intelligence is not mentioned!" "Clever, are you counting on this day to get two?" "That's not true. Sometimes I have to use it, and I have to run around to get it. It's troublesome to engrave two. Sometimes I'm too lazy to wait for someone to get it!" "It's my fault not to praise you for your cleverness. However, Elder Martial Brother Feiwu, we have a prior agreement. I have given in to both of them. There is really a third time. Don't blame my little girl for having a big nose!"! You'd better really think of a way to make your mother change her mind, so that we can't meet and chat quietly later. It's really speechless! "I know, girl,ball valve manufacturer, the poor monk can't show up, but the master has no problem. I'll discuss it with the master and find a way to talk to my mother. No matter what she thinks in her heart, she must give up this idea!" “……” Poor baby, obviously underestimated the old woman's stubborn degree, forget it, anyway, it's none of their own business, just wait for the next offender to come. I'm really going to return the favor! Of course, what to do specifically,12 needle valve, ask Grandpa Shi if he has the idea of being the first family in the world. Because, if Lao Jin's family is pulled down, it will be troublesome if no one is on top of it. Patting a few letters in her hand, Xia Qing, lost in thought, with a cold feeling all over her body, was no longer as lovely as the girl next door in the past. The two monks are in the bottom of their hearts, facing up to the reality that the child has grown up, the master does not know to coax Xia Qing to forget the past and the future, as long as she lives in the present, is right or wrong. But it seems to be the only way that has not been tried. Only you know that you are exhausted. But also to solve family problems with this, in other words, a monk himself is so lenient that it really doesn't matter? In order to stop Xia Qing's little girl's impulse to mess up, the master, regardless of the consequences, let the situation become irremediable, or agreed to go to the palace for a turn, by the way, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel tube fitting, hand this big Zen master or something, can push it! The table was put out, three people sat to eat, keep the rule of eating without saying, really do not know how to say, the summer home guard, a team of teams came in to report the situation, this is in front of someone's son's face fanning someone's face, the captain of the summer clear escort team, came in to report the record, there is no defeat, minor injuries are only a few, the real master of the summer home, two teams of heavenly stems and earthly branches, still, Skin did not break a little, non-enlightenment is also strange, the last time the two teams are also, so in the rain of arrows, not injured, this is even more. It can be seen that the 100% chance of winning is really not bragging! Xia Qing once again sent two people to the stone bridge, waved goodbye, did not care how two people to deal with this matter, let Zhang Gang put the carrier pigeon to contact Shi Lao Shangshu and Uncle Zhong and others, "Pear Flower Dock" for a while, personally went to see all the people of the Xia family. Occupying the body of the original body, Xia Qing still wants to do benevolence and righteousness, even for the original owner, to draw a full stop to the relationship with the Xia family. "Grandpa, grandma, father, mother!" "But don't shout like that again. We all agreed. This old love is in the bottom of our hearts. The old Xia family thinks that the girl is dead. You are the Mu family girl. You have nothing to do with our family. You can live well and be safe. What else do we want when we are elders?" "I know, you are all for my own good, as this is the last time, I." Xia Qing waved her hand and pointed to the iron-walled guard outside the house. "I have offended people who can't be offended. Even if no one can carry it, I have to die first if I want to live. So, this is my last time. Of course, if I have a chance, I will come back. I mean, the worst result!" Xia Qing looked at his mother's red eyes immediately, and added a little more thoughts. As soon as I left, I didn't know when I would come back. You thought I had never been born. Maybe you were right. In those days, when I was thrown on the mass grave in the General's Office, Xia Qing died. Now I am really Mu Qing. In this way, you won't be too sad. "Grandma and his mother cried out at once, and Grandpa and his father were also red-eyed." I plan for you, this Chuang Tzu, leave you, and this silver, you take, no accident, can also live a few days. Brother in the princess mansion, after I leave, he will naturally come back, your household box and so on I have done, is no longer a slave! Live a good life. "We can't feel at ease knowing that you're still in the princess's mansion as before!" "Don't worry,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, I'll send a letter back when I have a chance!" Xia Qing promised, but knew in her heart that she would not. If the life experience that has been made up to deceive one in case is exposed, the Xia family will be exterminated! "You must remember to write at any time!" "Don't worry!"! I certainly will! ……。


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