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After the white clouds spread out that day, they were full like buds. The memory was so deep because I said goodbye to Xiaoyu and drifted alone on the sea. Brother, you must have made a mistake.

After the white clouds spread out that day, they were full like buds. The memory was so deep because I said goodbye to Xiaoyu and drifted alone on the sea. Brother, you must have made a mistake. The sea of the underworld is only recorded in ancient books. It is a non-existent thing in the world. Xiaoyu glistened in the sun and looked at me with wide eyes. I smiled calmly. "Goodbye, Xiaoyu. I must try what I promised." Xiaoyu leaned on the mast and waved her hand reluctantly. I lay flat on the raft and looked at the sky with my hands on my back. My mood was very quiet. The sky was not blue, but deep purple, and for the first time I found it different from what was recorded in the book. Sunlight in the water changes into a strange brilliance, and the mountain-like white clouds condense and disappear far away in the distant sea. But I feel lonely. I dare not look out at the sea for fear of noticing how alone I am now. I can clearly see the rainbow reflected in the dark depths of the sea, and the wind flowing on the sea, but I can't hear a trace of human beings. Father, is that why you want me to blend in? Want me to feel small and alone? When he crossed Mobei, he never thought that he would leave any implication for himself later. The vast plains are vast, the yellow sand is endless, and the darkness is boundless. Wind and sand together, it is dim, what also can not see, four fields of yellow clouds, up and up to the sky,alloy die casting, the sky is so low that it is about to press on the head. As I walked, my mouth was full of gravel, and my heart seemed to be on fire. Can not bow, can not give up, it is said that someone in this desert went out first, then I can. After climbing out of the desert, God took pity on me and let me see the oasis. Once again,Investment casting parts, I narrowly escaped death. Father did not lie to me, after crossing the unknown sea and desert, there was a beautiful landscape and snow lake quietly appeared in front of me. I climbed the snow peak with tears streaming down my face and shouted, "Father, father, is this the sea you said?"? I reached the most northern Tianchi Lake, I won the bet, and I left a legend for myself in the future. Goodbye Tianxiao is a carefully arranged strategy of mine. He is not in my plan. The target I see is his father. I am very familiar with the name of Runan King. I have waited for ten years to find him. Ten years ago, when I heard a young man tell me to go to Runan Wangfu to look for him, I wrote down his smiling face. Walk along the dark alley and win the first time. Murder can be seen everywhere in Chang'an in the middle of the night. I pretended to be a young man who had strayed into a dark alley. I shrugged my shoulders and panicked. Then I fainted and died on the roadside. ….. A burst of laughter made me open my eyes, and I recognized the voice. It's in my blood, and it wakes me up every night when I was young. I pulled out the moonlight. The starting position is different, car radiator cap ,Steel investment casting, but the sword gas has no priority, and five people are killed by one sword. On the second day, when Li Tianxiao came to the alley to investigate, he firmly drew a conclusion about the six door captors. West Wind, did you invite me here to analyze this sword? The west wind is not proud, dressed in a gray shirt, and his eyes are full of shrewdness. "Do you recognize the man?" "Swordsmanship is not inferior to you and me. The only thing that can seal blood with one sword is a sharp weapon, moonlight." A wall, two different classes of people. Li Tianxiao, dressed in white, fell into the light. He was a handsome young man who was favored by his father. It was said that this young man had a gentle temperament, just like the general Xiang Chong in Shu of the Three Kingdoms. He was impeccably perfect. Leng Shuangcheng, a white-collar green shirt, hides in a dark corner. He works hard all day to avenge his family. His silence and forbearance are like a silhouette. I was standing on the other side of the wall, hiding all the breath in front of two peerless masters, quietly inquiring about the murder that happened yesterday. They haven't guessed yet that I swallowed the highly poisonous "Tianji Shenshui" in order to enhance the internal force. Since it is commonly known as "Tianji", it is taken from the meaning that Tianji can not be revealed. It is not my moonlight that seals my throat with cold, but the cold poison on my body. I often wonder if my life can be rewritten if I didn't save the person who laughed that night? I walked back to the inn in silence, pushed open the door, and looked at a pair of slender and strange eyes. He laughed again: "Xiao Shuangcheng, what are the rumors outside?" This person has a face that can't distinguish between male and female. Sometimes he stares at you and makes people's hair stand on end. Sometimes he smiles at you innocently. Why did those people kill you? I persevered in asking. This is the question he has been avoiding answering. Zhe. It seems that Xiao Shuangcheng is aware that his brother is in a difficult situation. He drifted over silently, and his pale hand made a gesture to put it on my cheek again. But he overlooked one thing, that is, now I will not be so easily played by him. I grabbed his palm and broke it with a snap. Owl, if you don't tell me, I'll kill you myself. The owl snorted, and he raised his remaining palm to wipe his sweat disapprovingly. I was stunned by this disregard for pain, and I stepped forward to heal him in silence. The owl looked at me for a long time, and after seeing that I was concentrating on his treatment, which seemed to be true, he changed to another tone that I had never heard before: "Shuangcheng, like you, I am a descendant of the secret key mystery." The pale owl brother told me all the ins and outs. My mind was in chaos, but I was shocked by his light description of his own experience: I am not the only one in the world who is carrying suffering. It turns out that when everyone is facing suffering, the key is to see how his mood is. If I am overwhelmed by pain and eroded by self-pity, It is difficult for me to achieve great things in my life. Looking at the face of the owl who doesn't care, and thinking about the status quo that he has been destroyed so far, I deeply feel that God is not thin to me. Since then, my life has been pained. I thank my owl brother for his weirdness and another way of living. I have learned from him the truth of forbearance. My owl brother and I live together and take care of each other and depend on each other. I still felt strange and horrible about his dark line in black clothes. Until one day when I saw him hanging upside down on the eaves without moving, I drew up a strategy: Owl's martial arts skills are very poor,metal stamping parts, but his flying skills are one of the best in today's martial arts world. If he comes out to frighten Princess Runan, it will be done. Goodbye Runan King is so logical, but I didn't expect to meet Tianxiao first. autoparts-dx.com


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